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causes brain inflammation and digestive disorders which in turn cause the autism spectrum of ‘disorders’,  amongst many other troubles. Since the 90’s pharmaceutical companies have accepted this liability and paid compensation.
There are many news reports available on the net documenting this.

Most parents are never exposed to and/ or never see this link and still vaccinate, some even vaccinate after having an earlier child damaged by vaccines.

 No one wants to think that (even) a corporation, especially not Doctors, nurses and educators could be so misled, or so callous as to deliberately hurt or damage the health of kids. If they suspect nefarious plots it’s easier not to research,  just stay with the status quo thinking sponsored by the big pharma cartels. To keep the social calm. Don’t rock the boat. Doctor knows best.

 It’s not your fault. They are attempting to make it illegal not to vaccinate. They make it so your kid can’t go to school. One more reason to homeschool. The thing is  if our kids get damaged from vaccines and we don’t make the connection, or recognise the potential connection between vaccines and health problems/ brain damage, the problem compunds.
Every vaccine damaged kid needs you to use your lifes experience from stopping it happening to anyone else. But instead, many ignore the issue, lets talk about the fucking weather then.
Oh no. Don’t get me started on “climate change”…

This whole world is difficult to live in because of the corrupt force controlling govts, money, medicine, media and  military and, whoever is left, we need to bond and share our experiences, conclude our relationships with those whom do not have our best interests at heart, which is many. Beyond wanting the destruction of 80-90% of earths population being the plan of their eugenics agenda since the 50’s, they never have any interests at heart besides their own, and the profit they can harvest off us energetically in any form…

It scares me that many kids turn into the kind of people that as kids, we were bewildered by their wilful ignorance. It seems some can no longer see the truth when you have a steady job to keep to pay your mortgage. I wonder is it worth it? Is it so great to have a “guaranteed home” where you can plant a garden and yet you cannot plant your own thoughts and let them grow.

I want to stop the  inhumane damage of  another child with their evil interference in the bodies natural wonderful immune system.
If you’re contemplating vaccinating your kids, I’m not saying DON’T VACCINATE. If you feed your kids coke and cake, chips, chicken nuggets and crap maybe their immune systems will be so damaged, vaccination may even help.
But if you have a healthy child who eats actual REAL FOOD, do some research. Vaccination may not be necessary or desired.

Sift through the information from all sources, always question the source, use your gut, your heart, your experience, and THEN your mind, as your mind is the dumbest of all four and most easily corrupted by outside interests.

I will not shut up about vaccination because I know too much about the evil agenda and corporations behind it from 20 years of research..
Close your mind to alternative voices at your own peril. The government does not care for you. The govt are complete puppets for the banker eugenicist fucks who have nearly completed a 250 year plan  to own all of us and use us for their requirements, whilst happily wiping out the rest of us like ants on the bench.

I am not afraid to die, I am just not prepared to live in their concocted mist of lies. I want to explore the truth. If that makes you uncomfortable now, it gets worse every day you live a lie.

If you don’t like it, ask yourself, why?. If I’m wrong, keep telling me why, show me your proof, lets look at who sponsored it, show me your evidence for believing vaccination is good.
This is life. If you have a kid on the way at least learn the symptoms of an easily vaccine damaged child, so you can stop further vaccinations if any symptoms are present after the first one… if you are still in the mind to vaccinate after reading the studies.

I have a strong opinion on this because I have spent hundreds, or  1000’s of hours researching since finding out the true nature of companies like Merck in the early 90’s- since learning that they were experimenting spreading cancers in vaccines etc. I appreciate your life maybe too busy actually feeding kids and reading to them and washing for them and taking them everywhere that you really haven’t had much time to read for the last decade. They say having a kid is like being in jail, except, in jail they let you read ; )

Take a few hours over the next little while at your leisure, and you will understand why I speak about this. 

Vaccination companies ARE taking LEGAL responsibility and admitting they are liable for this damage. Yet they continue to force a one drug for all policy.
Most people have little idea about the facts around vaccine damage since its implementation, and our collective ignorance/ naiivete of the true agenda behind it makes me want to surface a few more bits of info.


The true story of SV40, the cancer-causing virus hidden in polio vaccines

In a Read more....July 15, 2001 report, the San Francisco Chronicle published a story detailing an increased concern among researchers that the SV40 virus found in those early polio vaccines was indeed responsible for higher cancer rates.

