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Language: Vibrational Key to Conscious Activation


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by Zen Gardner
Language fascinates me. It’s empowering to realize it’s virtually an arbitrary construct when you realize how many languages there are and have been through the course of history. It’s development has been partially organic due our basic efforts to communicate, but mainly it’s what’s been handed down and manipulated by the would-be Controllers via their social engineers and resultant reinforcing patterns. (See here and here)
Paranoid? Just realistic.
Look at how many terms have been either eliminated, restricted or introduced into our lexicon and by whom? The educational system is documented to deliberately dumb down the populace. Music and social media terms have turned language to shallow mush. The mainstain media and our staged, corrupt politics take our medium of communication to whole new debased depths of mindless manipulation.
If you can’t see that I pity you. The challenge is to reclaim our voice and medium of exchange.


George Carlin Said It Best

Why would a comedian who uses this very same language to convey his exposing message say such a thing? Because he knows. His life-long efforts were to peel back the false veneer of society and its manipulated phoniness in a manner that was verbally and visibly revelatory and liberating for his audiences. Laughter is a release of psychological tension, a spiritual reaction expressing liberation and the realization of forbidden conclusions, more than anything.
It’s the same basic struggle – they use language to hide stuff and manipulate, we use it to expose and empower. As always it’s All about the motive and intention.
Rudyard Kipling appropriately said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Pretty powerful stuff. It takes consciousness to stand back and look steadfastly at your very method of conceptualization and conveyance of ideas and emotions. Not many are willing to step that far back.


The Vibrational Element

Now it gets interesting. This recent article about the discovery of Russian scientists and the relationship of language to DNA is so revelatory, and segue’s nicely with the above points.

Russian Scientists Reprogram Human DNA Using Words and Frequencies

DNA science has finally explained previously mysterious phenomena such as clairvoyance … intuition … hands-free healing … “supernatural” light and auras … and more.
The discoveries are to the credit of Russian researchers, who ventured into DNA territory Western researchers have failed to consider. Western scientists have limited their studies to the 10% of our DNA responsible for building proteins. That means they have dismissed the other 90% of DNA as “junk.”
In contrast, an innovative Russian team, led by biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev, refused to accept that such a huge majority of DNA could hold no research value. To probe the mysteries of this uncharted terrain, they paired linguists with geneticists in an unconventional study to test impact of vibration and language on human DNA.
What they found was completely unexpected — our DNA stores data like a computer’s memory system. Not only that, but our genetic code uses grammar rules and syntax in a way that closely mirrors human language!
They also found that even the structuring of DNA-alkaline pairs follows a regular grammar and has set rules. It appears that all human languages are simply verbalizations of our DNA.

Changing DNA With Spoken Words and Phrases

Most astounding of all, the team discovered that living human DNA can be changed and rearranged with spoken words and phrases.
The key to changing DNA with words and phrases is in using the right frequency. Through the application of modulated radio and light frequencies, the Russians were able to influence cellular metabolism and even remedy genetic defects.

The Russians’ work provides scientific proof of why affirmations and hypnosis have such powerful effects on human beings. Our DNA is inherently programmed to respond to language. Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known this for ages. All forms of affirmations and “thought power” derive in part from this underlying principle.

Individuals whose consciousness is more highly developed will have less need for any type of device (to apply radio or light frequencies). Scholars of this science believe that with consciousness, people can achieve results using only their own words and thoughts.

DNA and Intuition: How “Hypercommunication” Works And Why Humans May Now Be Able to Reclaim It

The Russian scientists also found a DNA basis for the phenomenon of intuition — or “hypercommunication.” Hypercommunication is the term used to describe situations when someone suddenly accesses information outside his or her personal knowledge base. In our times, this has become increasingly rare.


Not really, if you’ve been following the power of vibration and it being inherently causal and interwoven into our Universal reality. We’re just discovering the real nature of language, a vibrational exchange of the utmost importance – until of course we can communicate telepathically and bypass all this manipulable lower-dimensional nonsense.
Yes, seriously. It’s already there and we’re tapping into it in our daily lives more and more via “intuition” or whatever you want to call it as the shift continues.
The reason we are so easily tooled around by our controllers, whether psychopathic power freak killers or inter-dimensional energy vampires, is this very element. Seriously suppressed, low level communication. No activation, no revelation. Nasty to the core.
Ever notice how an enlightened article or conversation elevates your spirit? Or how dampened you feel after a news report or some confusing and downer explanation of something of importance you were trying to understand in the mass media? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Enter The Disgusting Dweebs

Don’t worry, no way the lower level complicit suck-up-a-trons get all of this. They just do it for shares of power, popularity amongst their own, and profit, so don’t crack your nut trying to figure all this out and how it’s executed.
Someone has to carry out the lower level duties so they hire them. Simple, easy breezy.
Plenty of non-thinking animals out there, unfortunately, groomed to perform these duties and inject whatever needs to be injected; false misleading words into the lexicon, fluoride into the water, heavy metal nano particle into the air, paralyzing vaccines into the innocent.
They’ll do it all.


We’re Free

Don’t let any of this rattle you. To know what they’re doing to us is half the battle. Take heart, we see what’s going on and what they’re up to. And don’t worry about the language manipulation. Speak truth in whatever form. It does the same thing to unravel their machinations.
We are empowered. Nothing can take that away. They can try to deny it, hide it and pretend it isn’t there. There’s is a losing battle and they know it.
Be free - find your frequency and broadcast!
The walls will come tumblin’ down.
Love, Zen
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

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