Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pedophiles Exposed And Neutralised

Hill End And Langton House

It’s great to see this new blog by a survivor supporting other survivors of Hill End and Langton House, the two institutions identified in The Therapy of Fear.
Hill End
Hill End
Hill End time, I don’t remember my first day I was admitted twice and went the 3 month duration both times as far as I recall, when I think back it was insane to be there a 14 year old boy now a puppet for the staff, and then I was introduced to sedation, this scared the shit out of me!!!! all my life I had bullshit and now this ….
There was no way out, this is how it was and that’s how it gonna be I resigned myself to the face I was there puppet and I saw and experienced so much stuff abuse being given to kids, kids in there for bull shit like myself what the fuck I ran away a few times now I’m being muscled by staff to drink the golden syrup or get the liquid cosh.. I saw kids restrained (bouncer technique) to the floor sat on – manipulated- bent up and injected was not nice they screamed and pleaded but once that juice was in the syringe it went in your ass HARD!
My sedation was random, I was shit scared when told I was going to be sedated, Mr Donavan a little bad breath man with un-combed hair had it in for me perhaps in 2 ways he constantly wanted me on ‘long term sedation’ a word that when the word ‘MEETING’ was yelled put the fear of God into me, this guy wanted me under the liquid let’s break this down, no CRB checks back then, Paedo rings were in full swing Saville style, did they touch us under sedation?
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