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When Jimmy Talks, you would be wise to listen.

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The real Jimmy Jones

Spivs Comment
Below this foreword is a piece written by Jimmy Jones in regard to Operation Fernbridge.
Jimmy says that he is;
“not a Journalist, nor an Investigator, or even an accredited writer. I am just an ordinary bloke who happens to possess a enquiring mind, a sharp tongue and a firm footing on the ground upon which I walk”.
In my opinion, Jimmy is selling himself short.
I first came upon Jimmy after David Icke published something Jim had written in regards to Steve Messham. I in turn used that piece after which Jimmy then contacted me.
There followed a series of E mails between us where it became obvious to me – without being stated – that Jimmy had suffered terrible abuse in the Welsh Care homes. However, far from seeing himself as a victim, Jimmy educated himself and is fighting back at a system that allowed him and thousands of other children to be used as nothing more than playthings for the powerful. It was in fact, Jimmy who named Sir Peter Morrison as being a paedophile on channel 4 news. Even then, Channel 4 stitched him up by deliberately misreporting that Morrison had carried out this abuse in the Bryn Estyn care home. The purveyors of propaganda did so for no other reason than it fitted in with the Steve Messham story.
Steve Messham, unfortunately sold his soul to the devil. He too, was in a position to help the victims of this terrible abuse, carried out by very powerful, prominent politicians, past and present. Messham wasn’t lying when he stated that it wasn’t Alistair McAlpine that sexually abused him. Then again, that was part of the plan all along. McAlpine may not have abused Messham, but he certainly abused many, many others and much, much worse… Still waiting for my letter Andrew Reid.
Having never been a victim of abuse myself, I often ask Jimmy for advice, before I publish articles based around child abuse. When he says that he has ‘a firm footing on the ground upon which he walks’, he isn’t exaggerating.
This is why I tell you that when my friend Jimmy talks, you would be wise to listen…

