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Jon Stewart Paid $30 Million a Year by Media Giant NBC


It has recently been revealed that Jon Stewart makes a shocking 30 million dollars a year, possibly in return for his efforts to dumb down the political dialogue and distract people from the real puppet masters.

Jon Stuart
NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 13: Jon Stewart speaks at the 51st USO Armed Forces Gala & Gold Medal Dinner on December 13, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for USO of Metropolitan New York)
By Cassius Methyl
August 22, 2013
It seems very likely that he is paid so much, by known propaganda company NBC, because he makes people think of politics in a non serious manner, equating serious things in people’s minds with comedy, making people think that these things don’t matter. As innocent as his ‘work’ may seem, he has a role in keeping the ‘right/left paradigm’ illusion alive, and distracting people from what is really going on as well.
It is an insidious and subtle form of propaganda, yet it is evident that he is valuable to the propagandists of NBC. Who are the people in our society today who create the paradigm, and have brought people to thinking this carelessness, and stupidity we are afflicted with as a society, is ‘normal’ and acceptable?
Who are subconscious role models for the stupefied masses of our society, the masses who digest media and learn from it? Who falsely influences people’s perspectives on things they should research instead, and makes it appear ‘normal’ to be lazy, ignorant, and stupid? Actors, media personalities, corporate news personalities, comedians, celebrities, and other figures of fame often do this, and they are paid vast amounts of money by media giants for it. It is thought that very wealthy people, some call the ‘corporate elite’ pay the media companies, to propagandize people, and create good consumers.
This is very likely the case, yet many people wouldn’t believe that, because the factual exchanges of money and paper trails from these pay offs are difficult to learn about. Knowing the way things are, undoubtedly these media giants are paid by very wealthy people to push propaganda.
These media giants can be read about here, in this comprehensive, two-part article about the 6 media giants of corporate America. — — It has now been revealed that the fake journalist and comedian Jon Stuart makes 30 million dollars a year, being paid by media giant NBC. What could he possibly do to earn this much? Well, he is no skilled artisan. You might say any actor could do what he does.

Basically if you haven’t seen his show, ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’, he makes cheesy choreographed jokes about political events, focusing on making jokes out of things said and done by politicians, ignoring the most significant events and facts, making important things seem unimportant. He is practicing a very subtle form of propaganda, keeping the left/right paradigm illusion alive.
Jon Stewart significantly affects people, and he is one of those media personalities who contribute to ignorance. So since any actor could do what he does basically, there must be another reason why he makes so much money.
It only makes sense to believe he is paid to make people see serious political issues as not serious, to subtly mislead the person about facts of the politics he talks about, etc. Most importantly, Jon Stewart simply does not mention some of the most important things to understand about the things he, yes, jokingly talks about. The comedic element is a cover for the propaganda.
He blacks out the worst crimes of the government, just like corporate media. Just like other mainstream media personalities, he is dumb to the most important and shocking truths, and he only mentions things that leave the public in a brainwashed state.
He propagates the left/right paradigm, which many people tend to see as illogical, because the only truly logical political spectrum is a spectrum of freedom, or tyranny. A spectrum of Anarchy, or totalitarianism. Instead of mentioning anything of substance or reality, reality hidden by other media similarly, Jon Stuart keeps a viewer distracted from real issues, and disconnected from reality.
If you don’t believe he is paid to mislead, look at him for yourself and analyze how he misleads, brainwashes, and distracts people. Know however, that this is a subtle deception. Like other mainstream media personalities, he must define normal for the people, and he must indoctrinate subtly. If you want, you could share this with a friend, or a viewer of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’, and see if they will think twice.
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