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causes brain inflammation and digestive disorders which in turn cause the autism spectrum of ‘disorders’,  amongst many other troubles. Since the 90’s pharmaceutical companies have accepted this liability and paid compensation.
There are many news reports available on the net documenting this.

Most parents are never exposed to and/ or never see this link and still vaccinate, some even vaccinate after having an earlier child damaged by vaccines.

 No one wants to think that (even) a corporation, especially not Doctors, nurses and educators could be so misled, or so callous as to deliberately hurt or damage the health of kids. If they suspect nefarious plots it’s easier not to research,  just stay with the status quo thinking sponsored by the big pharma cartels. To keep the social calm. Don’t rock the boat. Doctor knows best.

 It’s not your fault. They are attempting to make it illegal not to vaccinate. They make it so your kid can’t go to school. One more reason to homeschool. The thing is  if our kids get damaged from vaccines and we don’t make the connection, or recognise the potential connection between vaccines and health problems/ brain damage, the problem compunds.
Every vaccine damaged kid needs you to use your lifes experience from stopping it happening to anyone else. But instead, many ignore the issue, lets talk about the fucking weather then.
Oh no. Don’t get me started on “climate change”…

This whole world is difficult to live in because of the corrupt force controlling govts, money, medicine, media and  military and, whoever is left, we need to bond and share our experiences, conclude our relationships with those whom do not have our best interests at heart, which is many. Beyond wanting the destruction of 80-90% of earths population being the plan of their eugenics agenda since the 50’s, they never have any interests at heart besides their own, and the profit they can harvest off us energetically in any form…

It scares me that many kids turn into the kind of people that as kids, we were bewildered by their wilful ignorance. It seems some can no longer see the truth when you have a steady job to keep to pay your mortgage. I wonder is it worth it? Is it so great to have a “guaranteed home” where you can plant a garden and yet you cannot plant your own thoughts and let them grow.

I want to stop the  inhumane damage of  another child with their evil interference in the bodies natural wonderful immune system.
If you’re contemplating vaccinating your kids, I’m not saying DON’T VACCINATE. If you feed your kids coke and cake, chips, chicken nuggets and crap maybe their immune systems will be so damaged, vaccination may even help.
But if you have a healthy child who eats actual REAL FOOD, do some research. Vaccination may not be necessary or desired.

Sift through the information from all sources, always question the source, use your gut, your heart, your experience, and THEN your mind, as your mind is the dumbest of all four and most easily corrupted by outside interests.

I will not shut up about vaccination because I know too much about the evil agenda and corporations behind it from 20 years of research..
Close your mind to alternative voices at your own peril. The government does not care for you. The govt are complete puppets for the banker eugenicist fucks who have nearly completed a 250 year plan  to own all of us and use us for their requirements, whilst happily wiping out the rest of us like ants on the bench.

I am not afraid to die, I am just not prepared to live in their concocted mist of lies. I want to explore the truth. If that makes you uncomfortable now, it gets worse every day you live a lie.

If you don’t like it, ask yourself, why?. If I’m wrong, keep telling me why, show me your proof, lets look at who sponsored it, show me your evidence for believing vaccination is good.
This is life. If you have a kid on the way at least learn the symptoms of an easily vaccine damaged child, so you can stop further vaccinations if any symptoms are present after the first one… if you are still in the mind to vaccinate after reading the studies.

I have a strong opinion on this because I have spent hundreds, or  1000’s of hours researching since finding out the true nature of companies like Merck in the early 90’s- since learning that they were experimenting spreading cancers in vaccines etc. I appreciate your life maybe too busy actually feeding kids and reading to them and washing for them and taking them everywhere that you really haven’t had much time to read for the last decade. They say having a kid is like being in jail, except, in jail they let you read ; )

Take a few hours over the next little while at your leisure, and you will understand why I speak about this. 

Vaccination companies ARE taking LEGAL responsibility and admitting they are liable for this damage. Yet they continue to force a one drug for all policy.
Most people have little idea about the facts around vaccine damage since its implementation, and our collective ignorance/ naiivete of the true agenda behind it makes me want to surface a few more bits of info.


The true story of SV40, the cancer-causing virus hidden in polio vaccines

In a Read more....July 15, 2001 report, the San Francisco Chronicle published a story detailing an increased concern among researchers that the SV40 virus found in those early polio vaccines was indeed responsible for higher cancer rates.

"For four decades,governmentofficials have insisted that there is no evidence the simian virus called SV40 is harmful to humans. But in recent years, dozens of scientific studies have found the virus in a steadily increasing number of rare brain,boneand lung-related tumors - the same malignant cancer SV40 causes in labanimals," the report said. "Even more troubling, the virus has been detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated vaccine, leading some to worry that those infected by the vaccine might be spreading SV40."

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