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Icke Clarifies Bilderberg

The David Icke Newsletter, June 16th, 2013
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Hello all ...

Is the tide beginning to turn? It feels so. It's not flowing the other way yet, but it feels like we are getting close to the top of the tide in terms of the secrecy on which human control is so utterly dependent.

The public awareness and exposure of the Bilderberg meeting of the political, corporate, banking, Intelligence, military and academic 'elite' last weekend at the Grove Hotel in Watford just north of London was a sign that the cracks are starting to appear in the wall of ignorance and deception. I attended my first Bilderberg location in 1995 when the 'conference' (conspiracy) was held in hotels at the top of a mountain in Switzerland.

The story of my life since my initial awakening in 1990 has been one of synchronicity after synchronicity leading me to information, people and personal experiences that have opened my eyes to what is really going on.

A few weeks before the Bilderbergers met I had been invited to stay with some friends in Switzerland for a week and after I had made the arrangements I had a round-robin email from American journalist Jim Tucker who specialised over decades in exposing Bilderberg when virtually no one wanted to know.

The email said that he had established that the 1995 Bilderberg meeting was to be held in a complex of hotels called the Palace, Park and Grand at Bürgenstock in Switzerland and I realised that where I was staying was only a couple of hours drive away.

The Palace Hotel at Bürgenstock.

You can see from the map that the location was a good way from any major population centre and this is what they did in those days - met away from prying eyes. Not that there were many then, anyway.
Jim Tucker worked for decades to expose the manipulation of world events by the Bilderberg hierarchy like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and the Rothschilds and, as others joined him, the Bilderberg racket was revealed to ever more people. The deceit was slowly, and recently more profoundly, drawn from the shadows.
How ironic it was that Jim should die on April 26th this year at the age of 78 just a few weeks before the biggest exposure yet of the Bilderberg cabal. How proud he would have been to see the thousands gathering in the very grounds of the hotel where the Bilderberg Group was meeting.
Symbolism is incredibly powerful because it is a visual representation of where we are energetically and when I compare my experience at Bürgenstock with last weekend at the Grove Hotel it is fantastic how far we have come.

I drove the four-hour return trip from close to the Italian border and north to Bürgenstock 18 years ago on the day before the Bilderbergers arrived. The isolated hotels overlooking Lake Lucerne were crawling with the security dark suits, name tags in place, and temporary fences were being erected even though there was no one much to keep out in those days.
I made the journey again on one of the days when the Bilderbergers were meeting and this time I could not even get on the mountain. The only road was blocked by Swiss police miles from the hotels. I talked with one of the police officers in his bright luminous orange jacket and played the bewildered tourist.
'What's going on?' I asked. 'I was up there three days ago and now I can't even get on the mountain?'
He said that there was a meeting and the public were not allowed up there until it was over.
'What kind of meeting?' I asked him.
'Top secret, top secret', is all he would say and it was clear, with yet more irony, that I knew far more about what he was guarding than he did in his compartmentalised ignorance. All he knew was that something top secret was happening and he had to man the roadblock.
The fact that the focus of his protection was plotting to impose an Orwellian fascist nightmare on him and his children and grandchildren was well beyond his radar and yet that is what the Bilderberg police are doing - protecting those who are intent on enslaving them and their families.

This was amplified many, many times at the Bilderberg meeting in Watford, England, last weekend when some of the police - at the hierarchy level - went out of their way to make life as difficult as possible for the public to gather while mounting a security operation for the 140 Bilderberg attendees that had been in place for months.
How can a private organisation, which it claims to be, have so much public money spent to police its meetings? How come the mayor of Watford had to sign the Official Secrets Act before she could even be briefed by police on what was going on in her own town?
The answer is that the Bilderberg Group gets what it likes because it is an expression of the global network of secret societies and associated organisations that control governments the world over. Families such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are global dictators and when any of their organisations comes to town the authorities have to jump.

The distinction has to be made between the police liaison officers in the light blue jackets and the Hertfordshire police hierarchy who first of all refused permission for a Bilderberg gathering of the people in a park about two miles from the Grove Hotel.
The misreading of public interest by the 'higher-ups' was either ridiculously uninformed or calculated for some reason. One police spokesman, Chief Inspector Dave Rhodes, played down reports that there would be hundreds or even thousands of people turning up to make their feelings known about Bilderberg.
Chief Inspector Rhodes seemed to base his assessment on what happened at the 2012 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, when he said that only 100 people attended the protest from outside the area. The naïvety of that view was breathtaking with a mere look at the map.
Travelling any distance in the United States usually requires a plane while Watford sits slap bang in the middle of vast concentrations of population in all directions. Eight million people live in the Greater London area alone which reaches almost to Watford itself and millions more lie to the north less than two hours drive away.
Also missing from the flawed police assessment was how knowledge about the Bilderberg Group and its associated conspiracy is expanding so fast and the potential interest in events like this has subsequently increased at the same rate.
Put the two together and it was a certainty that we were going to see a record turn-out at a Bilderberg bash. So it proved, no crystal ball necessary.

