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Nassim Haramein - Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields


RIK CLAY was an incredible thinker and spirit... this is the incredible work he released a few months before he died tragically young ...


RIP Brother.


Near-death experiences are real and we have the proof, say scientists

Jeanette Atkinson is surprisingly relaxed about the time she died and went to the edge of heaven.

“I do not want to die again in the near future because I still have too much to do,” she says. “But I have no fear of death.

“People see the pain and suffering of dying and equate that with death - but they’re not the same. Death is the progression of life.”

Jeanette, a 43-year-old student nurse from Eastbourne, had a near-death experience in 1979 when she was just 18-years-old. It was triggered when a blood clot in her leg broke up into seven pieces and clogged the main vessels in her lungs, starving her body of oxygen. The doctors were certain that she would die. She did – but then returned to tell the tale.

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Heart transplant man dies like suicide donor

A heart transplant recipient who married the former wife of the heart donor, has committed suicide in the same way as the donor did.
Twelve years ago, Sonny Graham's heart was failing and he was on the verge of death, until he received a call from doctors, saying a donor heart had just become available.
That heart belonged to Terry Cottle, 33, who had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.
The operation was a success and soon after, Mr Graham, 69, contacted the organ donor agency, saying he wanted to thank Mr Cottle's family.
He began writing to Mr Cottle's widow, Cheryl, 39, and they soon fell in love and were married in 2004, moving to the US state of Georgia.
After the wedding, Mrs Graham said: "It helped me so much. Meeting Sonny made it easier for me, knowing something so good came from something so bad."
In a newspaper article published in 2006, Mr Graham said he felt an instant and unusual attachment when he met his donor's widow.
"I felt like I had known her for years," Mr Graham said. "I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I just stared."
But now, 12 years after the operation, Mrs Graham's life has been rocked by another tragedy.
Mr Graham killed himself with a shotgun, in circumstances similar to those which claimed Mr Cottle's life.


the hidden dimension... 


Does Our Brain Really Create Consciousness?

The current scientific worldview holds that the material world–the world of space, time and matter — is the primary reality. It is therefore assumed that the internal world of mind must somehow emerge from the world of matter. But if this assumption is getting us nowhere, perhaps we should consider alternatives.

One alternative that is gaining increasing attention is the view that the capacity for experience is not itself a product of the brain. This is not to say that the brain is not responsible for what we experience — there is ample evidence for a strong correlation between what goes on in the brain and what goes on in the mind — only that the brain is not responsible for experience itself. Instead, the capacity for consciousness is an inherent quality of life itself.

In this model, consciousness is like the light in a film projector. The film needs the light in order for an image to appear, but it does not create the light. In a similar way, the brain creates the images, thoughts, feelings and other experiences of which we are aware, but awareness itself is already present.

(Lissy's note: Western thinking tends to go " well, first the egg and sperm meet and they join to form this meaty body, and that body has a brain, and that brain, in self-indulgent individuals can cause emotions, and in the really weak and insecure, they even need to imagine there is a spiritual body as a further extension of that meaty lump of brains...

Eastern thinking tends to say, "first there is the spirit, and the spirit needs to evolve through the emotions so it creates a body.")


Earth's Core: A Moon-Sized Crystal Ball

30 June 2011 4:44

Researchers are now probing what may turn out to be the most curious small body the solar system has yet presented for scrutiny: a globe the size of the moon that appears to be a well ordered crystalline entity. This body is poised little more than 5,000 kilometers away, yet it is completely invisible. Located at the center of the earth, it is known simply as the inner core. Two seismologists have just shown that this strange crystal sphere is turning slowly within the rocky and liquid metal enclosure that keeps it all but hidden from scientific investigation.


An Open Letter to mankind.
By Thommo



 As Mum always said "theres always someone, somewhere much worse off than you are...


Chief  Joseph Speech - Nez Perce


Chief Seattles' response


"From the day we are born into this world, we are being taught what our parents have been taught, and what their parents have taught them, without asking much questions as to who we are, why we are here and why things are the way they are. Existential questions are simply perceived as abstract and irrelevant in a left-brained society focusing on money and career performance, and for those who seek a reason, countless financed religious institutions claim to provide the ultimate answers and ensure a securing spiritual identity.

Generations pass by, trends change, technologies are emerging and an affluent communication has opened the doors for new evolutionary ideas and insights that are pushing the envelope on society's boundaries. Yet evolutionary ideas seem to remain in the "fantasy" section of an industrialist system, for in the good old ways of a governing establishment we ought to trust.

"Authority knows best" is the slogan of our conventional wisdom, and we meanwhile can mind our own business, go on with our lives, get our needs met and live happily ever after as long as we conform to the norms of industrialism.

From cradle to grave, we are following the guidelines of what authority defines as a state-of-the-art system, in which "success" seems to begin and end within the running wheel of education, career performance, debt management and retirement. A vibrant economy is the ultimate priority of our global hierarchy, while a vibrant planet, the respect of all lifeforms, healthy foods, peaceful ways and conscious actions seem to be a mere subject of conversation, often turned into a few fundraising campaigns with very little or no impact at all, for they go against the very foundation of industrialist principles anyways. Way of the world it seems.

We shall nonetheless pass on these capitalist and patriotic values for our children to perpetuate the very same cycle we have been in for as long as we can remember, because after all, it is all we've ever known."


 David Icke




A Love Story.

Once upon a time there were two beings, yet they were one. One day they decided to play a game, a pretend game. As they were one, and in love, they thought it was a good idea to see if it was possible to increase their love by trying to separate themselves from each other.
They decided to create a game called "Hide & Seek."
Which they did.
They decided to come to planet Earth to play their game. Sometimes, during various lifetimes, they caught glimpses of each other; other times they did not. This made them sad. So then they tried really hard to find each other.
They hunted high and low, far and wide till sometimes they thought they may never find each other again; & sometimes they cried.
But, one day they met, and fell in love, and they realised that it was a silIy game to play in the first place; and they never played that game again.

The Beginning
The End

© Copyright Stephen Richards One June 1994

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