Friday, May 30, 2014

Interview with Randy Maugans OFF PLANET RADIO

"Her work is brain balanced, she is part fierce intellectual, part naïve poet, whom you will be magnetically drawn to watch and hear, craving, almost, for the sanity and common sense out of what seems ridiculous, hilarious -just turning convention on its head. Learning is just remembering what we already know." -review by Allison Adams

Elissa Hawke uses her gifts to communicate the importance of waking-the F-up. From singer/songwriter, stand-up comedian, to healing arts practitioner---even her every day interactions---Elissa puts across the urgency of finding out who we REALLY are. She describes her ongoing awakening as a "car crash...a train wreck..." and yet retains the art of humor in presenting the hard your face. We talk about waking up, the global control grid, fake economics, and the undeniable spiritual force of humans who learn who they are.


  1. Stumbled on you via off planet radio; wow. Truth, peace and love to you sister. What the hell...throw in a little non-conformist's blessings and prosperity as well; to you and yours. Listening lifted my spirit and strengthened me. Made me smile and laugh too.