"For four decades,governmentofficials have insisted that there is no evidence the simian virus called SV40 is harmful to humans. But in recent years, dozens of scientific studies have found the virus in a steadily increasing number of rare brain,boneand lung-related tumors - the same malignant cancer SV40 causes in labanimals," the report said. "Even more troubling, the virus has been detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated vaccine, leading some to worry that those infected by the vaccine might be spreading SV40."

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Sherry peel Jackson went to jail for 2 years for telling people the truth about the fact that there is no law that requires us to pay income tax. For waking people up to the fact that the federal reserve external banks, are not federal, are privately owned, non auditable cartels which own our governments.


I said they OWN the "governmentS".
When you hear Julia Gillard waxing lyrical about how wonderful it is and that the “Reserve” “Bank” of “AUSTRALIA” “should keep its independence”, what she is really saying is impossible to translate she’s so choked up on Satans cock.

Sherri Jackson went to jail, really, for telling people how it is, for answering their obvious questions like …

- “how will we run the country without income tax?”

 Jackson is educating people that since at least the 80’s it has been established that none of the money collected for income tax actually goes to running the country, it just pays off the INTEREST on the LOAN given to our GOVERNMENTS BY PRIVATE INBRED FAMILIES.
(Incidentally, all our governments have the legal right to print their own money but do not take it!
Because they have these private bankster family cartels’ batons lodged between their legs)

Roads are paid by petrol taxes, and new roads, special roads, by tolls you’ll pay till the end of eternity, hospitals are run by taxes on medicines and services, schools are paid by fees.

Sherri’s waking us all up to the fact that we have been FOOLED
Most of us won’t even believe something is real until we have seen it on TV or in the papers. We need to remember, the people who own US, own our PROGRAMMING mediums!

We are happy to let a magician fool us with a trick, many of us even happy to let a few white lies slip by, but god help us all it’s pretty hard to swallow WE’VE ALL BEEN FOOLED ABOUT EVERYTHING FOR HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF YEARS so we could be controlled.

We do not need to pay for the ride of life.
We DO need to ask, WHO is asking us to?
Who is telling us WE MUST.

Must in a legal dictionary means may anyway…
They fool us and control us with fear and fraud and show us police brutality, raids on houses and shooting protesters in the street.

We are sold a democracy and we’re given a bully system. Democracy by gunpoint.

Well …
next question…

“why don’t we tell our elected officials about this..?”

Because they are owned, bent over a barrel and handcuffed by the bankers who FUND the nation through their external, reserve banks.
BTW – there’s about 165 countries with these privately owned (Rothschild- Brezinski)  external banking cartels  

And …about 5 countries where the governments ARE still printing their own money.
Governments with balls the size of moons
Aparently, North Korea, Ouch Don’t go there… who else…, Syria  hmmm co-incidence… the country we’re about to go to war with.

Apparently the first thing the Libyan “rebels” did was to create a new banking system…

Rebel banksters?

Robert Wenzel wrote in the Economic Policy Journal:
"I have never before heard of a central bank being created in just a matter of weeks out of a popular uprising. This suggests we have a bit more than a rag tag bunch of rebels running around and that there are some pretty sophisticated influences."

READ On here... 

On the plus side it makes a fantasy change from the sickly pale skinny guys in suits with calculators. Banksters with bandanas… Things are looking up..

Sherri shares her incredulity about getting through all her schooling, university, accounting AND Internal Revenue Service training and never learnt these facts, finally resting in the conclusion that ‘THEY’ don’t want this information out here for ‘US’ to learn.

Sherri's message is, we are just wasting time, as long as we continue to feed the monster we will empower the monster to keep doing to us what ever it is they want to do to us…

You want to reclaim your mind, and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world… where’s that at???  Terrence McKenna


The plan to destabilize Syria

The operations conducted against Libya and Syria involve the same actors and strategies. However, their respective outcomes will differ since the situations in these countries are not comparable. Thierry Meyssan analyzes the semi-failure experienced by the colonial and counter-revolutionary forces, and predicts a pendulum reversal in the Arab world.



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BLURT: we need to look again at the Port Arthur Massacre


for those unfamiliar with the event.
The story goes… 28th April 1996. Martin Bryant* went into a café with a couple of semi automatic rifles, and open fired on the patrons, killing over 20 people and then moving around the Port Arthur Historic Penal Colony Tourist Site - killing another ten or more, then moved to another site where he was holding hostages and murdered two more before police smoked him out of the burning house the next morning with 3rd degree burns.

