Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Peoples Voice In The Toilet

I have been approached by someone I don’t know to see if I will provide evidence against those who have allegedly defrauded the financial contributors to THE PEOPLES VOICE.

I don’t wish to participate in actions of the courts. The types of people who have the money and the ill will to set up an organisation such as this merely to deliberately steer it towards a quick death for a massive unaccounted profit, these types do not wish for the cystem to be dismantled. No, these types earn lots of money working for their masters. These  types know how to have their way in courts, often have connections with funny handshakes with people who run those dog and pony shows, so I see no sense in seeking justice  there.

(Hint: it’s also the sort of people who have the connections to obtain the first UK gay marriage license... wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more).

However, I do believe that sometimes people will only learn a lesson when they get hit in the hip pocket so I am happy to hear from and support those who bae for our justice. 

I believe in each saying our piece and the right to defend ourselves. For the sake of evolution and human improvement, and having our perceptions on the record, to be forced to live with our own failures.

I am faithful natural law will work on all her subjects under the sun. I am sure that each will wear the face we deserve, and, at the right time, face ourselves.

‘Tis all just a game, after all, so it is important there are characters in the game like David Icke’s manager, Sean ADL-Tabatabai, as he said to me himself, once, something along the lines of, ‘in the end, nothing matters, so the people doing the dark things just give the people doing all  the light things, balance...’
I didn’t disagree with him, just told him, “I wish to keep my conscience clean, as I know the weight of living with my own cruelty, greed, ignorance, anger, jealousy, smallness, fear, etc, and I don’t wish to further magnetize it.”

Only one year ago and I feel I am looking back 20 years on a dumb teenager.
It is really hard to face how much I had hopes, and believed this would be a free, egalitarian, wild, open, uncensored environment in which to produce art/content/edutainment... whatever you call it.

After 2 decades of live performance  (music/comedy), I was well aware of the invisible ceiling you come up against if you are too political, talking about  unsavory truths or issues which unsettle the masses such as breaking taboos,  conspiracies etc.

I got so excited when I heard David Icke was starting  an UNCENSORED TV channel. There were very few people upon the earth that I thought could have achieved it, and I believed he had the integrity to oversee it. I thought we might become friends, he had a funny way about him and I really enjoyed the simplicity and humor which he brought to many serious issues.

I have learnt a lot through David and many of his sources, amongst many other great thinkers of our time; Mary Elizabeth Croft, James Corbett, Grace Power, Rob Menard, Mark Passio, Chris Spivey, Immortal Technique, Chris Stillar, Freeman Fly, Jordan Maxwell, Bill Cooper, Kelvin Cruikshank, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Ben Stewart, Peter Joseph, Fritz Springmeir, Nassim Haramein, Andrew MacGregor, Wendy Scurr, Bruce Lipton, Ian Lungold, Gordan Hall, Max Igan, Russell Porinsky, Dean Clifford, G Edward, Griffin, Larken Rose,Thomas Hamilton, Ken O’Keefe, Sherry Peel Jackson, Stefan Molyneaux , Michael Tsarion, Dave McGowan, Kathy O’Brien, Kate of Gaia, and many others. A few I am now convinced are some kind of disinfo agents, still they release a lot of truth mixed in with lies.

Of all of them, David was the most socially “weird” to admit you “follow”. After a few years watching David’s talks on youtube I decided to buy a few books. I bought his first and his latest. The first was dated. His latest was a lot better. Seriously a tome of great information collated and referenced by David, to, as he always asserts,  ¨connect the dots¨.

Despite this theory that certain bloodlines might need to eat blood to maintain their human form, (as potentially plausible as it becomes the more you read) I was far more gobsmacked to be finding the truth about our banking masters, the delusion of our democracies, our slave status, the crown owning us via the birth certificate and legal name etc, all being confirmed by many other sources and I remember thinking, ‘I’ll worry about our potentially reptilian overlords, later... Right now, I need to focus on how to exist myself without cooperating any further with my own enslavement, and to educate my family and friends about this obfuscated reality.’

So I washed the idea around in my mouth for about a decade and came to the conclusion it still doesn’t matter if our masters are entirely “human”, or not. They are still a part of us, and us of them, and we are all eternally connected.
However, as soon as we each STOP co-operating with these types, we’ll no doubt be in a better place than we are now, surely.
I’m only halfway there to this new thinking but I can’t turn back now, the truth is too good and real.

