Saturday, June 18, 2011

BLURT: TV is Cruel but Cindy Sheehan is COOL!

"I´m sorry, but If you believe the latest death of Osama Bin Laden*, you're stupid" Cindy Sheehan

This TV host/ (torture interrogation expert) “Dr. Drew” (Dr. DEATH more like it), is the devils whore,  rotten with the itch of leprosy, and should be kept in the toilet.
Cindy Sheehan’s son Casey was killed in Iraq, and she is educating people on  myths, lies and fallacy of war and government deception.

Cindy recently posted on Facebook this comment....
"I'm sorry but if you believe this latest death of Osama Bin Laden, you're stupid. Just think to yourself-- they paraded Saddam's dead sons around to prove they were dead-- why do you suppose they hastily buried this version of Osama Bin Laden at sea?
This lying, murderous empire can only exist with your brainwashed consent."

This war has been going a DECADE, 7,000 US lives, 1.5 million dead Iraqis, minimum, so Cindy shouldn’t feel like the only one who has lost a loved one, little sludge, Dr Death, implies.

Spewing suppressed emotion, like an irritated teacher  “ you put something up on Facebook I wanted to ask you about……(gulp) one of the things that PROMPTED US TO REACH OUT TO YOU Today…” oooh (so FBIbook doing its good work then).

DR Death avoids her best line completely.


 Surprised they left it in the visual quote, until,   I remember tactics, fuel both sides… divide us.

DR Death attempts to ridicule “so Cindy, that’s QUITE a statement…”
(Um, 70 % of all life forms are saying it, and it’ll be 95% by tomorrow, moron.)
Then, like a mainstream media journalist, he asks if “she believes that?”
Being a corporate shill himself, he can’t remember what it’s like to actually believe what you, actually write.
Cindy gently reminds him it’s a question, not a belief system.

Dicknose defends, “bureaucracies are not people”
.(OK.  So we’ll blame all those lies on self typing computers shall we? Good. Right then. OK. What’s next? …where’s Satan’s cock…??)

He’s losing ground…  “are you an anarchist, are you… a soci …what kind of government should we have… are you a libertarian…????”

Clever as a Mom, Cindy sticks to the issue, the TRUTH, and she points out wanting the truth is a mainstream thing, surely politicians also want the truth. Didn’t journalists once seek truth too?

Then THEY start to flash up the imaginary haters at the bottom of the screen :
‘Gabrielle M (Mason Madeup Moron)’ -  “I really can’t stand conspiracy theories” (yeah, it must suck to know – we’re seeing through the LIE Fuckknuckles!)

Then (Jesus) ‘Chrissy T’ himself chimes in with the equally lame, apathy inducing “the only truth is this, we will never know the truth”

Go back to sleep viewers, it’s OK. We got ‘im. Do you suffer from heartburn, strokes, diahorrea….try THE TRUTH, its free and it works wonders!

Then we got Obama on 60 minutes lying without a teleprompter.


Then, the real reason for the interview, Dr Death asserts “the first photo wasn’t put out by the “government”, and, as  Cindy asks another great question they fade her out “well then why did the White House respond to it…?” (and use the photo in their propaganda machine???) 

Cindy, laughing at the unfairness, the irrational ridiculousness of it all,  is then guided sinisterly into her pain by DR Death with the chilling… (looks down with guilt before the line he pervertedly enjoys delivering) “it’s mothers day soon” …
(Great. The day every mother of a dead child loves- HOORAY!)  Dr Death then exploits her emotion further, attempting to weaken her lioness resolve and drag her back through the destruction he and his ilk perpetuate daily.

Cindy, graciously gives him an honest answer, and he derides her with the insulting, patronising “does it help you to work through your grief, to have a  purpose? …some people … trying to find meaning in life… find service can really make a difference”
(Translate:  ‘Is it helping YOU to bring the truth to the surface because YOU ARE A BLOODY PAIN IN THE ARSE FOR THE REST OF US, BITCH’)
Cindy may be thinking (Yes, it helps me, but it will never help me understand why you would eat shit all day for money Dr Death…)

Cindy points out intelligently and generously to President Obama that a ten year terror offensive MAY be a reason for any “backlash”, and maybe WE ARE THAT KIND OF PEOPLE.

It’s such a good point Dr. Death has to bring Cindy back to her sadness.
The “Doctor” absolutely canes Cindy now, reminds her, “your son is lost” (I prefer passed over for all our eloveution), reminds her of her “failed” marriage, DRILLS her “ITS just not a statistic” actually, IT IS a statistic, HE, CASEY, is NOT a statistic.
Cindy has worked because of Caseys’ death to enlighten us all.

 Then, priceless,  TERRIBLE segway, some panicked director/ handler in his earpiece - horror script- straight into, (guilty look down) “I understand many marriages don’t make it through this kind of grief as well… was it directly related to Caseys loss?” (Translate: or a you an ugly unlovable loser?)

Cindy once again, is radiantly polite (despite this radically insensitive intrusion) and gets straight back onto the POINT OF THE INTERVIEW –


These PEOPLE have a FILE on Cindy and they PICK into her, (and, indeed, any human beings’) weakspots, get her to feel guilty about the time she spends on her campaign, versus the time she spends doing other things, like scrapbooking or baking roast dinners.  They NEVER do this to men. ( ? )

“THEY”, possibly read her emails and intercept her phone calls and probably know the intimate fights and struggles she may have with her family and herself.
They then use this by questioning the balance of her love and energy between all her living children and grandchildren, honouring Caseys’ life and ensuring His sacrifice was not in vain. 

Cindy gets back to the issue


He thanks her, doesn’t give her another chance to speak, obviously flustered and deeply subconsciously seething.

*batteries not included.


  1. I lived in Tas when this occurred at Port Arthur. My brother reminded me of a delinquent blond kid who was used as a 'bad example' in a film that was shown to us in kindergarten, to warn the class against playing with detonators. The kid was Martin Bryant!!

  2. Hey Love! Thanks for posting this!
    I wanted a place where we can all add our own truths, and info like this that you bring up from the way past just adds weight to the theory that Bryant was set up many many years in advance to be someones patsy. Predictive programming.
    In the recent 60 mins int with Martins´Mum, Carleen Bryant, I am sure they used that footage of Martin as a cute kid being interviewed abouy whether he´d learnt his lesson after being burnt by fireworks. He hadn´t. He showed defiance to keep experimenting. What sixty minutes neglected to mention is that this footage was actually from a film, made using Martin, to brainwash kids as to what a bad boy looks like. Also shows BRYANT was already in the hands of some people who were using directing and guiding him, as reported he was overseen by the tavistock psychiatrists from at least the age of 13. Shudder. So glad to hear someone like you was not only not fooled, but also has a great memory and can see through these evil schemes. Thanks again for loving me Ian and for seeing with your heart
    i love you ! XXOX

  3. That presenter is so patronising.

    The beauty of 'pain' is that through understanding and wisdom it can be transformed into grace and power. Cindy is doing just that!

    I would like to see her speak with someone more befitting her humility radiance!

  4. Liss... I love what you bring to me and us all... Knowing YOU EXIST somewhere in the world warms my heart.

    I love you!! xxxxoooo

  5. hey same here Babe. You are so wise. I miss your wisdom. You are a wise man. As rare as rocking horse poo.