Come On

Come On soft soft growth
scratch me now
I seek reminders
for when I go

C'mon if you're falling
in descent
brighter than diamonds
in sunshine when wet

If you're burnt by the brightness
of the human condition
feelings, thoughts are the brakes
we put on them

Brush my cheek
timelessness awaits
lay me out
Come on let's make mistakes

Come on if your flailing
in the scent
your beat
is still on my hand



Arms bent
the force of your wilful desire
comes in creamy undertones
and blue and pink ink

and several buddhist monks and Voltaire
have just entered the room
and met Jesus and Mary
Hendrix and an orange canary
called joe
who sings
cause he gets a mention

and they meet
and the only way to distract us
is with sex and violence
tender violence

fuelled with all the wisdom
of the orient
and drowned
like every drunk across Sydney

every grain of sand
is devoted to you
and even spirits weep
at the dance of denial

all steeped
in tradition
good morning Love
here is pain in a poem

the force of your wilful desire
comes in waves


What Must End

brilliance irradiating
like k-mart flouros
out of your heart on my imperfection

i lift my legs
like a petulant model
you looked at me that way and I want it

the lush green cools me
drops lemons upon me
and mandarines brighter than saris

I see the cells of my palms
I am slick and pumping heart

neck exposed
to your inundations
decolette repreived via tongue

forced through vaccume
what must end must also be done

forthright simple
what must end has just begun

Leave your marks...

seven microseconds it took to love
seven shooting stars suicided above
seven seas fell seven feet further below
how do I know that I already know you?

endlessly watching not smiling evading
undress me enforce me bruise me my baby
take everything you want to take take
for bonds that cut deeper I'm wider awake

freedom needs counter closeness
kindness needs pain to hold onto it
wisdom needs light that we're all dreaming
leave your marks on my skin


Waterfall of love
sweet mother love nature
whose thousand hearts will never be one
your heart was broken when Lucifer fallen
from Heavens to be the first undone

Let ever lasting empathy and love
magnify compassion in my heart
hear the crying and mournful sighs
hear the wind spirits ascending
the leaves float, the waters dive
bubbles break but the surface is mending

Pity me weary and listless longing
pity me scared and wondering souls
rich in innocence and song
and light no earthly things to hold

rejoice me splendor plum-blossom white
rejoice me moon rejoice me night
rejoice me waterfall of love
I'm not the first to come undone

When You're dead

When you're dead he'll be sad
but will he feel glad to no longer
wait on your approval?

To know for sure
he's no longer waiting for love
that was always around him

Why have kids
if not to learn to love them?
And why can't you show them if you do?
If you don't love yourself enough to love them
Why wouldn't you read a book...
get some counselling
work out where you went wrong.

because the kid needs love and affection
praise, interest and connection
...everything he's not getting


The truth you don't want to know
is like a lie you can't forget
"the brutality
is in the camraderie"

to keep your secret
would save us shame
but how many more
would we save

if we just talked
about our strange compulsive selves
stopped denying
all parts of who we are

there is no devil
there is no evil offering
there is only

the soul is shaped like an oceancliff cave
even time pervades the egos' denial
you'll find I'm like sand in a wave
smoothing polishing your mistake

Do What You Want

Do what you want
do what feels good
Do what you must do
to get you through

Do you have to kill?
Well if you do
know that all your lives
it will haunt you

Choose your battles
because politics are trivial
Only kill
if it's the last thing you do

You are eternal
you can't really kill at all
how many moments do you need
to choose love

Your soul takes the back seat
to your ego
but your soul must live with
all your ego does


Heavenly Daughter
please forgive us our sins
endless is the time
for joy for giving
Joy held
cannot be exchanged for suffering

Dearest Holy Grandaughter
I miss you now
now that I have my senses back
I see you I hear you
and you can't hear my voice
calling to you saying "lisss"
endless emptiness, all this emptiness

even here endlessly

there's a lonliness

endlessly someone you'll miss
endlessly forgive yourself

kissing makes you fall in love
love's the place to fall
endlessly you live in love
endlessly do that toil

