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NSH: (Matthew) hello National security hotline, Matthew speaking

Elissa: hello my name is elissa hawke and I’m calling because I want it on the public record that I think the Sept 11 terrorist attacks were a false-flag psychological operation, on all of us

NSH (Matthew): Right….

Elissa: and I think that, you know, the national security hotline is probably one of the best places to start

NSH (Matthew): Ok

Elissa: so is this  the right sort of line to talk to?

NSH (Matthew) yes

Elissa: have you heard about this theory or have you looked into it yourself?

NSH (Matthew) I haven’t looked into it myself but I have heard about it

Elissa: are you not interested in it as a theory?  because I tell you spend two hours on the net, or read anything, it won’t take you long to understand

NSH (Matthew): yeah, the the hotline we more we we take more information, we take information  and process it to the police…ah send it off to the police

Elissa: Ok

NSH (Matthew); … um so, it’s more, I s’pose actionable type, type of  information, if that makes any  sense… I I I can say

Elissa: Well this is very important, this is like killing 3000 of your own nation or of a nations’ citizens and then blaming it on somebody else um so that they can actually start a war against all of us, there is no war on terror, you know, I want it on the record that I am aware of the agenda for the new world order, and I see the freemasonic illuminati symbolism all over Canberra to Washington to the Mount or the temple of Solomon And you know…
I want it known that all their wars and economic fluctuations are all planned and sponsored, that we all know this now, and I’m opposed to Codex Alimentarius and the assault on my free choice for natural healing… and I do not want to be microchipped, I do not want to be vaccinated by any company that was famous for putting monkey and children, (sorry) chicken cancer viruses in vaccines.

I’m just wondering if collectively we can make a citizens arrest against the ruling bloodline families of the world for crimes against humanity?
I mean, they are clearly insane….

…Are you there Matthew???

NSH: ( Matthew) : Yeah yeah I’m listening

Elissa: oh I’m just thinking, you know, since they control the military, and the weaponry and the worlds wealth, how are we going to arrest them? You know?

I mean for mass murder, for nuclear and chemical weapons, this is US that I’m talking about, that is why I want this on the record, millions of innocent humans have been vapourised burnt to bits or poisoned given genetic mutations, with our taxpayers money, this is racism, ethnic cleansing, political assassination, weather control, you know, chemtrails, whatever you believe about that, they are poisoning our water with fluoride, they are poisoning all our food, they are restricting access to nutrients and vitamins, they’re committing lies, corruption, crimes against humanity, profiteering from insider trading, prison camps and tax evasion and slavery and we’re too busy worrying about what whether Britney Spears has gone mental.

And they are making this terrorism you know, there is no way to measure the pain of  covering up events like 9/11 or Port Arthur, or Bali,

NSH(Matthew): Ok

Elissa: and I just really want this on the record

NSH (Matthew): Ok

Elissa: I understand this is just a job for you, and everybody needs to you know, make a wage, and I do accept that, but ah …why is it that 1% of the worlds’ population can actually control the other 99%. Because they own the banks, and  the land and the resources, but also why are we all passively co-operating with this madness? Because the 1% who change, who write the rules, have actually taught the other 99% of us how to obey them and feel powerless.

And I know that you know ignorance is bliss, and things aren’t that bad, and let god take care of everything, and everything, ah if you believe that is going to help but, it’s just really a worry for people who think about it.

I mean people will say “oh you’re a conspiracy theorist but no, I’m,  actually you are a co-incidence theorist if you don’t tie these things together, it takes five minutes, and the other thing is, this is a security hotline for terrorism you know more people die every year falling down stairs than actually from terrorism, and you know more fatalities occur each day from medical malpractice than terrorism for the whole year!

But these are the things, we really need to stop this farce of having a security hotline to, you know, report a bag that is on a bus, if you look into the 7/7 attacks in London you will also re-cognise after a few hours investigation that that was another false flag attack…. If you look into Bali in any depth you’ll also see that that is probably another false flag attack and if you look into the Port Arthur attack in Melbourne, sorry, in Tasmania, that is also a false flag attack and these are crimes being committed on us you know, and I’m sure people would love me to come in there and give the evidence that I have, but there are university professors, engineers, and military, and demolition experts and police and witnesses that will NOT be heard because these people control you, me, us, they control the media, and probably this phone line.

You know, we are all dominated by these masters I understand you have to make a wage but they are your masters too don’t you get sick of the lies we are told to forward in this ever increasingly fascist agenda?

NSH (Matthew) : Look I have to advise you to contact er..  you your local member of parliament or something…

Elissa: but I do contact those people

NSH(Matthew): Right…

Elissa: but don’t you recognise they are puppets for the masters,

NSH(Matthew): which…

Elissa:  they have no more power than you or I have, the only power we have is our daily life, what we spend our time doing

NSH (Matthew): … just because I can’t enter into any political discussion, we just take information

Elissa: I know that you probably can’t because it’s not your job to get involved in these things while you are on the phone but do you feel that you can’t explore these things because there may be a risk of losing your income for your family and your loved ones?

NSH (Mattew): I..I…I..I.. can’t talk about this type of stuff so unless you have any information in relation to security I am going to have to …

Elissa: well it’s just that it’s our security I am talking about, this is the people -all of us, it’s our security I am talking about

NSH (Matthew): Ok well I can’t enter into any political discussion ok Melissa?

Elissa: That’s ok, I understand

NSH(Matthew): Ok

Elissa: I guess I just wanted to be heard and I wanted my feelings to be on the record
You know, we, I, have just decided to wake up and face my fury but there IS actually still the essence of democracy here and YOU and I, WE  need to exercise it before this fascist apparatus really has the capacity to take away from us our human rights and freedom.

Allright Matt, thanks, its been good talking

NSH (Matthew): Yeah thanks bye 



Truth Warrior!~.... YEAH!  and I'm not a lion, I mean, I'm just not LYING anymore
Except I´m not fighting anybody - I´m just not complying any more with my own enslavement
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