Thursday, September 6, 2012

O if Uni was this good I'd go... ICKE AT OXFORD

Lissynote~ if lectures were this interesting, and the lecturers this brave and free thinking, true researchers and free revealers of knowledge, I might have stayed at uni and considered paying $1OOgrand for a degree... this shit is priceless  ...                                                                                                          For people who don't watch or listen to much of Ickes stuff, say in ignorant fear he's crazy, or even a disinformation artist... after years of avoiding his books, in 2OO9 I began wondering myself, and researched into him and others. My heart tells me, he has integrity~ he believes everything he presents to be true as he presents it. He is not bothered if it resonates with anyone. Turns out lots of stuff he and other "conspiracy" researchers present IS true. He is an eloquent hero of mine                                                                              

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