Thursday, October 23, 2014



It´s ridiculous to me, these people who see themselves as revolutionaries, hanging around occupying public spaces (in soon to be people-prison cities) as if their physical presence is some kind of a taunt or a threat to the-powers-that-were!
Pooncing off asking ¨government¨to save the planet or end poverty…  . oh my

If it pisses you off to hear that, if you are one of, or feel a solidarity with them, check your life action in this quick quiz to determine if you might need to find a real way to protest.

Firstly. Do you believe in Santa Claus? I mean, really believe. I know you probably put out carrots and beer one night a year but… can reindeer fly? Can anyone else be at every kid in the whole worlds´house in one night? (Besides Jesus… totally different league, and even things about jesus are sketchy yet we renamed the beginning of time after him!)

So, no, you don´t really believe in Santa even though he exists in photos with most of us across many cultures, Santa is not real.
Nor is government, is it? Really.
Despite this, lowly equal people bark incessant orders backed by ¨government¨and that supposedly makes their demands more feasible! How do we all still fall in line for this thing that has the credulity of Santa? Oh that´s right, Santa has a gun.

Second, do you vote? Do you care which ¨party¨is in ¨power¨? Which party of people have we asked to violently rob and oppress us this year?
Do you still fall for the bread and circuses just so you don´t stand out like an erection at a blackboard?
Do you not truthfully acknowledge to yourself that it is all just silly social ritual?
Do you not realize our governments ¨borrow¨money from private banking families when they have the legal right to print their own money without interest?
Do you ¨honorably¨pay fines, taxes and demands when your government gets you for violation of acts or statutes?
Do you ever try and not comply and just see what happens? RETURN TO SENDER !
Do you still pay taxes because you believe they ¨go to build roads, schools and hospitals¨ despite evidence that shows they go to pay the interest on the money lent to our many goverments, the world over, more than 160 countries controlled by these private bankers who dictate their agenda to their political puppets, their artists, their stooges, their controlled opposition, their media mouths, their musicians, their teams, their world.
Do you still pay taxes because you have not yet learned to be creative enough to become independently able to provide for yourself without a thieving government paw going into the jar before you do?
Because fuck all will change about our slave status while we are all still paying the bully our lunch money.
Hit them where it hurts, in the head pocket. Keep your mind uncluttered from their false authority. Keep as much of your earnings for yourself and those you feel you can extend yourself to.
Refuse to pay any of your energy whenever you can to the ¨government people¨ who are zombies bribed by salaries to support and continue our funding to the people who keep authorizing blowing people to bits with gigantic expensive explosive terror gifts. Or alternatively, shooting them with shitty, compromised, mind controlled, weaponized, uniformed maggots.
And, take anything you can get off them -the government has been the elitists tool to harvest us and our ancestors for generations. Remember every dollar you take from government is one less child killed by a drone bomb somewhere.
Trust me it feels good.
It feels good to say, you know what, get fucked. With respect, no. Na. No Thanks.
I´m not gonna pay you anymore. (To the tune of Twisted Sister.)
It´s scary and hard, and you might suffer and fail and you try and you try and you fail more and you fail, until you can, more and more until you do because you had no other option.
We must reject this insanity of external governance by a self selected few inbreds. These are the people with the eugenics agenda. Hello! POT CALLING THE KETTLE HOT! These bloodlines eugenesise themselves soon enough anyway, they are no threat if we keep detoxing ourselves from all their lovely poisons, we can choose instead to at least die by our own deathwishes instead of theirs. Flippin´dingers.
We just need to make minor personal changes and ride out their demise. Baby Loan has fallen.
We don´t have to stop serving each other as we enjoy, protecting, feeding, building for, advocating for, cleaning for, healing, flying transporting etc for each other, eventually we will do everything we do without the taxation of government, mentally, emotionally, physically spiritually or financially. The animals will remember they really don´t need the farmer. Government includes associates and owners, the banking cartels, anyone who doesn´t stand up to scrutiny in a free and open market, essentially.
When you stop paying them you are not harming them in any way financially- these people (at the top of this money-up vaccume) type zeros into computers to get dosh.

