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Illuminati History 101

"Illuminati Pawn" - America's Secret Destiny

George Washington, left, in full Masonic regalia. In the bottom right of the photo is a beehive, a Masonic symbol representing the ideal society, a socialist state where the population is ordered like worker bees, the antithesis of a constitutional republic.

by David Richards

For centuries, Americans have prided themselves on being a secular nation, with a government divorced from the domination of any religious group. In reality, America has always been an expression of the occult beliefs of the Illuminati mystery schools.

In America's Secret Destiny (1944), Manly Hall (below, left) revealed that America's planners and founders were occult initiates working towards building a satanic New World Order.

Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990) was a Canadian-born scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult. His works uncovered the secret beliefs of elites throughout history, most famously in his seminal 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' (1928).
manlyhall.jpgThe American war of independence was a theatrical sham. The Illuminati had a centuries-old plan to create an independent US to advance their agenda.

'Through carefully appointed representatives, the machinery of democracy was set up at least a hundred years before the period of the Revolutionary War.'


Centuries before 1776, the same mystery schools were in control of Europe.

'All the petty princes of Europe in medieval times had their Merlin's, wise old men who in many instances were the actual rulers of the State.  It is obvious that if these counselors were bound together by some common purpose their collective power would be considerable.'

'And they were bound together, in the secret society of unknown philosophers, moving the crowns of Europe as on a mighty chessboard.  Men of this caliber bring about the mutations of empire.'

Some revealed America's future centuries in advance.  Michel de Nostredamus (1503-1566) predicted the America we know today. He was an 'advisor' guiding events from behind the throne.

'Nostradamus was consulted by three kings.  Europe's most powerful Queen, Catherine de Medici, also consulted him on numerous occasions.'
Nostradamus accurately predicted the evolution of the US towards its modern state.

'He saw that a great civilization would rise in the western world.  This civilization would free itself from the bonds to its mother country, and then assume a free place among the temporal powers.  The new country would flourish and extend its domain across the entire continent.  It would grow rich and powerful, he predicted, and live at peace with its sister, (Canada).'

A reference in his prophecies reveals that Nostradamus was part of the same secret society that would eventually rule the US. Nostradamus referred to the US as 'the Land Which Keeps the Thursday.'

'It refers to the unique American holiday, Thanksgiving, which always falls upon a Thursday.  And this the only holiday which depends upon the day alone for its observance.'


Hall credits Francis Bacon (1561-1626), a Rosicrucian and court adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, as the chief architect of modern America.

Bacon was the head of a 'secret society that included the most brilliant intellectuals of his day, who were 'bound together by a common oath to labor in the cause of a "world democracy", i.e. the NWO.

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