Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thanks again, Rik Clay

Aria | London 2012 Olympics Conspiracy [Short Documentary]


  1. Hi Elissa, I think talking about it is the best way of intercepting the Illuminati and spreading the truth. Maybe that is why Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews, because he knew that they would buy the media and program us all. I have already prepared myself for their dirt bombs. Apparently they have huge vats of Variolinum(smallpox)especially for this use.

    If all this is predicted in the Bible, how obvious is it that it has been planned for thousands of years? I love reading all your interesting discourse. Lots of love to you.

    Sam xxx

  2. Thanks Sam, Love right back to you. I wonder if talking about things like this will help or hinder us, but I just find it all too fascinating to ignore. I have read about how Hitler was a drugged puppet of the same Jewish and Christian zionist power groups operating today, (speed in the mornings, downers at night}, that is why he is so seemingly virulent in his speeches, he's jacked up on about 5 grams of speed! And yes, the bibles' "predictions" are just more predictive programming, noticing us, I admire their long range vision. I don't even buy green bananas!