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Ben Fellows Truth Resulted In Death Threats

People persecuted for political reasons must be defended.
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Monday, 3 June 2013

Ben Fellows article about Police Corruption and VIP Paedophiles resulted in death threatson for death threat

Last Month Ben Fellows wrote as article entitled "Ken Clarke MP Is Above The Law And Cannot Be Questioned Says Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit"

Following this Ben recieved a death threat. Read More

Ken Clarke MP Is Above The Law And Cannot Be Questioned Says Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit By Ben Fellows

Is it acceptable for anyone to sexually assault, grope, fondle, touch up, abuse, rape and murder your children?

Well, according to the Specialist Crime Directorate Child Abuse Investigation Command or the Pedophile Unit, if you are a member of parliament then it is acceptable to do just that.
For the record it was officers from the Paedophile Unit who approached me for information on Kenneth Clarke not the other way around. I did not go to the Police, the Police came to me. I have the tapes to prove it if that is ever an issue.

Detectives from Operation Fairbridge, (can they hide behind anymore names?) educated me into how the law actually works. This is quite complicated so bear with me. Politicians and "others" are above the Law. Got it! So stop complaining about paedophile rings in Westminster and prepare to have you sons, bent over and buggered by any politician who chooses to fancy your child.
If you are Kenneth Clarke MP or any living serving politician then you cannot be arrested, questioned under caution or charged, etc., by the Police. This dramatic information by the Police explains why Kenneth Clarke's paedophile politician friends never get caught — as they are above the law. This was according to Senior Detective Ben Lambskin of the now, not fit for purpose, Paedophile Unit.

Sorry I was under the mistaken impression that the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit was created to hunt down and catch paedophiles and not protect them.

The Police, in the their "Dixon of Doc Green," mode have just given every single potential charged celebrity the ammunition to win their cases on technical grounds. I have proven that there are some members of our society who will be charged by the Police such as common people whilst the elites, Royals and politicians are, in fact, above the laws of England. Every barrister representing those already charged should petition the court to have their cases dropped due to Police incompetence. How can Max Clifford et al. get a fair trail when the jury know for a fact that politicians are not being arrested and charged or even questioned? Its hypocrisy of the highest order or I should say of the lowest order.

Who's side is the Metropolitan Police Force on? Obviously the Paedophiles!
So, if we are going to be naming names like Kenneth Clarke's et al. it is only correct that the Police who have been in charge of this purposefully bungled investigation are also named .
Starring: Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle, Detective Constable Nathan Jones (who openly threatened me over the telephone to give the Police a statement regarding Kenneth Clarke), Detective Sergeant James Townly, Detective Constable Ben Lambskin, Andy and Julia-Anne who took an eight hour statement from me which was pretty detailed. These officers need to be suspended pending a detailed and thorough review of their actions and also the actions of "others" around them including the management up to senior officers and Tom Watson MP to find out exactly why they have decided not to question, under caution, Kenneth Clarke MP over serious allegations that I have made and committed to a Police statement.

On the 30th April 2013 Detective Constable Ben Lambskin, with his colleague who called himself Andy, turned up at my front door wishing to speak with me about my case. An up date if you will.
The up shot was that Ben Lambskin, who is the Police's sacrificial lamb in this case, informed me that they'd spoken to four people from The Cook Report and none of them had backed up my version of events. What a surprise? Media people who still work for the media and intelligence service have not agreed with me. I do believe that I said that in the first place. However, to be clear none of those people were in the room with Kenneth Clarke, Ian Greer or myself and the tape which recorded the incident has mysteriously gone missing.

DC Ben Lambskin, a Serpico wannabe but without the integrity, said after speaking with Sylvia Jones, Clive Entwhistle and two others — " After speaking to these people, that perhaps the conspiracy view isn't such a bad one." He then went on to talk about the video tape showing Kenneth Clarke sexually assaulting me by stating "the possible location for that tape is that it was taken by a lawyer who was dealing with The Cook Report and that is the most likely the last time it was seen" he went on " That particular Cook Report investigation appears to be quickly cut down and ended. By some of the people we've spoken to they are of the opinion that is was the company who was running it changed hands to people who were particularly involved with 'Cash for Questions.'" At least the Police have proven political corruption within the Conservative Government as the "Cash for Questions" scandal re-emerges. We must call for a full and transparent re opening of the "Cash for Questions" case to find out the truth.