                           ¨the economy is fake, anyway¨
                                                       Bill Hicks

If you need more evidence than that, I can´t help you. Just think.
No, our financial withdrawal is merely so we can experience our sovereignty and enjoy not bowing to any bully or non consented self styled delusional öwners¨.
It rebukes the notion that we are each the walking dead and it allows us to feel the full energy of our remuneration for our efforts to share with those we know who need help directly.
When you add up all you spend in a year on taxes, registrations, applications, surcharges, fines, fees, including food and drink and service taxes, many people only have less than 10% of their entire income left. ** (conditions apply)
** To those freaking out about ¨who will build the roads???¨just picture all the stuff on earth built before 1900 and see humans did just fine tax free. Unless you include tithings – tax for the dumb- and we know now that all went to build boy dungeons under the Vatican.
As for hospitals, we won´t need them when we realize you can heal just about anything with vegetables, baking soda and coconuts.
Schools, well, they´re overrated, what do you call what we´re doing now? We´re following our interest, our greatest excitement in this moment – the universe is an eternal school. We won´t stop learning, in fact knowledge will accelerate rapidly after abandonment and denial of external authority- coming relatively soon.

We are learning again to swap our skills and talents with each other more, and use moany less.
The last few aspects of government to address are the banks monopoly, the imaginary border racist rubbish of the corpornations ¨boundaries¨and fences(!) and the preposterous ¨pass port¨(in admiralty) to permiss my government owned, suppressed and regulated consciousness and body the liberty to leave my own harvesting nation and enter another.
All I can do is deal with each brother and sister as they stand before me.
Sometimes, it appears they have won, when they take my freedom or property to ¨teach me lessons¨, but they can never win now because the veil has been lifted.
We refuse their every attempt at authority, we refuse politely their offers to contract, we don´t see their uniforms, we refuse their admiralty courts, their education, their media, their medical madness, psychological warfare, their entire charade, we refuse..
Us evolutionaries.
To the revolutionaries, yawn, yr as antiquated as government. You´re the de rigeur dinosaur creation of our mogul money masters who control both sides of every war.
The left, the right, the red, the blue, the green, the revolutionaries, the muslims versus the racists, the rich versus the poor, bore me stupid.

Meanwhile the whirled still turns, the blood still flows, the heart still knows, nobody´s noticed or cared that I´ve dropped out. The earth has always been all of our homes. It´s all the same, we eat we sleep we stretch we walk we swim we do what we can, whatever is needed wherever I am. Places I can´t speak the language but I´ve learnt through trial and error I can make a living. I can offer something from myself to share with my community.
That´s it. That´s all you need to do.
Find that true you that you were born to be and do and let that live, in it´s divinity let it blossom from you and bloom amongst all others flowering in our own time.
For those living in fear of fellow humans, move. ¨You have legs¨ as my Mum would say.

I feel no need for guns or weapons. Each to their own, of course, but I didn´t notice any bloodshed here at my extraction from the delusion of government.  I wrote notarised affadavits to witness on the record my willingness and commitment to slip out the hole in the fence.  I don´t ever expect them to be useful or necessary, but they assisted the forging of my heart and soul and mind to comprehend my sovereignty.
Whatever happens, I recognize as my souls´choice. I believe our owners secretly cheer when one of us emancipates ourselves through their (karma busting) hole in the fence. Like the joy I get when I set free a scorpion outside. So far, none of my fears or their threats have materialized.  Scorpions or government.
I suppose there should be trouble at every turn, but perhaps too there are blessings in every curve, bestowed on the brave, by love itself.
Try it, say, No. I´m not going to pay that.
No. I won´t go to your courts unless you drag me handcuffed, and no, even then I won´t give you a name, or sign any of your permission slips, or contracts, and no, I won´t open your letters, nor will I open my door, nor ever reside anywhere ever again besides in my own heart….
Where I live is none of your business, my business is none of your business, unless I choose it to be, where my body sleeps, who I commit myself to,  or whom I may bear, or be with, or raise, or educate or my food or my drink, my life, my death, not for your taxes. Not for your harvest, ¨government¨
I´m not so stupid, middleman, I see through that word, GOVERNMENT
I see who´s behind it. Government, control, mind. No
No more.

                 ¨ Öh Pirates yes they rob us
                    Sold I to the merchant ships…..
                     Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
                        None but Ourselves, can free our minds…¨
                                                                                 (Bob Marley)

We all have free will. I wish only to treat others how I´d wish to be treated, live and let live, fly wide all round this earth.
Yes it´s time we go into the wild, merry travelers, and don´t fear the Hollywood ending.
Death is not the end but the end of one great phase of evolution.
Whatever happens we dragged ourselves and how many millions, one day billions and ultimately all, forward, simply by making mistakes …

Just don´t ask me to join ¨the revolution¨.

