Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NWO- Errorism

Terrorist caused Deaths  vs. "Reality" 

A friend, sent me a link to a terrorist statistical database that showed precise information, broken up into categories on fatalities and injuries attributed to terrorism worldwide. My friend Ernest stated: "Astounding! Terrorist statistics worldwide."
I went to that site, started glancing at the numbers over the years, and noticed two things that jumped out at me. First, the low numbers of fatalities country by country compared to other causes of death I have seen in other statistical databases. Second, the largest showing with no equal was in Iraq, not before we invaded, but after the US occupied the country, was there a hundred-fold increase in fatalities reported due to "terrorism".
Now casualties caused from politics can be slanted by having a foreign country occupying yours, where the strategy of the occupier is to turn one side against the other through staged events and controled media saturation (keeps them weakened fighting each other over fighting you) as you call the shots by force.
Outside of the politics, and just looking at World statistics for terrorist fatalities, it stood out thatworldwide;
1. More fatalities occur "each day" from auto accidents then occur from terrorism for the "whole year".
1.2 million deaths per year Worldwide)

2. More fatalities occur worldwide each year from animal attacks then occur from terrorism.
    ( Stats for US Only 1882 deaths - 79/90)
3. More fatalities occur each year from falling down stairs (falling down) then occur from terrorism.
Just for the Netherlands 1700 deaths in 1999)

4. More fatalities occur "each day" from medical malpractice then occur from terrorism for the "whole year".
US stats Only - 120,000 deaths worldwide 1.4 million)

The above four points brings me to ask one question of you:
Is it safer to?
1. Walk through the woods.
2. Take a drive on the highway.
3. Run down the stairs in a hurry.
4. Live life without fear of terrorism acts.
5. Visit the hospital for treatment.

Interesting, isn't it? But then they are spending over a trillion dollars and molding policy based on promoted terrorism, or as known by another phrase that more closely describes what they are truly doing; the incremental staging in of forced population control and management. They better make it interesting on the nightly news because the numbers just don�t add up to justify the expense and further deaths marketed through the use of the front-line promoted term of terrorism. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

What would a trillion dollars buy to prevent death from auto accidents, stop medical malpractice, hamper animal attacks, and stair safety? Probably allot and in deaths prevented by a factor of 500 to 1, or more bang for the buck, but then; Throwing stacks of money after the promoted key word term of terrorism is all so much easier to do and the accountability for the dollars spent and used is wide open with virtually no accountability. Hey, the word has been used to take over a few countries and get away with the killing of a few hundreds of thousands of people. That word of terrorism has to be the number one word in the money making marketer�s handbook for getting the most open-ended money with no need to show any hard results.

Ever hear those stories about firefighters who start forest fires to get extra over-time pay? I wonder what George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz are going to do next to increase the easy multi-billion dollar cash flow going out the window into their friend�s pockets again. PS: �911 was an inside job!�  I don�t think we can afford an 814 or 815 on the other side of the country this time, do you?
Oh yes, I forgot point five; More Iraqi fatalities have resulted from violence after the US's intervention through war in Iraq over the last four years then have been killed from terrorism Worldwide in the last twenty.
Darn, that leaves me with one more question to be answered: What are the names of those terrorists again?
As always; Take names and addresses so payment can be made when payment is due.
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