Thursday, July 18, 2013

O How The People Are Awakening ~Zimmerman Fizzer

No Big Riots Happening Shows Why The President Lost the Narrative in Zimmerman Trial

President Obama is on the wrong side again using an old tired worn out playbook that worked well in the past overthrowing governments and destabilizing countries. The internet changed the dynamics of all that.
This is not 1992 in LA with the Rodney King affair where the government and media working together controlled the narrative stoking the racial tensions causing the LA riots. It is 2013 now and the make up of the new media changes everything on how people get their information.
The alternative press has done their jobs to bring the truth to the American people. MSNBC with Al Sharpton talk out loud to a very small audience. All the race baiting has turned off viewers now looking elsewhere for information. This is why CNN, MSNBC and the old media are dying. The demonstration in the Zimmerman trial and chanting the mantra of “Justice for Trayvon” really repulsed a lot of people.
Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said
” Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
The White House trying to use the Hegelian Dialectic has failed to use a crisis to Declare a National Emergency because there was no major riots nationwide. The little riot in Oakland California would not fly declaring a national emergency if Obama tried. Trying to trick the American people to accept a solution they would not otherwise accept a solution under normal circumstance do not work because the White House lost the narrative because the Justice Department has been caught influencing the Zimmerman case.
Many Americans seen through this effort to play divide and conquer using racial tensions the White House tried to orchestrate. It fell flat on its face because this fabricated racial divide was all phony as a three dollar bill.
Here is why President Obama lost the narrative in the Zimmerman case:
- The New Black Panther Party calling for the Murder of George Zimmerman on radio and on the streets are FBI COINTELPRO operatives paid for by our tax dollars.
-The White Supremacist Groups months ago who arrived in Sanford Florida saying they are here to patrol the community have proven to be run by FBI informants that might have been used to start a race war to demonize the Tea Party and Liberty Movement..
- Through FOIA request by Judicial Watch. Documents exposed the fact the US department of Justice was funding Justice for Trayvon demonstrations for the purpose of provoking racial tensions trying to divide America. This proves there was no real grassroots outrage. Black Americans have become wise and did not fall for the scam
- The White House has been caught with fake Facebook, Twitter and other dummy accounts generated by computer software to try to foment phony grassroots support or outrage that did not exist. Could these Tweets on Twitter be from these dummy accounts calling for riots if Trayvon is found not guilty?
- Now as a desperate move by Obama that will result in more guns and ammunition sales. Now he is using George Zimmerman to attack our right to keep and bear arms saying it was Gun Violence that killed Trayvon Martin. The President is trying to demonize the right to self defense because George Zimmerman defending himself is now a reason to attack gun ownership. That will fly like a lead balloon with the American people.
- Another reason the media will not talk about is the American people regardless of the color of their skin are perfectly capable of improving race relations on their own without the Government’s help nor did not need the advice of the Rainbow Coalition to do so. Race relations are doing fine by Americans having their own solutions instead of the government solution of improving race relations which more divides than unites. Also, many Black Americans did not by into the race baiting this time around.
- Also do not forget. The above tactics the White House and the compliant Justice Department being caught influencing the trial might have caused the White House to back off with government agent provocateurs starting riots because there could be blow back once the fact has been exposed President Obama’s White House has behind the provoking racial tensions in Justice for Trayvon start to finish. From paid for protest with rent a mobs to pressuring the Judge to bring the case to a certain outcome desirable to the White House. When this was exposed, it might had an influence to back off with starting riots knowing the coming blow back would be biting off mote than they can chew.
This case was a distraction using petty race baiting to divert our attention away from Benghazi, Deadly GMO foods, NSA spying, the Federal Reserve, the Police state and the IRS scandals all that are an injustice to all regardless of race that does not discriminate nor shows any prejudice. The US government is an equal opportunity abuser of all that does not care about race, creed or religion.
The last thing the government wants is all people coming together regardless of race and fighting the Federal Reserve which is the true injustice that is the real power behind both leaders no matter if in the Democrat or Republican parties.
We must control the narrative focused on the Private Central Bank as the cause of the ills of the nation. True Justice is when we are all free from involuntary servitude to the Federal Reserve Bank. Until we wake up knowing we are all slaves that does not discriminate against white or black people to this fiat money system by the ruling financial oligarchs the rule behind the scenes. Nothing will change.
Forget justice for Trayvon or Not. Lets come together and free ourselves from the slave master called the private central banking system to abolish it from our mist. Once the Federal Reserve is gone, than we will be FREE AT LAST!

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