Now Know

Will it ever be answered?
will earth roll to make sunrise
will envelopes be opened
will you slip up in your disguise
listen for the wisdom
not knowing keeps you free
but knowing a little something
does not mean you can see

feel the self-pity
and the jealousy
hate is just a part of loving

a longing
like a bottle never opened
like a promise never broken
you will know
and set yourself free

All things fall

I can't stop now
I want to go further
I want to get higher
so I can take you there
I want to show you
just how high I would hold you
and we could fall so far together
like all things fall

when we fly
lets go far and high
fly fast but hold yourself
on your own path

we'll be crying
living and dying
falling and flying
feeling and hiding

Feeling Beautiful

Everyone is beautiful
at some time in some light
for some way or some thought
that serves to brighten life

so many people
each their own spark
I'm afraid to light myself
afraid I'll miss the dark

will it burn my skin
will it do me in

to see the love in everything

the love that was wronged
by the love that was wronged
by the love that was wronged
but keeps trusting again
love has its' own forgiveness built in
with every goodbye you learn

We shall overcome

Oh no not that again
I started something
that's just got to end

Oh Jesus my friend
pleasure for you
means pain for him

all this juggling
nobody can keep me
like they used to
tell me
we shall overcome


Listen to your conscience
listen carefully
it's where the eternal flame lies
your heart-sun shines
it's where your higher self sings from
it's where the truth will always be

listen to your conscience
listen carefully
someone is singing through the fire
leave your compulsive whiles
get ready to fly
to where the truth has always been

I can never tell if it's a man or a woman I'm hearing
I can never tell if it's me
I can never tell if it's my conscience speaking
when it's contradicting me

tell me my conscience
scream when you're talking to me
sing in Bulgarian folksong
I'll listen carefully

The galaxy is my body
if my heart is the sun
burning light for me to see
the only way is love

Good Grounding

Breaking walls between me and my future
let me see all there is to see
let me be where I stand in judgement
when hate takes over me

a lot of old times a lot of years of dreams
pickled pieces of anatomy
taking me through all natures' ways
the leeches on Cradle Mountain

but your bravery
your lack of faith
gave me such good grounding

the present is a gift I'm ready to take
dreaming's as easy as ever
when you said nothing's impossible
I just took it too literal

even though you don't believe
in many things I have seen

your bravery
your lack of faith
gave me such good grounding

Like an elephant

The hand of fear holds her there
up high away from cares
and strong feeling
like hate
just self-defeating
the hand of fear

the hand of shame
must take some blame
while she's up high away from expectation
of all she could have been
in another situation
the hand of shame

the hand of fate casts doubt for bait
while everything is as it was meant to be
she's been changed beyond belief

look at her there
look at her looking
look, watch the eyes
nervously move

all good things will pass unnoticed
the celebrated will be the ones to lose

come let's live
while the earth is spinning
stop the clocks ticking
for a minute with you

she knows all majesty distinctly splinters
she remembers like an elephant
she remembers

Not waiting

cricket season
i can hear hearts break like suburban patio windows
i hear them all around you
listless wonder loves to loathe the longing
sensible art,
sculpture to match the couch
really it's fear
I'll be waiting, not waiting
so I don't go to you
every cloud has a silver lining
but you shine on the surface too

so difficult
it'd be dumb to risk it
it's out of my hands now
out of my hands
my heart is empty
I'll be waiting, not waiting

only water falling
sings sweeter on the ocean
than pure freedom
to go anywhere
feeling empty
and at once swollen
with hopelessness and
such desire
to kiss music
languid waters drown me
newfound wisdom
tells ten thousand stories
don't worry
it's only water falling

waiting, not waiting
when observation
turns to admiration

Lonliness is good for something

I sit alone today
rather than sit
in discontent
if theres one feeling
lonliness can dispel
it's the feeling
that you can't fake it

Dearest God

Dearest God,

Latest reports on most observed life forms-
all still territorial and boundary conscious;
aggressive when demarcation lines are crossed.