The up shot of The Cook Report investigation into Ian Greer and John Major's corrupt government is that it was discovered that The Cook Report had indeed uncovered a major scandal leading all the way up to the Prime Minister John Major. The politicians involved along with Ian Greer et al. arranged, as far as I understand it, for Greer's client Carlton Television to buy Central Television to stop the programme from airing. This programme was and still is in the public's interest as all the political decisions which have happened subsequently have been linked directly to the Cash for Questions scandal.

I guess this is a case of murder will out. The scandal that ended the Major Government is set to do exactly the same thing to David Cameron's corrupt government because it wasn't properly investigated and dealt with at the time, it's now worse.

The fact that Kenneth Clarke MP was seen in Ian Greer's office at the very time of Cash for Questions is suspicious within itself. Why was a Cabinet Minister in the office of a political lobbyist? Isn't that breaking some kind of Parliamentary law? When I asked about the tape and the convenient fire at Iron Mountain storage facility Ben Lambskin and colleague just looked at me blankly — they didn't know. These people who call themselves Detectives have failed to detect what even the average journalist has been able to find out. Jack "I haven't got a pad" Malvern of The Times found out about the Iron Mountain fire. Why didn't the Police? What about the Dolphin Square flat? Back in November Sylvia Jones said to Jack "one cup of tea" Malvern that yes she saw the tape, she saw me and Kenneth Clarke but she didn't see the grope. Now after six months to get her story straight she suddenly didn't see anything when she was talking to the Police.

The Police also admitted that when it comes to investigating corporations they are indeed powerless there as well. Ben Lambskin proudly stated about any further enquiries about the tape — " That's corporate and there's not much we can do about that, is there?" So the Metropolitan Police on official police business state that so far Politicians and Royalty are above the law and also corporations. It seems that true and tangible feudalism has returned to England's green and pleasant land.

Ben Lambskin also said when referring to my statement — "I'm sorry but we're not going to go galavanting into the House of Commons. There's protocol which has to be observed." Allow me to merely suggest that they follow the correct protocol and ask to question Kenneth Clarke MP under caution. What's the problem? Lambskin continued "Clarke didn't get to where he is today without being very smart!!!" If I was Kenneth Clarke I wouldn't like that implication one bit and would probably sue the Police but I'm not Kenneth Clarke so I don't care.

We then went on to talk about the Police questioning Ian Greer, the other person in the room and the man who introduced me to Kenneth Clarke. Detective Ben Lambskin states " We're not entirely sure whether he's in the country or not". Of course I informed them that Greer was in South Africa. Unfortunately he's protected by protocols as well. But he's just an ex political lobbyist. Or is he? Is Greer more important than he first appears? I imagine Greer will soon turn up six feet under with a mystery heart attack whilst wearing stocking and suspenders, which is the usual British modus operandi. Although putting people into bags is a quirky invention of the security services, Greer better throw out any large luggage he might have around. So it's just British citizens who aren't protected by any protocols, just to be clear, and we are now at the whim of any elite Politician, Lord or Member of the Royal family.

Who are these Detectives? Do they actually do any detecting? Have they actually been to deceptive school, sorry, I mean detective school?
To clarify Kenneth Clarke has stated, in a Cabinet Office correspondence, that his appearance in Ian Greer's office must have been a case of mistaken identity. But who is he referring to? I didn't introduce myself to Kenneth Clarke? So Kenneth Clarke is clearly calling his best friend's memory into question, suggesting that perhaps Greer didn't know who was standing in his office and accidentally introduced this mystery gentleman as Kenneth Clarke MP to me.
Really? That's as a ridiculous a stand point as the big bang theory.