*or someone with blonde wig and driving his car with his passport on the dashboard

What doesn’t add up and what multiplies complicity??

1-Tasmanian Government purchases  a 16 - 22 body hearse in the year leading up to the ‘event’

2- three strange predictions were publicised in the media. The first -

‘There is reason to think the Port Arthur massacre was planned as early as1987 when, after a specially called Premier's meeting in Hobart in December 1987, the New South Wales Labour Premier, Mr. Barry Unsworth stated, "there would be no effective gun control in Australia until there was a massacre in Tasmania".’

Plus - TWO warnings from Roland Browne head of NCGC  gun control lobby in the 12 months leading up, about a massacre in Tasmania?

In Nov 1995 Browne warned there would be a massacre in Tasmania of massive proportions.

In March 96, after the Dunblane massacre he said the same again on A Current affair with Ray Martin.
Predictive programming?

3-local police were called off  an hour in the opposite direction at the time of the massacre to a heroin stash which turned out to be jars of laundry powder

4- Bryant has no memory of being at Port Arthur that day of the massacre, yet was coerced to plead guilty.

5-“satanically accurate” shooting performance equal to the best military trained known killers said Brigadier Ted Sarong

6-ratio of kill to wound shots astounds professional shooters

7-there is no DNA evidence at all from Bryant found at the Broad Arrow Café

8-no blood spatters or DNA evidence taken from Bryants’ clothes, or his vehicle

9-not one witness positively identified Bryant on the day, only TWO WITNESSES identified him one month later on a photo board after his face had been all over the media.

10- Bryant was named as the lone gun-nut shooter and  his ‘personality defects’ discussed on Good Morning America, within 24 hours of the event

see here …

Note how even Bryant Gumbel, the US morning news anchor notes the way the Aus media are speaking about the killer as if he has already had a trial the day after the massacre... to an international audience, on a show that also airs on an Australian network.

11-Bryant refused to plead guilty for nearly 6 months, until they changed his lawyer and after 14 or more visits, his new, improved lawyer John Avery got him to plead guilty, with the help of his pressured mother

12-John Avery is now in jail on unrelated charges

13--Political wrangling before the event from 1995 onwards-
*Police Officer closest to Port Arthur, Constable Chris Iles was moved to another station after 15 years, replaced by Constable Paul Hyland.

*Ian Kingston manager of the areas state emergency service since 1984 took a part time job as security manager and parking attendant at Port Arthur site.

*In March 96 a month before the ‘EVENT’, Tasmanian Premier Ray Groom ‘stepped down’ from the premier role to take on a number of different portfolios which all had to do with the P.A.M., including Attorney-General and Minister of Port Arthur.

*The Special Operations Group got a new leader, Hank Timmermann ten days before the massacre. Were these moves to put people ‘on the team’ into position?

14-Martin Bryant’s IQ was so low (66-70) that it was considered he always needed a legal guardian, one was not there when he agreed to the guilty plea
15- less than 6 months before the massacre P.T.S.D. (ompensation act in Tasm

16-Coincidentally, there was a Trauma surgeon conference in Hobart that macabre weekend

17-Coincidentally, there was a World Media conference in Hobart that sensational weekend

18- Many Port Arthur Mgt Staff were called away to an ‘Off Site’ workshop, in another town,  at the exact time of the massacre

19-same Media Liason Officers for this ‘EVENT’ as the ’78 Sydney Hilton Bombing

20-police chief Jonson  goes AWOL after the shooting never to be heard from again

21-Joe Vialls, (Conspiracy researcher/disinfo artist/ spook?) Hans Overbeeke, Justin Noble (BCI) present in film footage on the day of the ‘event’.???

22-police lit seascape lodge on fire with a flare? Then insinuated it was Bryant… ?

23-in ph calls Martin refers to himself as “Jamie” possibly signifying Disassociative Identity or Multiple personality Disorder.

24-Martins “treatment” by Tavistock Institute trained psychiatrists since at least 1984 – that’s 12 years to prepare him, specialising in deep sleep, drug and coma therapy, including electroshock therapy, whilst unconscious, mind control Manchurian candidate techniques could have been employed here by these ‘specialists’

25- Both the murder weapons were damaged before they were recovered at seascape, and thus were never forensically linked to the murders.