Sorry to have to tell you about yourself in this way,
Lots of Love,
relative curiosity ; )

True Love

True love colours
and lights the picture
True love
just brightens up
the pain t

True Love's never lost
just goin unspoken
True love
just makes us want
to run away


Always sitting on the stairs
one world before us
neither one knows what tomorrow brings

news report says
armed black man and dangerous
you were already up in the stars it seems

we never said goodbye
but oceans enveloped us
carried warm goodwill currents
both ways


trying to force bits into place

maybe it's not for me
to be spoken for
I like to speak for myself

Pierced and Crumbled

natures' finest plan
someone special she took time with
not too perfect eyes so sad

soul ragged ego fine
languid suit so what's it hide
spirit present voice like light
gold falling from the sky

broken down by you
skin stood hair pulled
souls stirred and understood
pierced and crumbled

My One

Yes I do care where
I fall in your world
while my twin hearts are ever divided
still, there's a third side, a uniting
and transcending principle
my infinite
my vast incomprehensible god
no qualities can be ascribed or denied you

not good or evil
real or unreal
just or unjust
neither are you not all these things

does your everything
mean nothing
my splendid supreme

you were not created
you emanated
flow out as you are

splendid lights
facets of process
manifest worlds from heart

I won't care

Two old homeless people
if that's the way we go
I hope we go together
and only our best friends know
I hope no one sees me searching
through the bins
that's what I say now
but I know I won't care then

Laid Down Low

Laid down low
I'm lazy and slow
spinning as best as the rest
of them

mind finds ideas
but my fears say no
I'm standing next to the best
of them

to give what's inspired
to wait for what I like
promise me lover you'll be true like no other
truest to your own life

destiny blends and destiny spits
love bonds and fear cuts
all of a sudden I feel so rich
feel the love of heart

if we don't give
we don't move
trust is love
living proof

We Become

as we hurtle towards bliss
peaceful abyss
still seeing more flesh
than soul

somehwere amongst
the greed and fear
is the boy
who saw her all

on my outbreath while Im sighing
sings a prediction
what we were was beautiful
what could we become

Option Paralysis

who's listening now
who's inside my head
perhaps we really travel
I don't remember

remember remenisce
old friends who take the piss
and new friends are old friends soon
it's a wide world you can always move

see all the angry people
they're only reflecting you
it's just that we love so deeply
and we don't know how to let go

flow now
let go
nothing lasts
feel now
nothing goes

don't fight the changing

no direction
empty soul
option paralysis
couldn't care if I never grow
I know I have to

Where I live

Windy princess
water faerie
sea horse
I love where I live

full moon
cliff cave
night jasmine
sea spray
and blessed
I love where I live


Just want another little taste
don't we
that slippery slope

like a couple of ex-users
except we're still users
we contemplate
our futures

is that high
worth that slide
probably easier
to do anyone else

really we both know
we shouldn't
and yet we both know the other would
all that remains is for us to convince ourselves...
that's done is it?

The seed

Maybe the seed needs faith
as well as the gardener
for eventual flowering.

We merge to honour shame
unpardonable sins

From then on

The hard pain
was taking the photos down
we don't know until the water passes
if we'll drown.

