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Sherry peel Jackson went to jail for 2 years for telling people the truth about the fact that there is no law that requires us to pay income tax. For waking people up to the fact that the federal reserve external banks, are not federal, are privately owned, non auditable cartels which own our governments.


I said they OWN the "governmentS".
When you hear Julia Gillard waxing lyrical about how wonderful it is and that the “Reserve” “Bank” of “AUSTRALIA” “should keep its independence”, what she is really saying is impossible to translate she’s so choked up on Satans cock.

Sherri Jackson went to jail, really, for telling people how it is, for answering their obvious questions like …

- “how will we run the country without income tax?”

 Jackson is educating people that since at least the 80’s it has been established that none of the money collected for income tax actually goes to running the country, it just pays off the INTEREST on the LOAN given to our GOVERNMENTS BY PRIVATE INBRED FAMILIES.
(Incidentally, all our governments have the legal right to print their own money but do not take it!
Because they have these private bankster family cartels’ batons lodged between their legs)

Roads are paid by petrol taxes, and new roads, special roads, by tolls you’ll pay till the end of eternity, hospitals are run by taxes on medicines and services, schools are paid by fees.

Sherri’s waking us all up to the fact that we have been FOOLED
Most of us won’t even believe something is real until we have seen it on TV or in the papers. We need to remember, the people who own US, own our PROGRAMMING mediums!

We are happy to let a magician fool us with a trick, many of us even happy to let a few white lies slip by, but god help us all it’s pretty hard to swallow WE’VE ALL BEEN FOOLED ABOUT EVERYTHING FOR HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF YEARS so we could be controlled.

We do not need to pay for the ride of life.
We DO need to ask, WHO is asking us to?
Who is telling us WE MUST.

Must in a legal dictionary means may anyway…
They fool us and control us with fear and fraud and show us police brutality, raids on houses and shooting protesters in the street.

We are sold a democracy and we’re given a bully system. Democracy by gunpoint.

Well …
next question…

“why don’t we tell our elected officials about this..?”

Because they are owned, bent over a barrel and handcuffed by the bankers who FUND the nation through their external, reserve banks.
BTW – there’s about 165 countries with these privately owned (Rothschild- Brezinski)  external banking cartels  

And …about 5 countries where the governments ARE still printing their own money.
Governments with balls the size of moons
Aparently, North Korea, Ouch Don’t go there… who else…, Syria  hmmm co-incidence… the country we’re about to go to war with.

Apparently the first thing the Libyan “rebels” did was to create a new banking system…

Rebel banksters?

Robert Wenzel wrote in the Economic Policy Journal:
"I have never before heard of a central bank being created in just a matter of weeks out of a popular uprising. This suggests we have a bit more than a rag tag bunch of rebels running around and that there are some pretty sophisticated influences."

READ On here... 

On the plus side it makes a fantasy change from the sickly pale skinny guys in suits with calculators. Banksters with bandanas… Things are looking up..

Sherri shares her incredulity about getting through all her schooling, university, accounting AND Internal Revenue Service training and never learnt these facts, finally resting in the conclusion that ‘THEY’ don’t want this information out here for ‘US’ to learn.

Sherri's message is, we are just wasting time, as long as we continue to feed the monster we will empower the monster to keep doing to us what ever it is they want to do to us…

You want to reclaim your mind, and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world… where’s that at???  Terrence McKenna


The plan to destabilize Syria

The operations conducted against Libya and Syria involve the same actors and strategies. However, their respective outcomes will differ since the situations in these countries are not comparable. Thierry Meyssan analyzes the semi-failure experienced by the colonial and counter-revolutionary forces, and predicts a pendulum reversal in the Arab world.



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  1. You are unreal. Keep spreading the word sister. Trouble is u r fighting a veritable force. Sister C