26- In Australia a coronial inquest is usually held for any death not accompanied by a doctor's certificate.  Coroner Ian Matterson determined that no inquest would be held into any of the 35 deaths following the guilty plea from Bryant. Despite repeated requests from some victims (see Coroners’ letter to Stephen Howard in relation to his wifes murder in the film, ‘A QUESTION OF GUILT)

27- Why did Bryant's lawyer - John Avery - convince his client to plead guilty when he knew Bryant had no memory of the crimes, and while Bryant had maintained his innocence for months?

28- Who is "Rick"? And why does Bryant mention him several times while talking to the police negotiator? Bryant (as “Jamie” )seems to know  Ricks’ wife, he knows where Rick resides

29-Andrew MacGregor, retired policemen gives a quite funny account of what all the coppers, the military, and the SOG’s (special Op.s Group ) were doing for 5 hours while 500 locals and tourists were terrorised beyond living hell at the unsecured murder sites.


Port Arthur massacre Police training video




We no longer need to hide, ‘they’, those involved and responsible, are the ones that should go into hiding.

Alternatively write to your local member but KNOW they can’t change anything and still hope to get ahead in politics.

This video turned up in a 2nd hand shop in 2004, and it is profound in giving the  picture of the crime.

Despite the torturous lives the living victims must have suffered since then, we must resolve to bring the light to the evidence so these false flag events are stopped.

Then all we’ll have left to deal with is ‘real’ terrorists.


This is the full lentgth version of the movie at the top of the blog on vimeo


 The ‘Port Arthur Massacre’, 15 years on….

The following is a list of those killed in the Port Arthur massacre.

                Winifred Joyce Aplin, 58
                Walter John Bennett, 66
                Nicole Louise Burgess, 17
                Sou Leng Chung, 32
                Elva Rhonda Gaylard, 48
                Zoe Anne Hall, 28
                Elizabeth Jayne Howard, 26
                Mary Elizabeth Howard, 57
                Mervyn John Howard, 55
                Ronald Noel Jary, 71
                Tony Vadivelu Kistan, 51
. Leslie Dennis Lever, 53
                Sarah Kate Loughton, 15
                David Martin, 72
                Noelene Joyce Martin, 69
                Pauline Virjeana Masters, 49
                Alannah Louise Mikac, 6
                Madeline Grace Mikac, 3
                Nanette Patricia Mikac, 36
                Andrew Bruce Mills, 49
                Peter Brenton Nash, 32
                Gwenda Joan Neander, 67
                Moh Yee Willing Ng, 48
- Anthony Nightingale, 44
                Mary Rose Nixon, 60
                Glen Roy Pears, 35
                Russell James Pollard, 72
                Janette Kathleen Quin, 50
                Helene Maria Salzmann, 50
                Robert Graham Salzmann, 58
                Kate Elizabeth Scott, 21
                Kevin Vincent Sharp, 68
                Raymond John Sharp, 67
                Royce William Thompson, 59
-   Jason Bernard Winter, 29

May they rest in peace…

It disrupts me greatly as a  comedian/musician/massage therapist to follow this Port Arthur Massacre  conspiracy coming to light, I do not want to be involved, as I am a peace loving person, and in the possibility that this massacre was perpetrated by anyone other than (or alongside) Martin Bryant, means than these murderers are still at large, as are their employers, their handlers, and in a science faction fantasy- their underlords… so why should I stick my head up???

To me, my life is precious and I am afraid of death, but not so afraid I won’t try to  walk towards it with integrity. I know it is INTENSE fear, that keeps many of the living victim’s mouths’ shut and not PUBLICLY question the official version. They KNOW the callous cold killers that must be behind this event as they’ve seen and experienced their reign of terror first hand.

The media keeps telling us, as apparently many locals reply when asked… “it is in poor taste to talk about the massacre because it brings up horrific memories”.
I am truly sorry if my urge for the truth to come to light upsets anyone. I just want to stop the powers that did this to you, from doing it to us,  again and again and again…

Some surviving victims, (Wendy Scurr and Stephen Howard come to mind)  are choosing to live from LOVE and not fear, and have been waking people like myself up, very slowly over the 15 years since the massacre, by doing public and internet talks about their personal experience of the day and the aftermath.