Same things happened over again
hurts till she decides to leave
from then on it hurts him

all she gives
is all
that's all she has to give

find another reason
make another wish
kiss another dandylion
catch another fish

Oh! What a life

what words would I use to paint my body
where my mind whirls
suppose it took just a look
or perhaps we'll never go there

I am content here
knowing our minds meet there
but Oh! What a life
if I could live it

waiting all night for daydreams to stop
i go walking at five to get stuff at the shop
step outside silver lavender dawn
the sun's coming up the wind is warm

it was such a night for telling the truth
with all the words I will never use
we lay-buyed the lullaby today
things are strange and I hope they stay that way


despite my doubt
I am intractable
I am innocuous
I innovate
and I subvert
you align
and I revert

I may never be tame

I will adduce
with all my truth
my impetus
ripples through you
I'm equable
cause I don't change
I originate
I emanate

I am bliss
and you are wrath
I entrust
while you consign
I encumber
you capitalise
you quell
and sabotage

while I may never be tame

In one split second

I lost my life in one split-second
I gave my wife and daughter away
I know now that things always get better
but it's so long before I can see them again
before we're together again in that way
either on earth or in heaven
I lost my life in one split-second

I still see all the people I used to see
I see them better than I used to see
I see the broader picture
but still I can't touch her
my beautiful phoenix

rise up through my ashes
move through the fights and the stabbing
the way people go is no co-incidence
I was there as long as I was destined


A lady at the end of the street
told me "you've gotta fight for it"
and that's what I would've done
but you'd let it go to your head

Love's hard
but friendship's harder
when there's love between it
it doesn't have to be this hard
so damaged
so suspicious

so angry
to cover your fear
and all that is not masculine
you are but human darling dear
heart and soul and spirit

No guarantees

waiting on a friend
so easy
that energy
we feel it
like being on a pill
like a most sumptuos meal
speeding bliss but not too full
fools together
just know how to make it beautiful
when you only have hours
every darkness
exacerbated by
the bliss
no guarantees
either of us
gets to breathe

Lifting winter

the sun's lifting winter
all the wildflowers
stop me on the cliffs
and kiss me on both sides
and our throbbing temples
tell us
its time
we should kiss for heavens
we should all touch for sand
all follow feelings
we don't understand
ignore those thoughts
sent through the sky
meld with the people
who can look us in the eye?
who holds love high?
and fights this fear
treats you beautifully
fulfills the primative
who makes you laugh?
who makes you think?
who makes you?
get serious?
noted and clicked
who takes the lead?
who's got the keys?
I think you left them
down the beach

This oldest art

Pink marshmallow
heavenly cloud
bright sunlight and
hard rainshowers

bliss listens as she calls for you
rain answers
on warm winds

thunder smacks
and seas lie
waves turn
and sand grinds

you'll be found
and opened out
for the oldest art

Fucking Restless

screw where you can
we're all delusions
is still emptiness
scream if you will
at my confusion
more k's on the clock
maybe I'll understand
compare what you will
you can't live up to expectations
and you can't fool
a jumping man
can't break a heart
that was already broken
I'll mosaic it
back to happiness
just another present
you haven't opened
can't lose
it's lustre
the wildflower
you can't help but notice
with your soul's loving interest
for the highest purpose
of inspiration
am I just fucking restless

Deep within it

I broke that cycle
just because you hit things
doesn't prove you're worthless
you're just learning

when you find love
behind your revival
creates every cycle

turning tearing hurting burning

love left you
in psychosis
now you live in fear
of it's returning

look for simple treasures
life's lived
at the depth you're in it

while you're here
go deep within it
forgive that man
and you won't become him


I don't really make them
rather it feels as if they are making me
sometimes I think people
are trying to play tricks on me
I knew
I thought I knew
there was nothing special you had for me
maybe that's what I liked about it
lovers anonymous

sometimes I feel black and silver
like the ocean at night
you're like a tiny star

you are worlds bigger
and brighter than me tonight
so far away
so decieving so innocent

and all that i believe is coming
is coming
and all that i fear is true
and all that I want to know
I will go through
one day I'll be like you

When I'm thinking of someone

when I'm thinking of someone
you can see it on my face
i'm lost for words over someone

oh what did I do today
did I
scream out somebody else's name

don't blame me
no god's to blame
for giving me
this impossible brain

so I go up
and I go down
it's got little to do
with who's around
everyone can see who I am
I just can't seem to find

what's your trouble?
where's your pain?
what rages you
what makes you ache
where's your passion
what's your poison
what is it
that really turns you on?