I am doing whatever i can to extricate myself from their system.I know who I am. I am not the legal name. I haven’t voted for nearly 20 years since I read about how the Australian democratic process was pure sham and deception from John Pilger’s fabulous 1986 book ‘A Secret Country’.
I haven’t paid taxes for over a decade. I don’t pay fines, simply print ‘return to sender’ on all unwanted government offers and contracts.
If you’re a “law abiding tax payer” and you don’t like that, maybe it’s because you’re just scared you don’t have the balls to stand up to the bully yourself.
I am not waiting for everyone else to stop complying with these psychopaths. If you want to change the world, you can only change yourself.

I love to spread truth as I find it, in my art. I called the National Terrorist Security Hotline In Australia in 2009 and recorded the call to have it on the record that I KNOW the tactics of Trauma Based Mind Control “they” (The. Hierarchy. Enslaving. You.) are subjecting us to with their False Flag created terror events. One of David’s Youtube fans; JAY4LOUISE made a compilation called :Truth Warriors and Lions of Humanity and used the whole 7 minute call in between David, and Sean Penn, and a few others

Truth Warriors and Lions of Humanity

Elissa Calls the Australian National Security Hotline

I have been collating articles on my own blog since 2011, and a little earlier through social media like facebook until I noticed everyone had blocked my posts. I had always admired my teachers, personally flawed as they may be. I admire so much their willingness to stand up and risk their own arse, so that the rest of us may one day, in some sparsely forseen future, walk ourselves out of ‘Plato’s cave’.

Once you learn what it really means to regis-ter your car to the crown, the same as when you regis -ter your child. The word REGIS comes from the CROWN. The Crown is not the Queen, but rather her employer, the Crown corporation. “The queen” is currently advised by Evelyn Rothschild, of the same family that has the controlling hand over every single ‘Central Reserve Bank’ on the planet. So, you start to get the picture.

You legally give ownership of any “thing” you register with government to the crown corporation, so that you may use it, but they may take it off you if and when they see fit, as they are the legal owner.  This is why they can take your registered car if you park it in the wrong spot, or take your kids if you mistreat them or if they just assert you do. Once registered, we are supposedly legally the property  of ‘the crown’. 

Learn who the CROWN really are 

So when I learnt all these things to be true I have had to act on them. I will no longer SUBMIT and APPLY (beg) for or drive with a license. I don’t pay parking fines, I don’t pay road tolls. I travel through the E (etag , *exempt, *Elissa) lane, and just never open the darn governments boring offers to contract!

Last year I drove all over London, in and out of congestion zones, on toll roads and, despite being more than 1,000,000 cctv cameras, I didn’t  have a single problem.  Of course, I am scared of getting fines, and maybe being jailed for refusing to comply, but any thing is fine with me as long as I don’t feel quite so responsible when I see children with their heads blown off by weapons of wars we are collectively waging, aiding, abetting creating, paying for and accepting by staying in the cystem.

I feel less responsible now than I did when I was a voting, tax paying, law abiding citizen. As Larken Rose so brilliantly reminds us, the tyrants that made the nazi regime or Stalin’s regime possible, were the tax paying, law abiding citizens.

When we harmonise with the truth that we are each our own authorities, and we are mastered by our consciences, not our governments, police or laws, we generally wish to share this with everyone still stuck in the delusion of government.

When I heard David was starting The Peoples Voice I wanted to help. I wanted to make tea, clean the loos. research, do whatever. I knew I had the qualities required of integrity, humor, research background and simplicity. I also knew I was one of the ones stepping into the new world by no longer complying with governments, and I was excited to meet likeminded  . .

I always figured “they” could just kill someone like David Icke to shut him up.  So those of us who learn from him and other teachers who stand up against the system, we can honor their teachings by also standing up, then we become many targets instead of one, and we spread this freedom exponentially. 

None of David Ickes’  incompetence managing his own manager, Sean Adl-Tabatabai affects the many truths about life on this planet that he has assisted my awakening to. I feel I owe him for all that he has done to bring so much to light, like I owe to every person who has stood for truth. 
Yet after working up close to David for months I no longer hold him in good personal esteem. I’ve come to see him as a boorish egotist who has been unable to fathom his own lifes’ work and finances twisted and slipped from him by his own manager. 

David loves to tell everyone else to stop complying then he bowed down to the ridiculous overseeing of TPV content by the UK regulators, OFCOM. Despite what others say we could have done many things differently and completely avoided this government censorship body. The truth on this planet is, no adult has  authority, really, only the authority you acceed to.