Please note, I am not worried about the rest of us all being shot at a tourist park per se, as much as  terrified by how the f-f-fascist apparatus can impose new restrictions and take away our human rights in the name of the terror of these events that THEY THEMSELVES HAVE CREATED.
 I don’t want us all to stay fooled.

Wendy and Stephen seem not afraid. To them the truth is most important, and it is with them that I stand. Wendy publicly admits at times she considered suicide so hard was her trauma to live with. Perhaps that’s how far people get pushed. To the point where the LIE will kill them anyway so they’ve got no option but to seek the truth even if it means sticking their neck out.

If I was a living victim I’d probably just try and move on, and get back to voting for Australian Idol, talking about the weather and “enjoying life”…. Or what tattered remains of life I have after SOME PEOPLE (I want to pretend do not exist) took my everything away from me.

For me though, now, I know stuff about this event which precludes me from accepting the official story, and I can’t unlearn it. I can only suppress it. I successfully suppressed it for about 7 years but it keeps leaking out.

I want the anomalies of this tragic event to be explored by the great UNSPONSORED minds of our time. I don’t want a royal commission, or any other stacked enquiry like the Warren Commission or the 9/11 investigation that just adds more lies. I doubt police or judiciary currently employed can genuinely assist impartially. It is true. This conspiracy is covered up right to the top eschelon of our police, judiciary and government. We need people outside the scope of government interests.

As some funny guy called ‘Abstract’ said in a forum post one day..
“I am so glad we have the media, the government, the courts to look after us, to keep us safe from nutters like Bryant.”

 I’d like some sort of public recorded forum controlled and directed by the victims willing to speak publicly about the anomalies in the official version of events. We must guard against disinformation artists which have been prevalent in keeping this case argued outside mainstream channels over inaccurate moot points.

There is almost no cohesive, coherent information on the internet about this event, it is often muddled by many people arguing over many unestablished and constantly changing “facts”.
(see wikipedia for all the “truth changing” in their entries about P.A.M., this is one of the most changed entries in all wikipedia)

although I recommend Carl Wernerhoffs free e-book here….

although I have my reservations about some of his conclusions and theories too.
He does present a good reflection of the group think that has rendered this case closed, way before any answers have come to light.

his shorter article published in NEXUS mag in 2006 might be a better place to start

The anomalies of the Port ARthur case

For instance, after the massacre, it was “widely known” that Martin had been “involved” in his Dads’ suicide (it was said Martins’ diving weight belt was found around his drowned Dads’ neck) and also that Martin may have killed his friend Helen by playing with the steering wheel whilst she was driving on the highway.

Lately these accusations have been left out of descriptions of Martin, probably because sufficient time has passed to allow his Mum or other defenders the strength to request unsubstantiated claims be stifled.
This is after years of defamation of his character by the media, and paid pundits like the writers of BORN OR BRED?

They were the stars of the Sydney Writers Festival for that sponsored drivel. I refuse to remember the names of the writers, but they were so obviously paid to present a Martin Bryant who could have committed this grossest act by any person in history, and they didn’t even have time to research the ANOMALIES of the case???

I wish someone would pay them to do an expose on Dr. Paul Mullen.
More on that scary monster in the recommended reading…

The “writers” of   Born Or Bred found out that Martin ‘scratched and taunted’ other kids, as a kid, (who didn’t ?) but they didn’t even ask about ONE of the anomalies listed above in the hope of giving a balanced view?
No, they would not have been commissioned to write a balanced view. Phucking Psychopaths!

They are not journalists, or writers, they are just empty vampires taking money for defaming a PATSY, by writing something they probably knew deep down, was for the purpose of keeping hidden a very dangerous group, FROM ALL OF US.

They are probably scared too. Everyone is so scared of death they keep us hopping like jacks, we’re so brainwashed to believe we are the body, the ego, and not the eternal soul.

If you take a scientific approach to life after death, there are many ways to explore if and how consciousness lives on without this body.
I personally paid to see 20 psychic mediums over 20 years. 17 times I wasted my money. 3 times the mediums got astounding personal messages to me from dead relatives and friends.

About the same ratio of good haircuts from hairdressers over 20 years.
Psychic Mediums are just people too and we all have to practice our crafts for decades before we can usually guarantee proficiency, whether we be masseurs,  neurosurgeons, guitarists, chefs, lawyers etc etc etc

Once I had proved (subjectively) to myself that I am the ENERGY that animates the MATTER, the source of the matter, I guess I lost my fear to pursue the truth wherever it lead.