nature made me so complex
and too simple to understand
push me shake me move me
lovingly make me
break me into life again

My Immortal Infinity

my divine wrath
is but handy honest warbled heaven
the joys smiled their grief
at whom silently builds
decieve, betray
hand thy light
tell him
thou are but pebbles for burning
trodden love sang
my immortal infinity
silken meters grow old by fire
destroy the clod
never worm
a secret grain
a social workers' caring
a fearful story
darkly told

For My Imaginary Lover

I write to you I write in love
I write for me I write for love
I don't know anything about you now
but I know this love must die in fear or grow

feeling something alive again
want to smell A Mans' sweat
want to feel your push to know it's strength
I'll give back what I take

Don't be afraid
my imaginary lover
I wouldn't be writing if I wanted another
I would be beside him

In the See

a beauty full girl
so afraid of the piano
afraid of the beauty
to be revealed

afraid of the powerful
voices of evil
just needing the light

needing the precious hold
of a forgotten lover
from a far off life
dream on an autumn chill despondant
a perfect day
after a long hard night

why the worlds without
are within us
stand on dry land
long to drown in the sea
first I've got to be for somebody
what I need somebody to be for me

honesty can only tell
one story
from one angle
on any given day

you are where your mind doth take you
whomever you stare at

Love is

I give up
everything is a lie
as from now
I refuse to try
only going to do what I like
lets see if you can refuse to fight

look at your greatest fears
you don't know what you're doing here
born alone
die alone
like the universe
please tell me god does it hurt?
does god ever want to kill itself?
give up the job for someone else...

too many people
paid to keep quiet
too many people
laid down to die
what do you do in a family fight
kill each other
or try to work it out

your brother's going to punch your father
your sister's going to tie him up
your mother's going to try to get over it
post traumatic stress syndrome

your brother's Aboriginal
your father's an Afghani man
your sister's an Iraqi
your mother's American

life steals power
by taking life
but death is not the aim
of life
love is

You'll suffer

of all human insult
such great pain
to leave the other parent
of your own child

no greater insult
to mother woman
than to leave her
to satisfy your soul

she knows you'll never
be satisfied
and you can't turn back
because you're proud

so you tell her
theres a better woman
who gets you inspired
who you deserve

you'll suffer
like we all suffer
but you'll have to
pretend you don't

you'll proffer
like we all proffer
but you'll never trust
that you deserve

you want to hurt her
you want to establish
just how much
like you she's not

in the long-term
it be spoken
you only hurt
the ones you love

we all make the same mistakes
over and over again

Until you walk alone

Worlds are opening
Greek market ladies call
competitive prices all around you
you got one photo
is that all you get?
cursed by a photographic memory

called into the symphony
when two whole bodies make one

In her world you are not the emperor
she's not desirous
of the delusions of your power
like other women
so you can feel them all up
one at a time
all the while, distant
but what you dreamt up won't lay down
until you walk alone

As close as my love

he's not pretty
he's beautiful and warm
when everyone
is so cool

as an emperor
as a fool

he's as close as my love
as far away as my fear
I've got to be strong
to stand next to him

not waiting
for someone to fill him up
not debating
whether to give this love

my elation
he's strong enough
doesn't need to hold back
to hold the power

tempting me
inside his heart
gives me himself
more than any other

The suffering

Spirit of goddess
has been alive
yet burdoned 5000 years
concern and consciousness and action
versus animal instinct

versus empathy from the heart
into human emotion
from animal instinct
self awareness

the virgin birth is the birth
of spiritual man
out of animal man
awakened to suffering
feeling heart


coming to the end of a long dirty tunnel
it's just around the next bend
you can walk on green grasses again and breathe
the walls are closing in on me
the rocks are holding me tight
cold against me and I am only guided
by this far-off low-glowing light
that tells me
beyond this well
there is life

the constriction is confusing me
all my energy constrained
anger pain welling up while
my limbs long to do cartwheels
around everything
long to wake up in the morning
and laugh or sing
but not today
this is part of everything

edge along each day closer
to the day the decision is made for you
all along you'll say you realised
all along since now you knew

