Monday, December 2, 2013

The peoples Voice will change lives

I don’t resonate well in this place, Thank Fuck for the positive frequencies.

For me, its tough being in a place where the mainstream mindset is amplified everywhere I look. In lectures as topics I feel like I have to Ignore my own truths. I’m not a conspiracy theorist I’m a Realist. I know University is a place to be programmed not truly educated. It feels like if your at Uni Your already programmed to think with your academic mind and nothing but what got you this far. I Can’t start a conversation about how, for example the BBC and the other mainstream, networks is truly biased and continues to be complicit with our inherently evil paedophiliac government. Too far fetched right, I study Music and the Music industry here. Ok so I can’t pipe up in a lecture and say the major labels are serving an agenda to dumb down the population and use occult imagery and the like, to have us concentrated on low vibrations, oh and by the way the music industry is also laced with paedophiles and satanists. WAY TOO FAR RIGHT!  And then we watch some clips of Disney. Haha everyone loves Disney, so innocent and pure, surely no Satanism here surely WAKEY WAKEY. Disney is laced with sexual subliminal imagery and connotations and occult shit it was used by the Nazi’s as a propaganda tool! So I’ll shut up then cause this type of subject won’t be understood and I’d be laughed at for good reason. It sounds unthinkable when first heard and said so bluntly with no back up. Right now I could go into a long explanation of the above but I do not have the time so if you want to know more tweet me or facebook me and I’ll send you some great links but I’m not going to go in detail for nobody to read it. 
Now all of the above doesn’t matter when you understand the concept of what really matters and the reality of the human ability. We are much more than meet sticks and we have control of our lives if we open our minds to letting go of beliefs that are limiting because in short our collective abilities are limitless and anything be it science or religion that says otherwise is wrong. I’m passionate about life believe it or not about life and becoming a better person and helping people become aware of the nature of reality because it is awesome when realized. I Suffer from depression, although I know that all negative emotions are useless and meaningless but the fact that I have no like minded folk around me and mindless media all around me distracts me from the positives and it is honestly soul crushing. I know I’m not the only one in the world who believes in these kind of subjects but we’ve never been given a voice. When we are given a voice We are shouted down and ridiculed for our beliefs. The internet has given the people a platform to express themselves and it has brought fantastic information that the mainstream media would never show. At this time of global awakening the people have Finally been given a Voice.

I was excited about this concept since the get go way back in may, please check the video above for a short introduction To the peoples voice global internet free TV station. This station in one word is REAL. This station is so needed, its been on air for a week and hasn’t been off my screen for more than 2 hours I’ve been Tweeting all week about it, not for attention but because I believe in this! For the first time in my life time I have a media I can trust. I feel part of something Because of the amount of people sharing my opinions through the station. It’s one thing reading an article and discussing it on an internet forum its different having an actual internet TV channel with a massive audience discussing real subjects. Presenters such as, Sonia Poulton, Richie Allen and others being very fair and very real talking to us as adults not as robots. Being ballsy condemning does who need to be condemned and offering a right of reply to anyone they talk about. The peoples Voice will change lives.

It is free but in order to keep the station on air for as long as it can be we can donate as little as £1 a month. Please understand me when I say TPV is not a conspiracy station it is a station for anyone and everyone who wants an unbiased media not made for the profit of corporate bods but made to inform and entertain the people.

Cheers for reading please check the videos and Tune in to The Peoples Voice

Love and peace 

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