Wednesday, December 30, 2015



  1. You know, the ancient greeks concluded the earth was round because they were able to see on the sea's horizon that ship's hull started to disappear before their masts and other structures. I'm not saying that you should take my word for it, but one day let's try this experiment, go out to an oceanside dock, watch a ship sail away, and tell me, do they disappear on the horizon from the bottom up? If so that's evidence of the curvature available from the ground level. Another experiment we can do, to gather basic research is build a backyard rocket solution to send a camera up 25-35k feet into the air. I have a personal friend who does this regularly and told me that's how he concluded the earth is round, regardless of nasa.

  2. Hi Matthew, thanks for your comment, i suggest you start with 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball, there is some great zoom footage in there to show you how this thinking of the greeks has evolved...I have been experimenting by the sea with camera zooms and long distances, and what is interesting is that a ship¨appears to dissapear¨over the horizon, but really just goes out of our perspective base first. Pull out the binocs and its right up on the surface again. Also, please ask your friend to post his (world first) footage of earths curvature from high, and provide a link? I have looked at several balloon cameras up to 72 km up and when you use a go pro fish eye lens corrector all horizons are flat. Also would you post your friends name if he has no problem so we may research further. Thanks for taking the time to respond