I was making it clear on the website day after day to the Hertfordshire police that they were creating a disaster waiting to happen after they refused access to the park - thousands of people were going to arrive at the Grove Hotel with nowhere to go. The organisers of the gathering were, I am sure, making the same obvious point.
The police hierarchy eventually relented in the face of this and agreed to designate land in the grounds of the Grove for those that were likely to come. The hotel grounds are enormous but even so they underestimated the interest to such an extent that many were kept outside by the police, some having travelled for hours to get there.
It was so sad and so unnecessary. Millions were spent on the security of 140 people in the hotel while hundreds of peaceful people were corralled in a side lane and only allowed through on the basis of one-out, one-in, when there was plenty of room for them.

We come back to symbolism, the visual language of life. Eighteen years ago I was talking with a policeman at a road block on a quiet country road in Switzerland with not a member of the public in sight. Now I was looking at thousands of informed people gathered in the grounds of a Bilderberg Hotel.
It is extraordinary how far the news is now spreading that the world is like it is because of a Hidden hand making it like it is. I described it as an historic day on the long road to lifting the veil on human society as it really operates.
We have had endless protests and gatherings over the centuries about governments and their decisions or proposed decisions taken in the realm of the 'seen' - parliaments and the 'G'-something-or-others. But here was the first major gathering of which I am aware at the location of those operating in the unseen.
From the widespread dismissal of a conspiracy behind global events we now have thousands coming together with others locked out to highlight that very conspiracy. The world is waking up, of that there is no doubt. Not quick enough for my liking (that will never be so) but waking up at an ever-increasing pace.

The pathetic people inside the hotel and the networks that they work for will have well noted that they are quickly facing a different public environment to the one that they have enjoyed for so long. Their currency is secrecy and ignorance about what they are doing and to what end.
Decades of toil and effort - amid almost ceaseless abuse - to uncover and communicate the truth has now reached the point where we can confidently say that the tide is on the turn. It has taken a long time for the cracks to appear in the wall of silence and deceit and much has been achieved by the Bilderbergers while its members have slithered quietly and unmolested in the shadows.
We have a European Union because of them for a start. The Polish socialist Joseph Retinger was a central figure in both the creation of the Bilderberg Group (officially in 1954) and what has become known as the European Union. The two have been inseparable ever since.
What the EU is today, and is designed to become, was laid out secretly before the then European Economic Community, the EEC or Common Market, was even established in 1957 by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany with the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

The EEC was signed into being in 1957 on Capitoline Hill in Rome (hence Capitol Hill in Washington). Capitoline Hill was also known as Mons Saturnus, the hill or mound of Saturn.
Jean Monnet, the now feted 'father' of the European project, was an associate of EEC and Bilderberg creator, Joseph Retinger, and he laid out the real game in a letter to a friend on April 30th 1952:
'Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their populations understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.'
This is precisely what the Bilderbergers have been doing ever since - guiding Europe towards the superstate while keeping the populations in ignorance of both the plan and the existence of the Bilderberg Group guiding the plan.
Former Bilderberg chairman Viscount Etienne Davignon, who attended the Grove last weekend, has said that the European single currency was established by the work behind the scenes of the Bilderberg Group and minutes of the 1955 meeting in Germany, later leaked, reveal that they were discussing European integration into a Common Market and single currency even then.
Edward Heath, the prime minister who signed Britain into the European project in the early 1970s, was the Bilderberger who secretly agreed to run down Britain's fishing, mining and manufacturing industries in line with the EU blueprint planned from the start to have each country specialise in certain economic and industrial areas.
Britain was designated to specialise in 'service industries', banking and finance with the City of London becoming the centre of the EU financial markets. This is what has happened while fishing, mining and manufacturing have been systematically devastated.
The Bilderberg agenda for the centralisations of global power in all aspects of life gave us what is called globalisation. Peter D Sutherland, the Goldman Sachs executive, was the first head of the Rothschild-Rockefeller World Trade Organisation and is known as the 'father of globalisation'. Guess where he was last weekend and during virtually every other Bilderberg meeting for decades?