They all got very shirty with me when I tried to explain this lore. Now in hindsight I see for Sean, (trained in OFCOM regulation- anal twat) it was necessary to get the OFCOM regulators onto us so that David could not continue to hold any financial stake in the company and it all “had” to be moved into the hands of Sean. If David had any financial interest in TPV he could not appear on air, so Sean cleverly used this to great advantage. Understatement of the decade-

It appears the ADL MO (you couldn’t make it up) was to steer all the goodwill and money for a project like this, all the energy from the international community, into a hole where it gets buried,and only one person knows where, and they siphon it all up for their own use as they desire. For they are astute and terrified energy vampires, who would rather tread on the head of another than go hungry one day themselves, so small and faithless their disconnected souls clamber for earthly spoils.

As an insider, I feel I owe all those of us as sleepy and hopeful and naiive as I was, a little insight. A chapter of myself I have had to come to terms with despite being half of what I thought.

I was living in Mexico mid 2013 and working in a lovely health centre on the beach in Tulum, when I heard about this new TV/internet/radio global channel. Even though I am a good masseuse with a quarter century experience, I found myself stressing out each of my patients after the massage when I would inform them...”do you know money is privately owned and lent to our governments at interest... oh do you know there was a big group of actors set up at the Boston bomb hoax event, ohhh the  Sandy Hook shooting, I think that was a big created event with crisis actors...”, (especially in terrible Espanglish) they would all leave thinking I was mad. Then after weeks, sometimes months, some of them would return to me with that look we get when we first start to see...
and too many questions to enable a good follow up massage!

All I could think about was the chance to connect with as many people at once and harmonise with the greater truths of all time. As all illness comes from dissonance, I was excited for the opportunity to spread wider truths for as many who wanted to resonate their true selves within and without. So I wrote my letter of application to The Peoples Voice. 

Then another, and another, I wrote one per week for about 3 months, never hearing anything back, I was hoping to hear back that i would be welcome doing anything. I made it clear that I would work for free. I wanted to be amongst these like minded people at the launch of this new media I saw as unprecedented.

I just bought myself the ticket to the UK despite still having had no response from TPV.
I wrote again, probably several times, letting them know I had come halfway around the world to help, to do anything... still nothing!

After I had been three weeks in the UK finally an email arrived letting me know they had had 1000’s of applicants (6000?) and didn’t have the staff to get back to everyone.
Then a few more days passed before I received an email from Sean ADL-Tabatabai, inviting me in to meet with David and “to discuss what I would like to do”.(!)

Despite having a longer track record than most in comedy and performing, presenting radio and TV, writing, with deep research background into a wide range of relevant subject matter... I was surprised to be given such authority from the invitational email.

A few days later we arranged to meet in a cafe at a little hotel David was staying in. I was drinking my tea when Dave, Sean and Miki arrived. We had a brief exchange before i was struck by how quickly my voice got low and we spoke of serious potential for humanity having access to this sort of media platform to inform and inspire each other...and within a few sentences David stopped me and asked me “what i wanted to do?”.

I blurted out I want to “do a show called ‘Wakey Wakey’ where I interview my inspirations and heroes who have assisted in my awakening, and the other half of the show is chatting with the public in a call in segment about their unfolding awakening process.” or something. Dave immediately said “Wakey Wakey, I like it.... great we’ll do that. Weeknights, late night timeslot”

I was joyous how easy it was after experiencing such pitiful difficulty bashing ideas up against “TV people” in the past, it felt natural. I spent the next few months researching, designing the show, scripting, planning, organising guests, until October when I started working from the Wembley studio. Really, all the research for my show was done in the 5 years leading up to this time, while I was living in a tent in Mexico so I didn’t have to work much and was free to read all day about all i was uncovering, to determine validity for myself. 
I never knew what good all that information would do me. In fact it had seemed to deem me unemployable, until, TPV came along and I had some platform from which to speak with people.

When we first started working there was a great atmosphere from where i was sitting. After a few days, David graced us with his presence and I remember how happy it made me to fix him a cup of tea. There were great vibes at the start between the few of us who were there. Deanna Amato was the first one I met and she was so kind to shout me to lunch and was so welcoming. There were people who worked about 16 hours a day, for the cause, and many others who really built something from nothing so we had two functional studios, even if hardly anyone knew how to use the equipment.

We also had “professional” types like ex(?) BBC photographer Simon Ludgate who was little but a hindrance and a detractor from those of us producing shows. When we all got together and collectively noted his cockups we had to suspect he was acting deliberately and not just merely incompetent.
Simon would do such useful things as, have a meeting without me, to decide that my show would be better suited to radio as we couldn’t afford to hire cameramen. As one who has done both radio and TV I enjoy both, but it was his unwillingness to include me in these executive decisions that warned me off. Cockhead clearly has no idea. So I found myself a team and we went ahead without him to make one of the most positively received shows on the channel.

