Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Darling Anthony Lawson is gone but his voice is a song in my heart

I offer love and condolances to the family and friends of Anthony Lawson. I am shocked to discover one of the greatest journalists and men of integrity of our times has passed over. In this world of impotentised older men and women, rare are the wise elders, especially the wise elders with heart and balls left to fight the stupid beast publicly, concisely, with humour and research integrity and sources and eloquence in a kid friendly lobotomised medium like youtube...Anthony Lawson you were a burning shining sun of a man. I never knew if he was 50 or 80 but from the very first video of his I was a fan, I loved the vibrations of truth, love, incredulity and non compliance in his spirit and voice. Of course I´m gonna think the gov attacked him with weird weapons but ONLY because he is one of a handful of I´d say the smartest yet most accessible minds to all on earth. He changed shit. Anthony and I had a couple of short email exchanges, he was so gracious and I suppose he really in some way has said what he came to say for now and we need to go back and watch all his videos again and again until we have freed ourselves from this international tyranny. RIP Beautiful Soul.

I´m never particularly patriotic but fuck it was good to hear all that wisdom spewed forth in a gentle old Aussie accent. Not much ever makes me proud to be Australian. Anthony Lawson did

Go watch all his videos

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