Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Evolution Of Humanity

What is the evolution of humanity?

Humanity VS Animosity

.....and that’s about the response to be expected. We quietly read and reflect  and think. Compress it as a madness and go back to group think. It really seems so hard to change. So few seem to have the will.

But it is I, only I, must convince myself I have the will. I must show myself. 

Freedom or death means unenslaving yourself at whatever risk, moving towards freedom always. I can see in my choices for myself I have nearly killed myself several times. Yet, living a life less driven towards freeing myself from the directives of the elitists, I might just have likely nearly killed myself in other ways for other reasons ; ). I remember the underlying strain I used to feel, knowing so much was wrong yet not personally taking any action with my knowledge.

How can any of us really ‘drop out’?... we’ve got jobs, salaries, mortgages and wages which are already spent, kids and school fees and all their material “needs”, credit cards that are maxed out, an eye on the house up the road, the car needs a service, the parks are so lovely and we are all so civilised having nice men come and take the bins away, plenty of fresh water to flush the poos away, and I love that the side walks are swept clean and the beaches are raked for syringes and.. . .well, no one in politics is perfect but without them we’d be in a terrible mess, and a billion muslims would be here by morning sipping my tea and making themselves at home if we didn’t have the wonderful protections of government and their attack dogs on boats and at their fabulous “borders” (capital zones).

Imagine the depravity if we all knew there were no police or laws, people would be jumping the fence, raping the neighbors kids, no? Imagine the chaos on the roads! Everyone will drive like madmen! Imagine the bank robberies (karma;) the shops being held up... obviously all those currently law abiding gun owners would go rogue and turn into zombie mercenaries, and rob all the houses and stores, and all the people who are normally kind and polite will become arseholes with no laws in place, and all the people who are already bad will get worse, become more powerful and take an even more forceful rule over us where these politicians left a vacuume.

We must need government to have civilised places. Even though it seems the more strong they get, the more tyrannical they get. How odd.

Imagine all the bloodlust in the absence of government! Of course there will always be crime, yet it is merely a drop in a bucket compared to what carnage “governments”* the world over are “responsible” for.

(*duped, fleeced people)

Imagine if we all just pulled up and out from under “our” “governments”.. got out on the road, country hopping, on a border defying odyssey until all of our withdrawal means one day there will be no borders accepted, apart from barriers of privacy to which we  abide for our sanity.

You may say I’m a dreamer but you must usually imagine what you want to eat before you begin to cook.

Every time I see a human in uniform I see a human wasted on serving the interests of the elitists. The benefactors of this cyst-em. I am not so brain addled anymore that I think they’re working for me. Plus I see a massive waste of money (salary as a bribe for being a cog). “I’m just doing my job”. “I’ve got kids to feed”. I see homeless people that will be housed, starving people who will be fed if not for our penchant for bombing other peoples sons and daughters in any place so poor they can’t fight back.

Every time I see the UN or any military force or police I see violence on people, not strategic targets. People, water, food, community, normality, traumatised....by

Bombs, being dropped, the world over, every day. Who would use bombs in the absence of government? The money lenders have us all fooled into thinking we belong to certain nations with our own languages and culture, when our nations are as really about as defined as Burger King, Mc Donalds, Hungry Jacks, Subway and KFC.

About 14 people would try and use bombs in the absence of “government” and we’d quick smart have to caution those people with a jury of 12 of their peers to tell them to pull their bloody heads in, or fuck right off over there with the other dickheads still playing with pretend ejaculating penises. We over here are dancing around holding hands singing ‘Kum-bay-ya’ under double rainbows and there’s no need for weapons. Sure we might fight and yell at each other now and then, but we never pull out the white phosphorus.

I think it will be a great day when we come together after we end governance and we could recycle all the bombs into other things. Like I don’t know what but something. That day is never ever going to come though, is it.
You will keep feeling small, thinking you are your body, instead of the experience having it, believing you are, your ego, feeling as though “you don’t  have enough money to travel”, you need security, you need your job, your statuses, your money, your dinner set and your white goods, your comforts, your image relies on so much stuff being in place. More than you can fit in a suitcase. You might have to go for extended periods outside the family paddock. Time and space is a funny thing. You end up with a full heart wherever you are, and a head full of problems. The people that you meet as you're walking down the street, they will one day likely be your family so take your time being friendly.

What would you do? You might be like a Pakistani brain surgeon having to work illegally driving taxis in another land. Have to take a pay cut, even a severe one most countries compared to “home”. It may take time or you may never get back up to your entrepreneurial best in your “home” economy. 

But you will feel good to work outside the system. To keep all of your earnings. Learn to exist independent of those you wish. You’ll be learning to live without a false sense of security granted by the system that has been infinitesimally cinching upon you and your ancestors for decades and in other ways, for millenia.
In the absence of government, all of the “services” once “provided” by government will be provided by humans who care for each other, to see that each of us has our needs met. The same way humans will look out for each other in times of natural emergency when -government services are cancelled.

I suppose we might all end up doing a bit more for each other in the absence of government. Without government we shall each be responsible for our own conflict resolution without violence, perhaps we may pick up the litter we see before us, and set up organised rosters of community working bees for volunteers to show ourselves how lovely things can be. Perhaps we would organise with people we trust who have good reputations in business to oversee certain community projects and joint funding. It is nice to have community places and parks and bbq’a and footpaths but I’m pretty sure we had those before government and how many of you ever want to see a single dollar used to kill people. To bomb people. Ever again.

I know many are still so addled as to think its all about “defence” and that some people are “bad guys”.

Everyone. That’s just stupid. We are all bad guys at some time or another to some person or another across the great scope of eternity.

If you a carry a weapon “only for defence” and then ejaculate it it prematurely, accidentally, mistakenly or confusedly, you become a bad guy.

A good guy is the one who has faith in the true nature of our being. Who can even smile in the face of threat or fear and be safe in the palm of natures’ enigmatic energetic endlessness.

A good guy can face death and offer a hug to the brother or sister who has become zombified by fear or lack of love.

I’m not saying I’m a good guy. I’m a fucking tempestuous bitch and anyone who knows me will tell you. ..but I’d like to be a good one. I aim to be, and I strive to be every day in every way.

Love is always the answer but society always teaches us to cave in to the fears.
The evolution of humanity is about getting closer and closer to becoming a being of love with no ego.

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