FERNBRIDGE…”Scotland Yard have launched a full investigation into allegations that Conservative politicians were members of a paedophile ring which abused children in care the 1980s. Operation Fernbridge will centre on the alleged historic sexual abuse of children at Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, a suburban street in Barnes, south-west London. Residents of a nearby care home run by Richmond Council claim they were sexually assaulted at the property by a network of prominent individuals, including Tory MPs, who used their connections to escape justice. The allegations are one of several lines of inquiry being considered by specialist detectives at the country’s biggest force as a result of information supplied to them by Labour MP Tom Watson.”I am not a Journalist, nor an Investigator, or even an accredited writer. I am just an ordinary bloke who happens to possess a enquiring mind, a sharp tongue and a firm footing on the ground upon which I walk.
I also know the difference between right and wrong, and will always speak out against what I feel to be an injustice. Those of you who have been following the story referred to at the start of this article, will surely have realised by now, that there is something inherently wrong and deeply disturbing about, not only the original tabloid version of the story, but also the investigation that has been designed to uncover the ‘truth.’
From the moment the story broke, plans were put into place to distract, cover-up and bury the truth so deeply it would never see the light of day. To even the most casual observer, it has been glaringly obvious, and only a complete fool would even contemplate anything else.
The cover-up began when an ex-Care Home resident and historic abuse victim, Steven Messham was thrust blinking and bewildered, into the media spotlight, by one or more of the architects of this hurriedly constructed plan.
Whether he was aware of it or not, is unimportant, as Mr Messham was just a convenient and totally expendable pawn in a very elaborate series of events, that were being played out in plain sight of the enquiring gaze of the public.
This had followed the Jimmy Savile revelations of course, which had to be played down, or even made to ‘go away’ altogether, due to the unprecedented level of damaging and criminal implications, for the numerous high-level establishment figures who were connected to him.
It has already been established that Jimmy Savile was a procurer of children.
Though strongly suspected, but as yet unproven, some of the people that these children were obtained for were extraordinary wealthy and equally powerful establishment figures.
I have no need to reel off a list of names here as most of them can be obtained by any number of means.
The strength and reach of this establishment cover-up is truly staggering, powerful figures like Lord McAlpine had been flown into the country to defend his damaged reputation against an accuser that had not even named him. This was the mainstream media playing their part in the charade, as they too were heavily implicated, as the BBC and the media had many dark secrets of their own.
With the public transfixed on the re-opened and entirely media-led North Wales Care Homes scandal, and the McAlpine threats of legal action against Social Media, both the BBC and ITV had capitulated without a fight, and handed over hundreds of thousands of pounds. This was suspicious in itself, as these media behemoths could have easily fought the libel action as no actual name was mentioned nor printed.
We know now why this happened. It was a warning shot across the bows of anyone who, dared come forward with information accusing any establishment figure of any wrongdoing. It has had the desired effect, as even now, there are a few diligent and tenacious MSM Journalists working on this story, who are being constantly hindered by vital witnesses’ fears of threatened litigation.
This again is a smokescreen. Nobody to my knowledge has actually been sued, and that most Social Media networks, do not have any intention of releasing the personal details of any of their users. The BBC and ITV payouts also a vital part of the establishment deception, and even the well known political figure’s wife, has now gone strangely quiet with regard to her original intention to fight the legal implications of her *innocent face* Tweet.
The people involved in this, are by their very nature secretive, they will never be open and honest about anything they do, and that has, and always will be the case. They lie, cheat, deceive and commit criminal and immoral acts of every kind, as they know full well that they can safely hide behind the facade of respectability that their wealth, power and position brings them.
So now we can move onto the latest chapter, the Elm Guest House and the ‘Fernbridge’ police investigation that was covertly set up by none other than David Cameron, following the MP Tom Watson’s question about a ‘Paedophile Network with links to Number 10.’
The Elm Guest House was run by Carole Kasir between 1979-1982 where she provided an ‘unthreatening meeting place for homosexual men, free from the stigma of a sexual orientation’.
An opportunity for gay men to “be themselves”.
Mary Moss and Christopher Fay have made allegations of the sexual abuse of children at the Elm Guest House. Allegedly carried out by ‘rich and powerful men.’
Carole Kasir herself died at the age of 47 in 1990 under ‘suspicious circumstances.’ It is rumoured that she too, was about to go ‘public’ after her release from prison, and therefore had to be silenced.
May I suggest that this is the main reason that the distractions, booby traps and massive cover-ups mentioned above were put into place. There are still some very dark secrets to be revealed, and if proven to be true, will without a doubt have repercussions that could resonate for generations to come.
I would even go so far as to say that the establishment are so desperate for the story to stay hidden, that this Government are ready and willing to commit us to fighting a new war in West Africa to distract from the truth getting out.
Too far fetched?
After the revelations of the last few moths, is there anyone in any doubt anout the lengths that some parts of the establishment will go to prevent the truth getting out?Some details are being leaked though, some of course are red herrings thrown in to add to the general fog of distrust and distraction, but look past the obvious and you will see the pieces slowly coming together.Among those details emerging is a list of names, dates and places that were allegedly handwritten by Mary Moss or Jo Flores as she is sometimes known, and posted on the Internet.
Everybody’s attention was of course focused on the ‘names’ on the list, almost entirely overlooking some very significant details, which at first glance mean very little, but taken in context with other details take on a significantly new meaning.
One of those details, was the address of a male brothel at 156 Coltman Street, Hull, where coincidentally, a murder occurred which had striking similarities to the killing of the Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando in 1999, who is rumoured to have been murdered as she was about to blow the whistle on a rumoured Paedophile ring operating in a similar manner in West London.
Two men were convicted of the Hull murder and served 19 years in prison and have always protested they were innocent and the victims of a ‘stitch-up.’ There are significant doubts about the original conviction, and the accused man’s family have publicly named the men they believe are responsible, but the South Yorkshire Police have said that the CPS will not pursue the case as there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to secure a conviction!
There is also the case of missing schoolboys Martin Allen aged 15, and Vishal Mehotra aged 8, who were believed to have been abducted and possibly murdered in 1979 by men believed by Detectives to be part of a VIP Paedophile network. MP’s and a member of the Buckingham Palace Staff were suspected by Scotland Yard detectives as being clients of male prostitutes as young as the missing boys.
The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) membership list may well hold key information and the imprisoned ex-leader Stephen Adrian Freeman may be the one to ask….

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