Common people as well as common themes have spanned the 60 years since 1954 when the Bilderberg Group met officially for the first time at the Bilderberg hotel in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, and took its name. One is David Rockefeller who has been a Bilderberg constant, along with people like Henry Kissinger and the Dutch royal family, since Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands became the first chairman and they set out to transform the world in their image.
Bernhard was a Nazi SS officer and a close friend of Prince Phillip. But then I repeat myself, as Mark Twain would have said.
Rockefeller is reported to have told the 1991 Bilderberg meeting:
'We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years ... It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.
But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.'
This is what has been happening behind the scenes for decades with the journalists invited to attend sworn to secrecy and editors and owners sworn to keep reporting of Bilderberg activities out of their publications and off their broadcasts.
The Graham family that own The Washington Post are long-time Bilderbergers and that includes the period of Watergate when Post journalists wrote the stories that brought down President Nixon but left the orchestrator of these events, Bilderberg big-wig Henry Kissinger, unscathed. Donald E Graham, chairman and CEO of The Washington Post, was at the Grove Hotel last weekend.

A Bilderberger covers his face as he passes protestors at the entrance to the Grove. The headline was highly appropriate for many of the attendees.
But this year the pressure from the alternative media which has constantly exposed the mainstream to be irrelevant to the real story of world events brought the Bilderberg Group to public attention on a scale never even nearly seen before.
Major British newspapers highlighted the fact that leading politicians were meeting in secret with the corporate, banking, academic and intelligence elite and a lot of eyes were opened by those who had never heard of the organisation let alone that it existed.
The pressure even forced the Bilderberg Steering Committee member, Kenneth Clarke, a long-time British government minister, to answer questions in Parliament about the group and his involvement. What followed was an outrageous misrepresentation of the truth as he waffled and blustered and tried to make out that it was a 'private organisation' with no relevance to the public.
He was supported in this by another attendee, his political 'opponent' (it says here), Ed Balls, the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Opposition Labour Party and a leading member of the Cabal's Fabian Society. The actual Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Conservative George Osborne, was also in attendance.
This means that at the next election the British people will have the choice of voting to have the nation's finances controlled by a Bilderberg Chancellor with a blue rosette and a Bilderberger Chancellor with a red one. The Bilderberg conferences are a major vehicle for orchestrating the one-party states while they masquerade as freedom and choice.

George Osborne's 'boss', the Prime Minister David Cameron, also turned up at the Grove at one point to show what a farce the laws on lobbying really are. There are regulations in theory to prevent secret and manipulative lobbying by the corporate world of public officials and politicians and then they meet each other in secret at hideaway hotels with the police deployed to protect them from scrutiny.
Cameron and Osborne have both condemned Google publicly for manipulating the system to pay virtually no tax in Britain on massive earnings and then they attend Google events as VIP guests and cosy with its executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, at Bilderberg.
There is a very good chance that the public condemnation of Google, Apple, Starbucks and others for avoiding corporation tax is designed to create the climate in which a global form of taxation will be installed on the basis that individual countries no longer have the power to tax and deal with mega corporations.
A global tax has been on the agenda for decades and more because that is the way they want to fund their planned structure of world government, central bank, currency and army. Schmidt's Google, which held its own conference at the same hotel just before Bilderberg, is also at the forefront of the transhumanist agenda.
This plans to convince people that introducing technology to their own bodies is a good thing and some kind of human evolution. The real reason is to externally control thought and emotion via internally positioned technology.
Smart phones and advances on that like Google Glass are preparing the population to accept taking that crucial step further than merely become addicted to technology and to actually have it inside the body.

Google Glass with the internet accessible literally before your eyes is a major step in that direction and so is the electronic tattoo which Motorola has announced it wants to introduce to replace passwords. This was announced by a Motorola executive recently called Regina Dugan - the same Regina Dugan who is an executive of Google and was formerly the director of the truly evil DARPA, the technology development arm of the Pentagon.

Google Glass.

Google Glass and where they want to go - and more.

The electronic tattoo is only one stage from the internal microchip that I have been warning about since the early 1990s and meetings like Bilderberg allows the organisation of a common strategy in which the creator and supplier, Google in this case, can have their transhumanist technology supported and promoted by governments, academia and media.
The Bilderberg Group is not the conspiracy as some naively believe, but a strand in the conspiracy. It is a very significant strand, yes, but no more than that. The plans for which it is a conduit are hatched deep in the global spider's web by groups and secret societies far more deeply hidden than the Bilderberg operation and to whom the apparently powerful attendees will all be subordinate.
If you want to be a big shot in this arena, then don't upset the spider.
The Bilderberg Group sits at the cusp between the hidden and the seen. One direction leads via ever more secret and exclusive networks to the spider itself; the other leads into the public arena and the governments, corporations, universities, media, etc., which we know.
It used to be deeper in the hidden, as it was when I arrived at Bürgenstock in 1995. So much work has been done to drag the strand that is Bilderberg into the spotlight which it is so desperate to avoid and never before have we had more success than last weekend in the grounds of the Grove Hotel.
When we look back from much further down the rabbit hole of exposure we will see Bilderberg 2013 as a notable step on the road to exposing the cesspit because as we pull Bilderberg into the spotlight so the spider moves with it.

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