Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ron Paul. Great but still not good enuf

Ron Paul's Masonic Jewish Economics

Whether or not a currency is backed by gold  makes no difference.
As long as we pay interest, it is still Masonic Jewish (i.e. Illuminati)
 economics. The real alternative is interest-free currency.

by Anthony Migchels
As we know, the Illuminati Jewish Money Power likes playing the Hegelian Dialecticgame and controlling both sides of the conflict. Clearly, they will have their answer ready when their Fiat Empire comes to it's end.

That answer may be "Austrian" Economics. Here's why "Austrian" economics espoused by Ron Paul is really another dialectic of Masonic Jewish economics.:

Murray Rothbard was a son of poor Jewish immigrants from Poland. Ludwig von Mises was a son of a wealthy Jewish financier family from what is now the Ukraine. When von Mises came to the US, he was set up with a grant from the Rockefellers.

Austrian Economics correctly identifies the manipulation of the money supply as the cause of the boom/bust, a.k.a business cycle. This is the kernel of truth necessary to give credibility to the rest of the disinformation. However, they completely ignore the wealth transfer through interest, which is the crux of the problem.


Interest has always been the Money Power's main instrument. It took control of the planet by starting wars, financing both sides, and having Governments go deeply into debt.

Interest is a wealth transfer from the poorest 80% to the richest 10%.

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