The rush of the morning

She feels the rush of the morning
at 5 in the afternoon
birds sing to her in bed
she plays in time with her heartbeat
isn't that the only time
the only beating that doesn't hurt
still she's hurting
while she's waiting
she's not living in the moment

God Wonders

taking love too seriously
there's love in so many spaces
savour the memory

you know she's lonely
you know she's free
you know she's happy
with the strange love of living

love or fear
that's all that's here
all things shine
in god's suprise
like you god wonders
what it is
so to find out
it gave all this

the body
most prized and desired commodity
of the galaxy
a vehicle to intimacy with creation
with the creations of creations creation

she looks at love
in those she loves
and she knows why
god you are so bountiful


Baby your brightness
spreads faster than a bushfire
but what will be left
when the flames are gone
charcoal and dust
but not a moments sadness
it was I who showed you
you were green all along
brilliant blue
will the sky be too
can we just lay down
and cry
if we need to

Careful what you wish for

I knew it was too good to be true he said
"I came all this way to see you"
we're like two pulling magnets
miles apart
when we get together
pushing starts
don't turnaround
don't turnaround

when I dream I must be careful
don't go
and don't come true
two worst things in life I hear
not getting your dream
and getting it

when the seas fold up and into mist
you and I will twist in peace
and harmony the love-sick fools
who searching everywhere found nought

two suns ruling two worlds will join
and in them love will prove difficult
in all its wisdom we will find
every time it's hideous

there's only two things that can break you
or set you free
not getting your dream
and getting it


baby we can't fall in love
we're both addicts
all we can do
is enable each other
to procrastinate
the inevitable

drink the god in my soul
when we do it
we gotta do it right


These are the years for laying in bed
we've got such busy lives ahead
make some toast and come back to bed
diseminate imagine

I like the re-arrangement of the atoms
when we close our eyes
that creature we make
we're mesmerised
and enclosed
old consciousness
older than the sky
you bring this love
it's not hard to see
the beauty in everyone
take me

At the bottom of the Pile

Love bring me truth and laughter
all your whim and wanderlust
let us be fools with the wine
and vent stirred bentness to bring us light
we both know all the worlds
only spin stories unknown
words reduce the terrifying
beauty of the infinite.

Lover seed of nurture tree of nature
handsome thing
fresh play-mate makes me hide
slowly trails the cover reveals
hand arm flesh
beauty, display the whole unique world, there's
truth above the grasping minds of opinion
the stitches in the world are love

Father inseminate all the quality of the king
mother will round you off like a ring
offer only that which you have in excess
and never that which you think may get you
and each will be soothed in the discovery
of their own
words will not tender
words will not grow
behold water for its' mood and disrupture
only inflation can suffer puncture.

All that there is must flow through all that you are
you beget yourselves each shining star
hissing snake of lifes' desert plain
you don't touch love, you won't touch pain
your lonliness is sped by your harshest resolve
when in you, is the most sacred seed of all.

All is destruction yet all is grace
there is rhythm in every dance,
while earth spins, her balance exact.
Egyptian silver red flecked black
near warm fires in caves
let us bring light to the abyss
between ultimate trust and contentedness, let it
shine on all the uniqueness alone
and what it makes when we both let go.

Dog and deer run, and dolphin swim
and zebra gallop with the wind
the dance of death energises us
the animals move, and the waters rush
join to blend and separate
drink the juice and emanate.
Spider spinning and shark slinks
ecstasy floats on a gentle wind...

