Saturday, June 18, 2011

BLURT: I was a muse for Kim nelson

I was a muse... (not just amusing musician)...for KIM NELSON!

I feel eternally heavenly blessed since being asked to pose for legendary Australian master painter, Kim Nelson.
You can see his awe inspiring, spiritual, revelatory pleasures at :

He hardly needs the plug, his works hang all over the world

including this work 'MAUVE' at
". . . And then you get an artist like Kim Nelson. No obvious fixed style. He's fluid - realist, surrealist, symbolist, even abstract at times - but his women . . . Their beauty is strength. They stare at the viewer - or at the distant horizon - with a purpose. There's an almost tangible internal power in them, a confidence. They're modern and liberated, but not stereotyped. And they're beautiful. But they're nothing like Waterhouse's ideal. Nelson is a modern painter, painting modern women, even when his settings are classical. And his vision makes a statement. . . ."

- from the novel 'Double Exposure' by Brian Caswell

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