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A Most Important Free Speech Trial - Warman vs Fournier et al


Connie & Mark Fournier

By Tom J. Kennedy

Essential background websites - for those who are not yet familiar with Richard Warman.

1. Documenting The "Maximum Disruption" campaign of Richard Warman
2. The Official Website of Richard Warman

NOTE: The above two websites present opposing views about Richard Warman.

A couple of other relevant websites re: Richard Warman

3. Victims of Richard Warman

4. Richard Warman Watch

On Monday, September 9, 2013, a most important "Free Speech" Trial began in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - "Warman vs Fournier et al."

The Warman vs Fournier et al Statment of Claim

This trial is of particular interest to myself as I am a "Defendant" in yet another Civil Law Suit launched by Richard Warman - way back in 2002. Richard Warman included myself as a Defendant simply because I had listed David Icke's book "Children of the Matrix" at my website.

I had purchased three copies from the wholesaler, I kept one copy for myself and I sold the other two copies privately - at the wholesale price to friends. I did NOT sell a single copy from having the book listed at my website and I made absolutely no profit - yet I have been listed as a Defendant in this case and it has cost me thousands of dollars trying to defend myself.

The Warman vs Icke et al Statement of Claim

The Warman vs Icke et al Statement of Claim was launched in October 2002 and it has not yet gone to trial. A Pre-Trail Conference is scheduled for November 6, 2013 at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Indeed, it is unfortunate that the majority of bookstores that were originally listed on the Warman vs Icke et al Statement of claim have negotiated with Richard Warman - paying him undisclosed amounts of money so that they could get on with business - thereby writing off whatever amount of money they paid to Richard Warman as a business expense. In my mind, this is defined as "extortion."

Both myself and David Icke refused to pay Richard Warman money as he requested and therefore, we are left as Defendants in this court case.

One wonders how and why such a Civil Case can linger in the courts for 11 years and still not get to trial???

In my own case, I had David Lindsay act as my Agent until we reached Discovery stage.
Then Christine Lonsdale, Richard Warman's lawyer with the high profile legal firm "McCarthy Tetrault" in Toronto refused to permit David to act as my Agent.

We filed a Motion in that regard and the judge sided with McCarthy Tetrault and David Lindsay was forbidden to serve as my Agent. And I was assessed $2500. in costs. How unfair!

Rocco Galati, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the lawyer acting on behalf of David Icke.

Without a doubt the verdict in this Warman vs Fournier et al case will have an impact on the Warman vs Icke et al case.

About the same time as the Warman vs Icke et al Statement of Claim was served, David Lindsay and myself had Richard Warman charged with three Indictable Offenses.

On to 'A Most Important Free Speech Trial."

A Backgrounder to the Warman vs Fournier et al Trial in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

And this: The Fournier's were awarded a "Free Speech Award" in October 2009:

The 24th Annual George Orwell Free Speech Award - October 2009

Hopefully, Connie and Mark Fournier will get the favourable verdict that they deserve and that will be beneficial for the preservation of free speech in Canada - for they have been fighting for six years - a great expense - to save "free speech" in Canada. Anyone with with an internet presence ought to be closely following this court case - for if they should lose, all websites, chat rooms, forums, discussion groups, blog comments on any public figures will risk the danger of a lawsuit. We must not permit fear to triumph over freedom of speech.

During the first week of the trial, I was not permitted to attend because I had accepted to be a witness in the trial. Witnesses are excluded from the courtroom until after their testimony has been given.

On the weekend, after the first week of trial, Barbara Kalusla, lawyer for Mark and Connie Fournier telephoned me and told me that negotiations had occurred and that I would not be called to give testimony after all.

Therefore, I started attending the trial on Monday, September 16th - the day that David Icke gave his testimony. Glen McGregor, an Ottawa Citizen reported was there and he wrote this article: British Conspiracy Theorist David Icke Testifies at Conservative Website Defamation Trial

It is a fairly accurate article, BUT as usual the journalist referred to David Icke as a "British Conspiracy Theorist" instead of correctly referring to him as a "British Truth Teller."

Radical Press corrected the title and posted this article: British Truth Teller David Icke Testifies at Conservative Website Defamation Trial - Ottawa Citizen

A couple of relevant articles about David Icke and his testimony at the trial.

Message of support for David Icke who is testifying at a conservative website defamanation trial

David Icke to Testify Warman vs Free Dominion Trial - Help Us Fight Richard Warman

The Xanthippas Chamberpot Blog has posted some good summaries of happenings during the trial.

Warman vs Free Dominion and John Does – the Jury Trial (day 1)

Warman vs Free Dominion and John Does – the Jury Trial (day 2)

Warman vs Free Dominion and John Does – the Jury Trial (day 3)

The trial continues during the week of September 23rd - 27th. The two big days will likely be Tuesday and Wednesday, September 24th and 25th. The jury will likely start to deliberate on Thursday, September 26th.

It is very important that we-the-people make an effort to be there in the courtroom to watch what is happening. If you live within driving distance of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and you can commit some time to be present please make the effort to be there. Every seat filled makes a big difference. Court starts at 10:00 AM and the lunch break is usually one hour and court usually finishes around 4:00 PM.

Please share this information with family, friends, neighbours, working colleagues - anyone and everyone - we must take action NOW to preserve "freedom of speech" here in Canada at this critical time - otherwise ourselves, our children and grandchildren will become victims of self-appointed censors like Richard Warman.

A couple of other relevant articles:

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2. Another Court Smacks Down Top Canadian Censor, Richard Warman

NOTE: If you can donate any financial resources to help the Fournier's with their ongoing expenses please do so.
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