However, I can still remember living in fear, and can recognise others, not being their true selves, for what usually seems like monetary gain, (external power – a bigger house, guaranteed job, social position, better car, better shoes etc) which is really the cheap USE of our LIFE, energy, brains, heart and soul, by another.

Sadly, usually without the best intentions.

In return we LOSE our true internal power and wonder why we keep looking to do whatever it takes for the next promotion, new car, etc.

The hardest thing for me to reconcile when people like these “writers” or “journalists”;  who are just taking money to LIE to themselves and us,  is that they think it means they will be safer or protected, or in with the “in” crowd, when really all they are doing is taking the bucks to turn their head the other way, AND ATTEMPT TO TURN OUR HEADS THE OTHER WAY -  and not notice the way the ultimate AGENDA of those, behind ALL of these FALSE FLAG PSYOPS, IS FOR ALL of US, except the very few “elite” (as they call themselves).

And, the ‘agenda’ does not look good.

It’s been 15 years now that Martin has been in jail, medicated, comatosed, deep-sleep therapied, hypnotised, isolated, brutalised, ridiculed, pricked, prodded, probably hated and controlled into whatever state his dark psychiatrists decide. Do some research on Dr Mullen and his ilk* and you will realise Martin could be by now, beyond repair.

*see tavisock below

Collectively we have all failed our brother. What kind of prisoner is NEVER allowed any visitors? It is no way to solve this problem in society even if he did alone shoot 55 people. We need access to him, and he needs access to help, love, deprogramming  and reconditioning even if he is considered a lost cause forever incarcerated..

What sort of a man calls himself a doctor of psychiatry and then talks about his patient like Mullen talks about Martin? He clearly has NO empathy, no respect, no compassion, no integrity as a healer and no desire for understanding of his own charge, position, or responsibility.

For Mullen quotes (see full interview below for cats bum facial expressions and possibly shitty scented upper lip)

In my next bleet I will fly off the handle at Mullen and Woolley.
Someone’s gotta do it.
(60 mins interview)

Maybe Mullens' job is to control Martin as the murderer, and cover his own and his assosciates nefarious “work”.
Either that or he is just a shockingly bad psychiatrist and unevolved human, certainly no expert in my eyes. Rather an elitist bigot, superiority complex psychopath.
Do the research on Dr. Paul Mullen and his involvement with Dr Rebecca Peters over      years and you may see why I am concerned.

                                      Dr. Rebecca Peters 

‘There is a series of events from 1978 to Port Arthur that tie Dr Mullen and Dr Peters together (Dr. Mullen wrote the official report on Port Arthur and Bryant, and Dr. Peters was responsible for anti gun legislation in this country).’ 
(Anonymous, blogger)

(Dr Mullins)

(Dr Peters)

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I went along to hear Wendy Scurr speak about the trauma she experienced as one of the first survivors to go into the broad arrow café after that initial slaughter -to witness people dying, dead, their brains falling from the roof and walls and tipping from their exploded skulls into their bowls of chips.

                                 Wonderful Wendy Scurr

Wendy is one of the great women heroines in my eyes. To perform first aid duties and triage amongst dozens of dead and  almost as many wounded with very little assistance, and many of them were her friends, acquaintances and employees.

She speaks about her devastation on the day when backup police and medical help didn’t arrive for at least 5 hours after the shooting, so she shouldered much burden, trying to help those whose loved ones were gone, going or just forced to wait together, the long wait at the scene to do all the reports after five terrifying hours of already waiting for help, when everyone probably just needed to collapse.

Wendy is the sort of woman who showed equal courtesy to all that day and stayed helping and supporting people until well into the night. She stoically stuck around and did what needed to be done to care for the living, and respectfully deal with the dying, and the dead, many with surviving and wounded loved ones watching on, for hours not knowing where the gunman was.

In 2001 Wendy came to Melbourne on a speaking tour around Australia and I was hosting a community radio show at the time so I was hoping to interview her as a guest on my talk show to help promote her talk as it is natural to want to assist someone after troubles so deep.

I was also perturbed by my salacious interest in the details of such a horror show, perplexed about the killer and his motives, and generally curious about this Australian - one of the worlds worst ever single murderous acts, by one man.