We had strange people hanging around there who seemed to rise into more solid paid positions after being continually kicked off shows they were working on, by the shows creators. Simon Ludgate’s Psychic Show served only to ridicule psychic research, as did the bossy “intuitive therapist” Monnica Sepulveda (who David swears by), who has no special ability I observed over months of watching her show.

I was the original host for Monnica but i could not stop from rolling my eyes at her bullying tactics and seemingly loose coincidence cold calling whilst watching her “read”. I could not present that show and then expect anyone to trust anything I had to say on my own show.  Without reluctance, I gave that show up. I told David Monnica was a bully and Inesa would make a good host, as she was less likely to argue with Monnica. Dave looked at me like I’d poured wax on his cat. He gave the job to Elizabeth Seninde, who tried her best but also had to quit after a few weeks to preserve her own integrity, and the job ended up going to Inesa.
I had a very talented medium scheduled for an epsode of WAKEY WAKEY, Chris Stillar, and I didn´t want the psychic waters muddied.

Ludgate was also originally appointed to produce my show but I had to break free from him. I didn’t like the smell of his microwave lunches. Or maybe it was knowing he was being paid to be there, and he didn’t have a clue about anything. The guy has been photographing earthquake zones for 10 years and he hadn’t heard of HAARP. I couldn’t believe there was no way he had never heard, and why would he be working for Icke if he has no idea of what is going on???

Richie Allen was interesting. For about two weeks. He was a gregarious affable bloke with a loveable Oirish accent when we met, and he’d come by my desk to share jokes and stories.
Towards the end Richie was quoted publicly saying something like ‘to suggest anyone from the BBC would be capable of fraud, was ludicrous...’(!.!.!), and at that point I knew they were all taking the piss out of all of us.
As preposterous as it sounds I even wondered if Dave was under some from of mind control, (microwaved, microchipped, “patched”, hypnotysed or scrambled, over easy???) as he was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  The pompous, self aggrandising, nose-in-th-air Dave was becoming more common, as the  everyman, down to earth ‘Dave’, humourous and kind was almost left behind.   
David had seemed to love living by himself, and then here he was at one of the most stressful times bunking down in the spare room of Richie and his missus.
I figured puppeteering Dave mightn’t have been such a stretch. Richie was constantly using jocular footy terms to describe or call to David, like, “the big D” or “son”, when he was taking him up to the pub.

Richie didn’t have the first clue about law and sovereignty, the legal name, many of the false flag attacks, and he wouldn’t take a position on anything either which I observe as impotent. To have him as the lynchpin of the station what other conclusion could one come to other than that Dave was being heavily influenced by this talentless, mumbling, charisma exempt, unwatchable dumbarse.

Some “producers” like John Hickie, and Richard Rowland, have some idea of what is going on as they pretend to be agitators and activists, but they cock up so much and keep their jobs, you have to wonder. Maybe they just look shifty. Towards the end of my time there I agreed to take on autocue for Richie Allen’s show, Sonia Poulton’s and Mark Windows’. It was the production teams that these hosts had to rely on for their daily output who had so much opportunity to skew the production. 

For instance, right before I left I witnessed Richard Rowland and John Hickie attempt to push out a scheduled interview with the world renowned and astonishing Fritz Springmeir on Mark Windows show. So I yelled at them “ARE YOU DOING THIS DELIBERATELY< TRYING TO FUCK THINGS UP??? You ARE aren’t YOU! If you are going to work on this show at least research who your guests are” because I suspected they were deliberately trying to expire the guest and not “find time for him” as they had done the week earlier with the legendary Chris Spivey.

I was later told by one big hearted producer that I “was right about that rat Richard Rowland”... and  he was surprised at himself as he had outed some of the spooks from the Occupy movement so he thought he would have been more vigilant. 

Someone like Liz Roberts, now they take some working out. Brought in by Ludgate, another *ex BBC minion who just seemed to have all this authority to come in and take over control of the money. She always kept me on her good side, and her, mine, right up until my last night there, when she got weird and drunk and crawled on the floor like a lizard and begged me to leave. In front of my friends visiting from Australia and Mexico too, who started to  believe in reptilians not long after.

There were people who came in to work on certain shows, they would come in pretending not to know anyone, but there were subtle body language signs that gave away seeming prior relationships, little smiles, even bloody winks!
None of it was evidence I could share with anyone, but just gave me a very unsteady feeling of cognitive dissonance while i was there.