Kenneth Clarke is a barrister and Queens Council. Does he really think that answer is good enough? Is that really the best argument that he, the Cabinet Office and Prime Minister David Cameron can come up with?

Ben Lambskin said that, "Ken Clarke is likely to lie about being in Greer's office" and he went on to say that, — "Greer is probably going to say he didn't see anything". Well, that's okay isn't it. I thought that being a Police Detective meant, at the very least, you want to question the actual people being accused and have them lie to your face — if needs be. But silly old me I assumed the wrong thing. The Police just assume that various people will lie and so therefore after an imaginary conversation with themselves decide not to talk to them. Is it any wonder that murders, rapists, muggers, child abusers, etc, etc,. get away with their crimes if this is any indication of how the Police investigate serious allegations.

Detective Ben Lambskin said, and I thought this was said in all honesty, that, "The Police can't investigate historic cases".
Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle stated back in November, "That child abuse has become an industry standard in the entertainment industry." All these Paedophile detectives know this, more importantly do nothing about it and sleep soundly at night. Surely you would be disgusted to find out that your husband or wife who you thought was a hero for working in the paedophile unit was protecting paedophiles. What would you do with that information?

The Police do themselves no favours. They are about to get completely taken over by G4S and they are handing the finest police force in the world over to them. Why? Is there really this much corruption or is there a deeper darker agenda at play here.

Systematic Police failures is how this investigation will be viewed by history, not to mention all the other investigations which will now collapse because of the Police's own admittance of a feudal society. There have been systematic failures to follow an investigation through to the end even when you have a detailed statement from a credible member of the public, me in this case, who makes serious allegations against a senior member of parliament.
It is now obvious to us all that the very unit tasked with investigating paedophiles and their crimes against children have failed on every level. I said at the beginning of this process that I was the test case for all those people who have been abused by politicians. Who could, had I had my day in court, have felt confident to know that now in this time society was grown up enough to act responsibly and to investigate these matters fully. But no, I'm sorry to say that I was wrong.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle said, " I'd like to think I could talk to anyone," when I asked if he would talk to Prince Charles about his relationship with Jimmy Savile. He said, "Yes". He said if he found out that that wasn't the case he would resign. Clearly just another broken promise and Police half truth from people who don't keep their word to anyone. Why can't the Police just be straight and give you a straight answer. Dealing with the Police is worse than dealing villains in many respects. So in light of this I am going to release my dealings with the Police on YouTube so everyone can hear the excuses as to why Kenneth Clarke cannot be arrested, questioned or interviewed under caution like any other member of our society. As a society we should insist on no more secrets or lies from our public servants and the mere impropriety of grey areas should immediately raise our suspicions.

There is indeed a paedophile ring operating in Westminister and it includes No 10 Downing Street and David Cameron who's known about the Kengate scandal from the start and has failed to act. Obviously being abused as a child at Eton College has clouded his own judgement because as we all know Eton College are well known for abusing children. In fact the Police were planning a raid on Eton but surprise, surprise the investigation was halted by "powerful interests". Eton College is producing future child abusers either wilfully or ignorantly it doesn't matter which the place is rife. Those who are abused become abusers, we all know this and yet we allow Eton College to continue producing paedophiles because it's traditional. I know the government has got everyone in the country living all in council wards, presumably of the psychiatric variety, but truly have we all gone raving mad. When is enough enough! Tom Watson MP, who's performance in the House of Commons when he insisted that Operation Fairbridge be set up to investigate a potential pedophile ring in Westminster, can only be described as a ham and cheese sandwich but without the bread and cheese. I've seen better performances with the Epsom Players.

Operation Fairbridge was clearly set up to retrieve modern day information on the active Westminster Paedophile ring and to cover up allegations and intimidate witnesses into remaining quiet in order for the politicians to go about their disgusting business as usual.
With another Police botching of a paedophile cases it's Jimmy Savile all over again. Perhaps when men and women like Kenneth Clarke are finally laid to rest the insidiousness will finally come out. Too late for the victims of course, again.