When I got to the meeting at the Victoria Hotel  I was greeted by a hundred or so people milling around on the street outside the venue and a few signs near the entrance saying “MEETING CANCELLED – PLEASE DISPERSE”  or that’s how I remember it. It may have said “TALK CANCELLED” or other things but it was so long ago now I can’t remember.

This was before any conspiracy had begun to potentialise in my mind so I at this stage thought Wendy must have been sick or something and didn’t realise it was instead a gross violation of human rights occurring in my free loving “democracy” called AUSTRALIA.

I was informed the venue was MADE to cancel the talk by shadowy peoples whose names I do not know but some people know….

So that cocked my ear up a bit. I spake to a few peoples standing around and came to a man named Andrew MacGregor, who told me he was a retired policeman who was researching the whole “event” and travelling with Wendy showing evidence omitted from the mainstream media and calling for an independent inquiry into the massacre.

Aussies being Aussies, when they learned the meeting had been cancelled by the venue holders they just organised another venue at some Doctors home in the suburbs. I however was due at work, so I couldn’t attend the next venue.

I asked Andrew for a quick take on the event and his contact details in case I thought it would make a good radio show. Andrew suggested a walk to his car in the underground carpark about 300m away so he could give me a copy of his book, a collection of fascinating dots which connected to make the ugliest picture I’ve ever uncovered in my life.

The first anomalies -from the local police being called off an hour in the other direction for a faux “drug bust” which turned out to be washing powder, (thus keeping any police from the crime scenes for hours).

Then observe the political wranglings which occurred in the few years leading up to the massacre, the changes in LAWS which meant persons could no longer sue for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Tasmania, clever thinking -as everyone, thousands could have, would have been seeking damages for PTSD after this trauma.

Also political and police positions changed and three strange predictions were publicised in the media. The first -

‘There is reason to think the Port Arthur massacre was planned as early as1987 when, after a specially called Premier's meeting in Hobart in December 1987, the New South Wales Labour Premier, Mr. Barry Unsworth stated, "there would be no effective gun control in Australia until there was a massacre in Tasmania".’

 This quote shows at least how long they may plan these special “events” ahead. Then, if you think once is a coincidence, how’s TWO warnings from Roland Brown head of NCGC  gun control lobby in the 12 months leading up, about a massacre in Tasmania??

It’s a shame he couldn’t predict which Tavistock mind-controlled Tasmanian boy would be held responsible, and stop it.

Sounds like it’s the anti-terrorist militia that plan and sponsor ALL THE TERRORISM. How Orwellesq! Orwellian… Orwellesqian! I can hear my own Dad saying “Well Bugger me!.”
That’s never going to help in a crisis…

Some of the best shooters in the world came out and said ‘no one can kill with that accuracy, that many people. That ratio of kill to wounded’. Many other things related to gun law changes and international events occurring in the same time and spurring the same changes in other nations.

As  Andrew Macgregor and I walked back to the meeting together, on this first day I met him and before I had read his book, I postulated why??? How???
So many people required to create and carry out this fictional event and keep it secret, how could it be done??? What about the hundreds of eye witnesses??

I was beyond incredulous. It was beyond my belief back then I remember. MacGregor told me about FALSE FLAG black PSY_Ops and I just couldn’t believe him but I resolved to go research “Hitlers’ Reichstag”,

 “The Lusitania” 


the 'Gulf of Tonkin´ incident

and “Operation Northwoods”. 

He also suggested I read John Le Carre novels to get a picture of the spook world that organise and carry out these EVENTS.

 This was before 9/11 and I had never heard of false flag events or black psy-ops, even though I have since learnt that they have been around for at least half a century, actually, update, Caesar ? did one in 47ad ? bc?? 

Lets face it , since the beginning of men. And flags.

As we walked Andrew spoke of the Tavistock group based in London, (initially created by top psychiatry minds of NAZI regime, smuggled out of Germany after WW2 on ‘Vatican’ fake passports – research ‘Project Paperclip’) 

Tavistock Institute is a mass mind manipulaion agency which shapes the minds of nations, with the help of private corporate contractors like Behaviour Modifications Operations –BMO see below*. Really scary once you real-ise the level of organisation these people have...

Tavistock was founded by people like Nazi Joseph Mengalls who was repatriated to London after WW2 and employed to continue his wartime brain tortures and mind control experiments.  