After about a month there I started to become suspicious of a few in management.  I started to become suspicious of about 30% of the 20-30 people I would see in the studios each day. I didn’t know who to trust. Meeting people like Ken O’Keefe, and Sonia Poulton was inspiring to interview them in person and hear the backgrounds to their activism.  I loved that Ken admitted not using a driving license, not complying with bogus authority, I loved that Sonia was like a bulldog at the legs of these government and establishment paedophile circles, but I wondered why she was still upholding the cystem in other ways. I did a lot of research on both these two before I had them as guests and I bumped out some of my other heroes to have them live while I was working right with them. I wanted to be sure I was not pushing any government sponsored protagonist actor disinfo types, and to be honest, I still cannot guarantee I wasn’t but I researched them to the best of my satisfaction.

One day when I first arrived, Sean said he wanted to take me to a show. He suggested Book Of Mormon, kind of odd, but I agreed to be amicable, even though really I am an introvert and hate going out just for the hell of it. Then Deanna piped up and asked if she could join, to which Sean agreed, and then asked if her lover at the time, Hamilton could join. Sean agreed and we all went out  to see, of all my worst nightmares, Billy Eliott.

At the theatre I looked at my ticket and saw the price was 90 effin’ POUNDS. Thats, like $160 dollars, each, and then he bought us all a round of drinks, doubles, which was about 55 pounds and I realised generous Sean had just blown so much money... I just felt sicker and sicker as the night wore on and the pheremones from the audience full of paedophiles were mix mastered by the air con. The next day I asked Deanna, “Who paid for all that... is he taking the piss..?” 
To which Deanna replied, “No, Sean is really rich , and generous.. . .” 

A week later Deanna was pooncing around bragging about the fact she’s had a 400 dollar facial at the Dorchester, and stole the robe. Once again, paid for by Sean. He is generous. I’ve rarely met people who threw money away like that, to keep their staff happy. For all I know, that is the truth, and Sean paid for these extravagances out of his own pocket.
I wish I did believe it. But I didn’t...

‘Gulp... my friends are taking the piss. It’s not my business, and everything is arbitrary and all that, they have to pay Ludgate for his disorganising shilling 700 quid a week because he’s a professional, but they only cover my barest expenses because I’m an artist who cares more about changing the world than plumping up my own bank account.’ Yawn.

 It was not my business how they decide to reward the staff, but i tell you it’s human nature to observe.
TPV was an exciting experiment, I wondered how long till it got compromised, there was a great potential but it was turned. I couldn't stay on in good conscience but I still recognised that others were making great shows and screening good info. 

After serious rumination I believe the darker purpose for TPV was to gather a lot of energy from active and vocal “truth seekers”.  By energy, I mean time, money, donations, bitcoin, and goodwill; also,  perhaps link certain researchers/ citizen journalist/ activists with David for either purpose of discrediting them with the greater public, or, increasing their exposure depending on their willingness to ‘go along to get along’ in the direction those masters want things steered.
I do believe there must be other masters directing, influencing or involved in Sean’s covert control of David. I believe it is no coincidence that someone like Sean with a background at BBC, Big Brother, MTV would end up managing and OWNING 100% of David’s business, by David’s own consent. Then, kicking him off the station, and then use the TPV logo, with David’s name and energy attached, to promote false flag rubbish (like these sound-stage beheadings¨), as real.  
We were seemingly steered into the ground by terrible management and mismanagement (theft) of funds. By whom? In this day and age there is a trail of crumbs. 

Can the courts work something like this out? I don’t trust the appointed leader or his cohorts, Liz Roberts, Deanna Amato or David Icke to sort it out as I am not sure any or all of them are not complicit in a bigger game.

The way Sonia was treated after the telethon by Sean, David, Liz, made it plain to see how the messenger would be treated by those receiving the actual message that they were the actual problem. Way before this Dave should have started to realise 100% of the business was in one persons name. That was his responsibility, but he chose to stride blindly on, for months. When I saw how Sonia was treated I confided in her my fears. I admitted I had no evidence but i had to suspect they were taking the piss. I asked her not to name names, but supported the call for an enquiry as demanded by many who had donated.
I think she may have told them at that time that I had my suspicions of misspending as the staff went very cold on me after that. David and both his sons refused to look at me, and it was only a matter of hours before I would be called in to Sean’s office to learn from Liz and Sean that I no longer had my live radio show, and my last two episodes of the TV show would not go live to air as “they could not trust me not to defame the brand”.

It was at this meeting that I angrily asked Sean “why has this station been run into the ground? Why have we gone from 300,000 pounds goodwill in a month, to 100,000 pounds goodwill in a month to 8000 pounds??? WHY is Richie Allen all that is being promoted when he’s the least talented and educated person on staff... why have you ignored input from Luke Rudkowski, Mark Passio, Freeman Fly, and all the great teachers, producers, directors, tech people, who offered their services...” (and backlog of brilliant, important, organised and enlightening  material), all of these great talented people offering their services and help were being turned away, ignored.