The Metropolitan Police have sent a clear message to all powerful paedophiles. It's okay you will not be even talked to by the Police and you are free to continue abusing children. So say the Child Protection Command which should be renamed to the Paedophile Protection Command.

Kenneth Clarke is a Freemason, the Police officers on the investigating team for Fairbridge are all freemasons, the courts are freemasons. Is it any wonder that victims don't get any justice. When individuals cannot be questioned or talked to regarding child abuse and pedophile accusations because of their apparent position in society then there is a two tier system, which for any democracy is very wrong.

If you are Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Jim Davidson or some soap star then rest assured that your names will be leaked by the Police to the press. You will be humiliated and embarrassed and probably sent to jail. But if you are a member of the Cabinet or Royal Family you are clearly free to continue abusing. As a business manager surely David Cameron has a duty to his own party to have these matters investigated. Any manager in any company upon learning that a member of his close staff had had allegations made against them would have to suspend that person from their job pending a full investigation. However, David Cameron hasn't got the balls to do that so instead he protects his paedophile friends.

The only answer is to call an election and replace the entire parliament, with more MP's not less. We, the people, are not being represented or even listened to by our politicians or public servants, so what are we all doing? Why are we even tolerating these people for an instant? Those members of parliament and their staff who know what goes on and choose to look the other way are just as culpable and as guilty as any of the paedophile perpetrators in Westminster.

In closing I say to you the reader - What does life matter if our children are not safe from predators who are in positions of power in our society. When witnesses perjure themselves by changing their stories as often as their underwear. If a Criminal Prosecution Service will throw a poor man to the mob

Where is the justice? Justice is simply the laws which we have all agreed to live by in this country. The laws apply to everyone from the Queen on down. Nobody is exempt or we are all exempt. These laws are man's feeble attempt to set down the principles of living in a civilised society. Being civilised is an art form which has to be practised and it is not easy. Being civilised and decent with each other isn't a hustle, a scheme or scam. Decent cannot be bargained for sold, rented or mortgaged. Being civilised is what our ancestors taught us and decency is what our grandparents taught us. Being civilised and decent is in our DNA and all we have to do is choose to be decent people. The choice is ours.

The one absolute truth which has come out of all of this is that the children in Great Britain are not safe. Paedophiles are running around out of control in our schools, nurseries, playgroups, leisure centres and sports grounds. Anywhere you find children you find paedophiles. Especially in the entertainment industry, why are children even on television? Children shouldn't be advertised to they are not commodities. They deserve a childhood because they as sure as hell are not going to enjoy their adult life. Unless of course you like being in debt to criminal bankers!

Kenneth Clarke MP has to be arrested, interviewed under caution and charged. If the Police wish to have any credibility or power left after this then why not let a jury decide. I'll go one step better, why don't I meet Kenneth Clarke MP I can then make sure that he was the person in Greer's office and we can have the opportunity to be questioned by the press and public. We could even do it as a Question Time Special - now that's a ratings winner. On second thoughts I have an SIA license after the whistle blowing the Olympics last year I should use it and arrest Kenneth Clarke myself.

Let's for a moment put the politicians to one side. What on earth was HRH Prince Charles doing having known paedophile Jimmy Savile as his unofficial social secretary? What was Prince Charles doing when he went up to Scotland to Jimmy Savile's cottage? If we can not question a Member of Parliament, what hope is there of asking Prince Charles, or any member of the Royal family, about their relationship with known paedophile and abuser Jimmy Savile. Let us not forget, that it was the very same Kenneth Clarke MP who allowed Jimmy Savile the keys to Broadmoor in order for him to be able to abuse and associate with imprisoned paedophiles. Of course as we all know where you get one paedophile…

Again I invite Kenneth Clarke MP or any celebrity, producer or any Hollywood movie stars, who will be mentioned in the forth coming release of my Police tapes, to sue me.

When Senior Detective Ben Lambskin and his colleague, known as Andy, left my home Andy warned me to stay off the internet…Ooops!
If you need any more information please let me know

All the best

Ben Fellows
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