Cry, if ravens ravish you and preen you
as they watch you die
the windy princess watching over this
sees a silly drama
a comical farce

The wishes reflect off the keys of white
and all promises are broken after mid-night.
The moon and my mother brought light to the dark
she said "love is free for those with heart"
time will soon be for patterns repeating themselves
time could be twice as precious then
everything becomes nothing at the end of the span
at the bottom of the pile
I found the top again.

A Charming Soul

lights are flourescent
your golden face has turned pallor and blue
all of your good friends will be there
when it's running onto you
they won't mind your outside appearance
they won't notice looking so onto you
you just want to be at home writing
the cat biting the pen
interrupting you
fighting for attention
anger at the illusion of division
is anger at the self
tearing holes
in the seamless garment we are together

a vested interest lures a charming soul


I remember you angel
my ultimate guide
I remember holding your hand
the last time my dead self died

For all that ever dies is death
when we ascend to life
when we've retrieved what we had left
you always come on time

I remember when I was not afraid of death
for I'd already died
joined like rain to the sea of souls
recycling life

I remember you angel
I steal your strength and light
I remember holding your hand
the last time my dead self died

Jagamarra Healing

I live for learning
things like this.
wonderful quantum day
I crossed the worlds and left
feeling fucking superb.
Like the epiphany of a good mushie trip,
.....relatively straighter.
On a clear cool mind.

Tethered to the stars

god what did i do
to deserve this?
This laughter
cannot possibly
go on forever

I'll take you down
and make you groan
so let's not be fools
and get tethered

tethered to the stars we are
but we'll love just as hard
or harder than those
bleeting souls
putting pictures
in the paper

An old soul

don't mind me
just a little inspiration
a little healing salvation
unavoidable. unfortunately

with you eternally
some little reflection
some lost recollection
one day we'll meet

again as we sigh longingly
to know we'll never see
into each other
that intimately again

so awkward
it'll be a while
we're friends

my duty is done
I've laid my beauty
down for you
to lie in

and while you're all falling
I would call your names
if you could hear me
against the wind

As you chose me
to be your muse
I knew not
to take it personally

I had an old soul
to give to you
my soul no longer seeks

Towards the eternal mystery

who's going to protect me
who's going to provide
who will I care for
the rest of my life

who will I be with
in sickness and in health
god grant me one more chance
to give myself

one more chance
to think it through
I'm getting ready
is he getting ready

and may we not resent each other too much
for all the things we have to ask
for all the parts we have to hide
for all the sacrifice

and may we stay in constant awe
of the one we never reach
though we will swim and swim towards
the eternal mystery

To have been chosen

my love
clay and earth in my hands
as grounded
grains of glassy stone
of all the choices
to have been chosen
this choice


when there's no strength left to stand on your own two feet
and I'm feeling like I've got the earth to give birth to
you make it hard for everybody
your fear is not my fear

I know your hate comes from yourself
all of your love all of your jealousy
you think you take the hard road
it's all a hard road

all roads to heaven lead through hell
although you hold yourself most higher than human
you're all eaten up
by your animal self

and no, no-one feels sorry
we're secretly thankful
we smile
but we're a two-faced reflection of yourself


Don't know what to write
when listener only hears
what listener wants to hear
you know I hate to fight

but I always find
hands holding the words
fists clenched tight
hands holding the words

deep black sky
truer than my soul
you never have to lie
when everything you know

finally to see
and to finally feel
I am as wrong as
I am real

and suffering
will touch us all

until I'm flying
with my grace over hills
resisting revisiting
love spun-folding

a bubble burst its beauty
and suddenly was not alone
suddenly was nothing
suddenly was home

for each sound I make
I hear the fault
too much I am not is right
too much I am not~ is good

deep black sky
truer than my soul
you never have to lie
when you know everything

I love you all

ugliness is there
but you find love
with your eyes

your human-ness
is my delight
we all
cry sometime

rage remorse
sadness doubt
you're a man
not a robot

I love you all
each new each day
you make it real
what I go through

No escape

beast came
over the water
white windy tresses
cross painted blood

beast came
sat on the shoreline
hard metal heads
soothing strength of the gun

more than a bullet
needed for bloodshed
you don't stop
leave no stone unturned

till every avenue
has been taken
till bodies are littered
bloody parts on the ground

go on
lose your ego too
the only thing
you can ever own

do you live for the drama
or the truth of your soul?