Sean and Liz as aquisitions managers had no idea who are the greatest teachers currently waking up the masses to our enslavement. it was just all being steered to fail... WHY???” I knew it was all over for the Wakey Wakey Show, I tried to honor my verbal agreement to produce shows until my VISA ran out but the last show did not come to fruition for various reasons. By this stage, I think they knew I was very suspicious of who and how they were running TPV and fuck it got awkward all sharing an office. Despite the fact I had had the key to the studio for the last 4 months, Liz stayed around that night and sent me packing, with my friends visiting for my final  show. I was amused she didn’t trust me. The little upstart.

Towards the end the only person I really still trusted was Aaron Calland. Aaron was on the advertising team with David’s younger son Jaymie and had shown himself to be a lovely intuitive man who i enjoyed hanging with. Aaron told me he had tried to warn Jaymie and David about Sean and Liz but it had fallen on deaf ears.

I believed it was wiser to let David’s son Jaymie oversee his business, (I suggested in early January), because he would only ever want to help his Dad. It’s a shame TPV wasn’t put into the hands of collective trustees so all records would have been visible. All records of where all that money and energy went. I was suggesting Jaymie should look over the accounts to Aaron  as soon as Sonia was buffered, as I knew then something wasn’t right.
David was totally influenced by Sean and Richie, while people like myself, suggesting that these two might not be totally trustworthy, it’s shoot the messenger. It’s become apparent to me that David may be complicit in some grander plan even by feigned innocence, as why else would he have reacted with such rage when those few of us started asking questions.

David, or Sean never acknowledged us at the WAKEY WAKEY show much, despite the immensely good reaction we received from our fast growing audience. In fact, i noticed, the more love that came our way, the more positive comments on the web, the more the show was pushed down until it was the very last show at the bottom of the website.

I suppose they’ll tell me it’s like why they put the milk at the back of the supermarket. But no, it visibly irritated Sean, Richie and towards the end, David too, the popularity of the show, also the weekly radio show had fans from the first week who really enjoyed the live talkback the most. The very thing TPV decided to shut down at the end.

So around May I hear through Mark Windows that TPV is folding, and we discuss how shameful it is that it all happened right under our eyes and yet we were powerless to stop it, having the company 100% under Sean’s control. I commiserated with Mark and later that day I lay in my bed and thought about how David must feel. I wanted him to know, that even though he had been totally dismissive of me and my efforts, at the end of the day, I was still not convinced he played any deliberate part in the downfall, and whatever personal mistakes he may have made, I still had respect for him and, well... here is our brief but sunny exchange........

Me to David:

hi dave
it's elissa hawke here. 
I believe the wheels are falling off the cart. I guess there's two possibilities...
A} you know what is really going on and you are complicit in it, in which case I am sure you will not reply
or B} you are having quite a grande awakening about how you have been set up to be pulled down with all this.

I just want to say, if it is the latter, I am here if you ever want a word, or a friend, to commiserate with, 
I wish you well either way

David to me :

No thanks Elissa ... my biggest regret about TPV was having a presenter of a show called Wakey Wakey who was in a comatose sleep and embarked on a daily quest to hide herself from herself to perpetuate her self-deceit and self-delusion.

Nothing is going to 'bring me down'. Nothing ever has no matter what the scale of mockery and abuse and it never will. This will be desperately disappointing to many people, but unfortunately for them that is how it is.

I have heard it for 25 years - 'Oh this will bring him down' ... 'well, he's finished now.' Oh really, I hadn't noticed.

Awake people see the journey, they do not focus on each step as if that were the journey.

But then many people attracted to TPV have thought they were awakened when I could hear the snoring from 50 feet away. You most certainly included, Elissa.

I found you to be a very unpleasant, nasty, self-obsessed piece of work and I was so glad when you left. No wonder you got on so well with Sonia Poulton. You were made for each other.

But I still wish you well and hope that one day you will find yourself a mirror and look at it with honesty and as others see you. Then perhaps you can genuinely wake up instead of just kid yourself you have.


Me to David:

Hi David, 
if it is actually David writing, I cannot believe David had such nasty things to say about me, I am still getting a few emails a day from strangers saying how they loved me, my show and asking if I will return to TPV. Since you cannot or will not name a single thing I have done wrong, and I myself know how hard I worked to make such a great show, I must assume, you have been misled about me. I don't mind if you personally dislike me, but if you have been told lies about me I have a right to rebuttal, surely?
Since NO ONE has been able to find fault with me, or my show, I am just offering you the chance to express why we went from being happy aquaintances to you flinging sad insults.
I think you are mistaken assuming my email was to attack you and call you a "failure". I can see now how it may have seemed like me gloating, but I am not happy that TPV was driven into the ground, and as a long time supporter of yours, I felt that you might have been starting to see through the whole sham and might have been feeling disappointed. But no, the response showed me you are still showing me the disdain you were expressing in my last weeks at TPV.  I think you are being mislead and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't express that.
Good luck David, I know you don't need it but I bear no ill will towards you, one day you will see you were wrong about me

Needless to say, Dave is not always such a batty angry nut, this is just an illusion and Infinite Love is All There Is. And all that.  