Strangely, the bus bomb in the 7/7 London Bombings, went off in Tavistock square! And look at the in-your-face advertising they´ve chosen for the bus..

Just a co-incidence...
These groups and their private corporate offshoots  create traumatic events and while we as masses are suffering and tortured, they manipulate us more with Trauma Based Mind Control, take away our historically hard won civil rights, and bring in new legislations which advance our owners’  ‘agenda’ – an increasingly fascist state.

As I approached the stairwell to walk back down to the hotel lobby, still in the carpark, a large door shaped woman dressed all in black stepped right in my line of step and took a photo of me with Andrew walking a few steps behind, with a big long lens on the camera…

I made some remark, about how he was attracting the press, and he told me matter of factly

“no. that’s ASIO. 

They’re just letting you know you’re on file. If it was the 70’s, they’d be profiling you, photographing you from behind some blinds on the third floor up from across the street. These days, its easier for them to just let you know from the start you’re being watched. They intimidate you…”

Well. ! I was flummoxed. I whinged “but I don’t even BELIEVE you so why do they need a file on me? I’m just investigating…..??”

Looking back, I was asleep.

Anyway, I could go on with all the facts I’ve found since I started, but maybe that is for each of us in our own time.

For about the next 3 months after this meeting I had (regularly, sometimes every second day), strange middle aged fuddy-duddy’s sitting outside my house in cars watching me like leering, gossipy neighbours. They never said anything but they eyeballed me. I don’t know who they were but I just drifted away from the information after a few months.
I was not interested in becoming paranoid.

The local radio station had advised me, without too much research, that it was a fruitless investigation, adding “if the government wont admit to proven attempted genocide on the indigenous people, I don’t think you’ll get them to take responsibility for this massacre any day soon…”

At the time I felt a bit crazy at my radio station boss but I wasn’t sure why. Now I can see that even these people wanted to avoid the real powers behind events like this.
Better to report on the Rawandan Genocide…

So, in honour of brave souls like Wendy Scurr and Stephen Howard, here I go again…..

Below are some excerpts from articles freely available, from sources I trust ‘more than others’ whilst recognising they may still contain factual errors, or may even be deliberate disinformation put out to dispel investigation of the event. I reckon youse should all have a chomp around.

I have no interest in exposing the killers, I hope for justice for Martin Bryant, and all the victims of these mind control abusers, and for us all to wake up to who shapes our world, and how, with these FALSE FLAG PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS ON ALL OF US, this world over.

I am bloody obviously not an expert but nor do I have any paid agenda. I remember MLK saying “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…” and because we slept through this miscarriage of justice we wonder why we had 9/11, Bali and the 7/7 bombings (amongst others) since Port Arthur.

The material is the best collection I have read, sources I find more trustworthy than others over the 15 years. Ten years ago Andrew MascGregor told me, beware anything written by Joe Vialls who dominates the net searches, and is probably fact mixed with disinfo.

Joe Vialls is now apparently deceased from a heart attack a few years ago, but who knows with these (?) spooks…. Maybe he’s somewhere doing a boyband with Elvis and Hitler.

I always kept my mind open that perhaps MacGregor was doing disinfo- but over the years his demeanor has not changed, very few facts have changed or been proven wrong, and he has also always been polite and patient, and also remembered me, after not speaking for 8 years, and only having a few conversations and email exchanges all those years earlier.

MacGregor has a keen mind, my only frustration is his inside knowledge means he occasionally jumps to conclusions we may never be able to prove, rather than just stating the facts. With his police history and insight into their workings he is perfect for seeing and painting in a picture none of us would otherwise have seen. Very few others could have as efficiently and  meticulously, researched and exposed the suppressed facts of this case.

As you research you will find that Joe Vialls was seemingly AT PORT ARTHUR on the day of the massacre caught in film footage standing on a balcony smoking a cigarette. I’m sure there are many other disinfo agents putting out distractions, but the MOST obviously, publicly  PUT OUT people by this investigation ongoing are a few internet bullies, arguing anyone with questions should  just “SHUT UP” in the style of Bill O’Reilly.

See comments section on youtube PORT ARTHUR CONSPIRACY videos and you’ll find them….. they stick out like sore PSYCHOPATHS and maybe were involved, or have family/friends involved, and they want the questions SILENCED!