Friday, June 29, 2012

Thanks again, Zen

Of Royal Bondage and the Hierarchy of Blood          by Zen Gardner          
The joke’s on them. Or should I say the yoke. These elites live in horrendous bondage and exact out their frustrations and fabricated fantasies on what they consider the cattle of the world in return.
Yet look at them. Have you ever seen such mindless subjection?
It filters down from there. It’s passed on to them by overlords of darkness, if you will, to whom they bow, which is why they are so into forcing the same behavior on those they consider under them. A very sick psychosis rooted in occult forces that have been manipulating humanity for millennia.
While they appear to be in charge, they are actually the most enslaved.

The Striking Bondage of Royal Hierarchy

This concept of royalty is deeply engrained in the human psyche. Once you’ve woken up, it’s all part and parcel of the entire scam, the same way you soon view religion or false science and education, it’s clearly contrived for a type of hypnotically confining control, and spun upon the human mind like a vast, sticky web of deceit.
I have no tolerance for people who make light of it and say it’s just pageantry and therefore say or do nothing about this travesty against humanity. It’s as real as it appears, only much worse. We’re given this public dis”play” to keep our minds in neutral as far as reacting.
Revolting seems somehow an appropriate word. And all this applies to fascist authoritarianism of any sort around the world.            READ ON...

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