go on
each will become one
we evolve
for we belong

there will be no escape
from pain
and no escape
from love

Love making is dirty

they told us
love making is dirty
when they tried to turn
the beauty and selflessness
of giving oneself to another
into a hideous crime against god.
when lust and love
bring pleasure implosions
we transcend
this rational dullness

To begin again

Why do you believe
what your superior say
when she has done the work
you've cunningly avoided?
How many battles
must be fought to the death
of the soul
making "good Christians out of savages"?
The journey ends
when we reach the light
from which we came
to begin again.

Floating in the ocean

if I had a springboard
I would dive
into depths of your soul
without compromise

I would go beyond
the breaking waves of your persona
and I would float in the calm
swelling tide of your soul

without you
floating in the ocean
is the closest I've come to feeling whole
without you
floating in the ocean
I can pretend I can see your soul

if a strength defines a weakness
I don't care how your waves roll in
longing for completeness
I would give myself again

For heaven

a frigtened soul
is a cool soul
humbled by perfection
a young soul
who is an old soul
and someone I remember

we fly for heaven
we fly for free
we fly together

we fly for pleasure
we fly to pain
we fly to uncover
each others' shame

your sweetness is satisfying
the way you don't want to go
I can hardly look into your eyes
I know you seek my soul


waiting like a pool in a river
cool undercurrents run free
I attract mosquitos on my hot surface
sucking the lifeblood from me
the main pleasure in being
my own woman
is I'm still free to dream
I'm happy and delusional
to sit here waiting

for that feeling
I'd pay a million
I'd pay a million
for that feeling

it's hell in here
right inside my heart
when my love doesn't love me
heaven is where I fly above
closed for fear of further pain
so fill up with drugs
and drink till you're drunk
and smoke up Johnny in between
It's worked I know so far so good
leave it to destiny

destined to be
too proud to love
too cool to feel
too high to care

destined to fly
high above it all
destined to kill
what we were
born to feel


but am I crazy
to give no censorship
it's a free country
or it was once
open to diversity
these days
the news tells me
I should be afraid
someone's trying
trying to kill me
we all die someday
today's as good as any other day
but if you give me breath
for one more day
will you give me life
and give me pain
and when it's time
take me back again
but if you give me breath
for one more day
will you give me life
and give me pain

I'm grateful
for all I've had
happy or sad
I wouldn't change a word of it
but I'm not crazy
and I know no censorship
its s free country
in my world
I love diversity

Peace found me

I went out and crossed the valley
I went out and swam the seas
didn't find what I was looking for
but peace found me

everyone brings lessons I'm needing
every fight
a fight to be free
every night they tell us
more are dying
just fighting for what they believe
so if there are no truths
and we just see
what we want to see
I'd rather not fight for my beliefs 
I don't want your death
on my conscience
I don't want your blood
on my hands
if I just lay down
and let you win it
when you have killed me
you'll understand
there are ten thousand ways
around our problems
one of them is win win
one day we will remember
it's just a choice
between love and fear

18 inches

sometimes it seems
this journey is too long
but there really is no journey
if you are already here
has been achieved
now you must uncover
the peace and beauty
that has always been here
certain is the course
we're all lovers
and certain it is
all paths must lead home
we taste
what we wish to
along the way
until all things forgotten
become known
in a peace of my mind
I felt my home
I am here already
there is no place I can go
I'm a weary traveller
always at the start
of this 18 inch journey
from my head
to my heart

some people
see no suffering
for they
percieve it not
there are new worlds waiting for us to find
there are new worlds a-waiting