Gough Died in `75


What a strange thing, Gough has died again. 
Whitlam was a mammoth of Australian politics, for those who don`t know. For what he did for the people, for all, regardless of race, sex, age or status. Trouble was, Gough wouldn´t toe the line with his banking masters, the Crown Corporation. So the word trickled down, from the masters at The Crown, and around, and across the pond, and it was decided- something must be done! 
( What ??)
I thought this was a democracy! 
I thought we people chose our ¨leaders¨when we go down to the primary school every four years for a sausage sambo and put that little bit of ourselves in that ballot box.

The CIA? The Guv´ner General? Where do these orders come from for our democratically elected Prime Minister to stand down? 

God Itself??

Gough never really publicly asked, never said. Just rebuked the Governor General and slipped on to live a loving family life for another forty odd years. Enjoying the things those other trouble makers, MLK, JFK, RFK, Harold Holt*, and Allende, amongst countless others, never got to enjoy in this world.

(* I include Harold Holt in this list of murdered politicians, as one must ask what kind of sick fucks would name a swimming pool as a suitable memorial for a man who supposedly drowned?)

What other choice did Gough have, other than to go quietly?

As Bill Hicks would say, I`m sure he`s seen the Zapruder film.`

But for this, I feel let down by Gough and the people of Australia who have carried on voting, and pretending their vote counts, and pretending democracy is real, when it is not.

Gough probably always lived in hope that we might all one day wake up to not just what happened to him, but really, to all of us. To these great truths that we are slaves being harvested on the fascist plantation corpornation called Australia, in the super conglomerate of corpornations polluting, squndering and dividing planet earth.

That we have no choice. They slap us left then they slap us right and we all go straight down the middle. The act of voting is merely to placate the majority of simple minded followers who seem happily and safely entrenched in group think.

I´d assume someone wouldn`t make it to the position of Prime Minister without knowing this was the truth of the situational farce. I know someone couldn`t be sacked or dismissed like Whitlam was without feeling the full proof and evidence that this is how things are.

I wonder if Whitlam wondered if he could have done more to educate and extricate Australia from the grasp of the internationalists. We all know any attempt would have been futile.

Only each and every one of us can extricate ourselves from doing business from those who ultimately oppress us.
Hundreds of decisions we make every day we make choices that align us with our rulers/owners/controllers/masters/killers, or we can choose to spend our money and time and resources on our fellow beings and community.

We can choose to be a cog in this ever more repressive cystem, for the illusions of grander personal security and comfort, ever while the screws are tightening.... or we can choose to govern ourselves and learn to function as independently as possible until we have strengthened ourselves and forged and gathered a community of like minded independents.

When I say Gough died in ´75 I mean the part of him that thought he had the power to change the system from within.

I suppose if Gough became an anarchist at that time he may have helped others see the light, as he had so much goodwill internationally. 
Perhaps, soberly he recognised that if he wanted to live, he should not  wave the red flag at the bull.
Perhaps he hoped secretly that the deep love for him in Australia would be enough fuel for people to use their own nouses to sniff out what was and still is happening on planet earth by the banking cartels owning almost every government by the ¨federal¨reserve¨  banks¨. 

Of course Whitlam blamed the Governor General. 
Well. Who would challenge the old bird?
Who would challenge the CIA just twelve years after JFK and those freemasonic dealings in Dallas?

Gough´s silence spoke volumes to me.
Similar to Neil Armstrong´s silence.
Bible sized tomes I eyelashed to find the words to fill that silence, until one day, I could comprehend.

When John Pilger, one of the great true living journalists became ´persona non grata´ in the 80`s for releasing snippets of truth about the dismissal in his book Á Secret Country´ (highly recommended if you are still voting and paying taxes), I suppose it caused a ripple amongst tipples at lefty dinner parties. You would have been cool if you had the book, however, very few peops were heard.

All sorts of political figures from left to right, green and even ánarchist groups´have continued with the pantomime of politics for nearly forty years and not one of them has suggested STEP OUT. STOP PAYING.

STOP ACCEPTING THEIR BOGUS AUTHORITY. Return to Sender their boring offers to contract. Stick chewing gum in parking metres. 
Believe it or not they do not really own you. Despite their fancy footwork, and paperwork, and professional  graphix.

You are not dependent on them. If you feel you are you must first free your mind and then the rest will follow. 

I hear myself say I can not pay. I can no longer pay them. I do not pay. I will no longer pay them. The western governments are the terrorists and I no longer pay them, or bow to their stolen authority. 

Rest up well, dear Gough. You reminded us we were human.. .