That exchange was from May, and David Icke (62) hadn’t yet been fired from his own TV station, by his own 30 year old manager Sean ADL Tabatabai. 

I have had only fleeting interest in Dave since then. that spell has been broken, and my bigger than human idol has come home to roost in the self hating battery cage I have allotted. This, I am learning to take responsibility for, even nurture, my own damaged inner chicken, so that one day we may all soar like eagles.

I see now Sean appears as if he is considering payouts to individual donators to the project, who feel he may have profited from his mismanagement of a lot of willing human energy. ( see SILVA RIZLAS BLOG : )

And Dave, David, Mr Icke, I am sorry you twist in such utter cantations of vile bile over me, I never meant any harm. I really liked you at the start. If I’m really honest, I loved you. It broke my heart to watch such a grand undertaking being controlled by such stupid egos. 

Remember the good ol’ days when you used to come by my desk and ask me if I was alright, and when we used to hug, almost every day, sometimes twice!

I have a video of Dave and I, a bit pissed, at one of our initial “parties” where the few first volunteers and employees would gather on a Friday night, have a few cheekies, and the boys would put the footy on the big screen. At the end one night Dave started playing deejay on youtube playing his favorite songs, and, a bit pissed, holding his hands out savior style and giving renditions of his fave songs... Don MacCleans’ ‘Vincent’, and others, (all dedicated to himself, sadly) except when i started dueting with him on a few and we started dancing round hugging, and I noticed Sean and Richie have a meltdown and have to have their own huggle.
It was not long after that Richie started to distance himself from me and David followed just days after... wouldn’t look at me, talk to me, acknowledge the shows, just ignored me for a solid month until my VISA ran up and we all knew it was time to go. TPV was already showing signs of folding then, but it was considered just speculation from those of us who could see past the charade. 

Everyone still involved held on for dear life pretending nothing was wrong like the band on the Titanic/(Olympic ; ). I could have spewed all this six months ago I suppose, but I felt compelled to let others keep making their shows until the wick had burnt down, Ken O’Keefe, Manjir-Samanta Laughton, Elizabeth Seninde, Mark Windows, they all had shows that were too good not to make while the resources were there and set up for that purpose. I had become aware that many supporters and donors were pulling out from supporting financially until David took some responsibility for the shambles. I knew that many people intuitively knew to no longer donate.

All it needed was a group of 5 or 6 independents signing off on the accounting. From different appointees. You cannot leave the finances of this type of endeavor in the hands of one quite so self serving. 

I trust blindly, that this brilliant universe will work all things out. That we will each pay for the seens we see ourselves commit when the time comes, and in the meantime, we will wear our crimes upon our faces and in our auric outfits. I have questioned long and hard why I have struggled so to write this. Perhaps I am afraid that I am dealing with dark and dreary souls who might try to retaliate, to which, I may wish to retaliate, to which, they may wish to retaliate... and I don’t seek any retaliation as I myself have committed every crime I accuse anyone of here, to a greater or lesser extent, and perhaps I know , really, it is not my wish to judge, but to observe.
I also believe all things have energy, and good energy is exciting. 

I know, that when certain energies left, certain energies left with them.
That’s how things work. I could have been screaming that I didn’t trust the ONE 30 year old guy that David had recently given the entire financial responsibility over to, but I didn’t have any delusions of how it would have been received, and I think I honestly didn’t believe someone could be so two faced as Sean has turned out to be. Things were smooth and kind and despite the difficulties we all had a lovely spirit there most of the time. It wasn’t until Sean “fired” David Icke from TPV that the masters finally showed their hands. Grubby little fisters.

I guess I didn’t want to shit in anyone’s lunchbox. I guess I wanted to sit on it, and wait, and let it stew until it went off and exploded. Far be it from me to point out another’s flaws, I went to ground seeking to examine mine.

My stupidity, my naiivety, my fear of confrontation, my fear of impotent dull dense egotists who seek to do malice and are yet to feel delicious retribution. I thought I was afraid of no one. I thought standing up to the international shadow gangster banksters was brave. I thought that I already showed I know I’m  invincible.
Then I met the types of people at TPV, the types who must be aware they are taking money to fulfill the dismal plans of our owners. They are like the Jews who took positions as prison guards over their own people. For their own agrandisement, sent others to death.

I’d like to believe, if someone handed me a gun , and told me to shoot someone else, or else, they would shoot me, I’d like to believe I would have the faith in my eternal soul and the unwillingness to live with another’s death on my conscience, that I would prefer to let them kill me. It’s actually not impossible for me to believe that, as I have no kids or no husband, and, I don’t feel particularly needed, so, why not me? I’m as wretched as the next one. Of course in real life I would probably take the gun and shoot them both, fast through the skull before I even gave a chance to let  that Jesus like bit of my personality pipe up.

 “Remember... I offered them this cheek right after they’d smashed me up on this side.... and this was my best side!”  (J.C.)

Soon the others I loved and supported at TPV admitted that their efforts too had been compromised as their shows closed down. TPV tried another fundraiser and got dismal winnings. I saw the prediction that I had made to Sean about the station being driven into the ground was succeeding. The incompetence of the staff they would retain as producers,  and camera people was astounding, just check their own charisma laden self promo vid.. . .

Meet the Crew

and what the hell is this?  

While really talented, informed, passionate people were being sidelined, for the dunce circus wind down. Even the starry eyed amongst us realised there was no love left, Sean, and his trusty mouth, Liz were steering and things were going down the shitter fast.

The day Liz summonsed me into Sean’s office for my dressing down, and quiet talk to determine how we would proceed over the next few weeks, I wished to complete my initial verbal agreement to make shows until my time was up, despite being fired from my successful and popular live radio show, and, no longer continuing with The TV show aired live.

I tried to speak to Dave. I asked him for a quick word, how he felt about the censorship of me, and I explained “I came half way around the world to work for YOU, not to work for Sean...” to which he raised a hand to fob me off telling me he had to get ready for his segment on Richies show. That really hurt my feelings after how much time and effort I had put into TPV. I still have no comprehension of why David was so mad at me. Professionally, I lived up to my end of the bargain, so his problem must be personal. 

I didn’t just turn up and read autocue. I created the show format and contacted the guests, wrote the scripts, hung my own sets sometimes, and with the skeleton crew on the knobs and phones we bumbled through as best we could. Despite dozens of glitches, we made a fun and well received show of cutting edge tele and had nothing but laughs in the studio, almost.

David whinges on and on about the many and brilliant multitude of avenues through which Sean ripped him off, AND David Icke Books, off, but he never takes a skerrick of responsibility for it when HE AGREED TO ‘IT’ EVERY STEP OF THE WAY... !!! ???
Talk about ‘non comply-dance’-has Dave forgotten the moves?

He doesn’t even sound sad that such a monumental potential tool for humanity went  balls up, more, just sad that he was the “greatest contributor” (it is not funny that he paid Sean a six figure (POUNDS) ? sum out of his own pocket to fuck him in that many ways all in under a year.

The Karma Sutra of Financial Buggery. By S. Tabatabai. Published by ADL books

In his letter to me four months after my departure David is still seething with fury, and for what???  People told me in whispers that things were being said but no one would tell me WHAT!!!!! and David never had the gall to speak to me from about mid December on. 

From being friends with everyone and having regular hugs with Dave, within a month, there were weird divisions, David stopped looking at me, saying hello or acknowledging me, and at the very end, even his sons, who were always friendly, would not look at me. I asked Jaymie, his youngest son one day, “why are you all being so weird to me?, Why don’t you give me a hug anymore?” and he just looked at me as if he was looking through me and stayed quiet.

It surprises me, to recognise in myself my inability to just ask Sean myself. “Are you taking the piss with the donations?” I guess I knew I had no power to change his spiritual predilections. By the time I realised I didn’t trust my new found friend and also that Dave had signed 100% of the business over to him, someone must have whispered in Dave’s ear that I was drinking the blood of babies on my day off, or something(*?)and he clearly wouldn’t have taken my word over Seans, Richies, Deannas or Liz’ds.

It is too true, some people really love their slavery. Some people will do anything to keep it, including rip off tens of thousands of peoples’ money and goodwill, just for some quick cool cash, (and bitcoin), not to mention the thrill of wringing ones tiny fists like Smithers.

It’s not even theft, in their eyes. If the people were dumb enough to donate then, they must have been prepared to lose it, so what does it matter?

Sonia has been very sheepy with me since then, maybe she has other reasons, but I am not mad, I understood any suspicions I gave her to give a fuller picture would create unique tensions against me. I have lost 50 “jobs” over the last 30 years for telling the truth, saying what might have remained unsaid.
I love my soul the way it is.