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The Mena Connection - Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, 

And Drug Running


Murdochs were given secret defence briefings

Ministers held meetings with media mogul's people more than 60 times
By Oliver Wright, Whitehall Editor

The extraordinary access that Cabinet ministers granted Rupert Murdoch and his children was revealed for the first time yesterday, with more than two dozen private meetings between the family and senior members of the Government in the 15 months since David Cameron entered Downing Street.
In total, Cabinet ministers have had private meetings with Murdoch executives more than 60 times and, if social events such as receptions at party conferences are included, the figure is at least 107.


The rise of Knights Templar Europe

The ramifications of what the Norwegian anti-Muslim terrorist Anders Behring Breivik did are beginning to unravel to the horror of the international community.

The initial response to the appalling act he did was that he was a madman. Geir Lippestad, the lawyer of the 32-year-old Breivik who claimed responsibility for the death of 76 people said, "This whole case indicated that he is insane." Later, he however said his “client is part of an anti-Islam network with around 80 terror cells across the West with two in Norway.”

While rejecting the existence of such cells in Norway, Norwegian domestic intelligence chief Janne Kristiansen says she does not think Breivik is insane, “I have been a defense lawyer before and in my opinion this is clearly a sane person because he has been too focused for too long and he has been doing things so correctly. In my experience of having had these sorts of clients before, they are normally quite normal but they are quite twisted in their minds, and this person in addition is total evil."

Yet, to the dismay of many, a 1,467-page document containing gruesome details of the terrorist act soon revealed that Breivik belonged to a group he helped form known as the 'Knights Templar Europe' when he met eight other extremists in London in 2002 in order to “seize political and military control of western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda." 


5.8 million Israelis Get 100 Billion In US Tax Dollars While American 

States Are Falling Apart


Leaked Audit: Boeing Overcharged Army Up to 177,000 Percent on Helicopter Spare Parts

June 28, 2011

$644.75 for a small gear smaller than a dime that sells for $12.51: more than a 5,100 percent increase in price. $1,678.61 for another tiny part, also smaller than a dime, that could have been bought within DoD for $7.71: a 21,000 percent increase. $71.01 for a straight, thin metal pin that DoD had on hand, unused by the tens of thousands, for 4 cents: an increase of over 177,000 percent.
Taxpayers were massively overcharged in dozens of transactions between the Army and Boeing for helicopter spare parts, according to a full, unredacted Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG) audit that POGO is making public for the first time. The overcharges range from 33.3 percent to 177,475 percent for mundane parts, resulting in millions of dollars in overspending.


Will Attempts By Politicians To Steal Police Pensions Be The Wake-Up Call Cops Need

Police may soon understand what demonstrators are fighting for as politicians move to steal their pensions to fund banker bailouts, corruption and perpetual war.

The divide-and-conquer strategies of the top-down control system have been fairly successful so far in pitting the police against the public.  A vast militarization of local police due to the wars on drugs and terror have led to escalating abuse of the American citizenry by their own protectors.

Some of this out-of-control police state violence has been directed at people protesting an unjust economic system that blatantly has looted the American public in favor of propping up too-big-to fail international banks and an assortment of government-owned companies.  As these federal institutions and companies have failed, the burden has been placed squarely on the shoulders of those being most affected by these poor decisions and outright thievery to the extent that serious discussion has begun about cutting “entitlement” programs that working Americans have already been paying for all along.
Many police seem to have forgotten that they are integral members of this failing society — particularly so as public servants — and do not sit far above it, as their elite controllers apparently would like them to believe.  Instead of a willingness to crack heads if called upon, as the Wisconsin police union president stated toward public union protesters over collective bargaining rights, they should probably be reading the writing on the wall. Lone Star Watchdog correctly implies that the money junkies who control this system don’t know how to stop.  They have nearly consumed all of the money of the general population, and are now moving on to chop the lines of police, firefighters, and government workers.
The city of Central Falls, Rhode Island is the one of the first to suggest that police and firefighter retirees need to make a choice: sacrifice up to 50% now, or risk losing it all later.  This is no choice at all, but rather it heralds a sign that local government is modeling the financial terrorist tactics that the Federal government has already employed.
In the words of Robert Flanders, State-appointed Receiver, “A haircut looks better than a beheading.”  Subtle.


Let's stop assuming the police are on our side

From mass arrests to surveillance, confidence in the Metropolitan police is at an all-time low

Can confidence in the Metropolitan police sink any lower? Even before the past few weeks revealed the possibility of their complicity in the News of the World hacking scandal, and the past few months their brutal attitude towards the policing of students and other protesters, there were many who already had reason to mistrust those who claim to be "working together for a safer London".
Take Ann Roberts, a special needs assistant, who was recently given the go-ahead in the high court to challenge the allegedly racist way in which stop-and–search powers are used: her lawyers claim statistics indicate that a black person is more than nine times more likely to be searched than a white person.
Or take the family of Smiley Culture, still waiting for answers after the reggae singer died in a police raid on his home in March this year. They are campaigning on behalf of all those who've died in police custody. Inquest, a charity which deals with contentious death, particularly in police custody, reports that more than 400 people from black and ethnic minority communities have died in prison, police custody and secure training centres in England and Wales since 1990.

Grandmother jailed after oil mistaken for heroin

Posted: Jul 26, 2011

A Minnesota senior was jailed by Canadian border guards at a Manitoba port of entry after a jar containing some motor oil was mistaken for heroin.
Janet Goodin, 66, a retired girl scout registrar and grandmother of 12, was on her way to Sprague, Man., from her home in Warroad, Minn., in April when she was questioned at the border, she told CBC News on Tuesday.

The guards, with the Canada Border Services Agency, then searched her minivan and found a canning jar containing a dark liquid.
A cursory test of the liquid convinced guards it was the illicit drug and Goodin, who was heading to Canada to play bingo and visit her daughters, instead found herself heading to jail.
She was handcuffed, arrested and charged with possession of a drug for the purpose of trafficking as well as importing a controlled substance.
"I couldn't even think, I was so astounded," Goodin said.
'The inmates were all very good to me. I wasn't afraid of them at all'—Janet Goodin
"I said, 'That's not even possible.' I said, 'I'm sure it's oil that was put in there that was left over or something.' And they said, 'No, it tests positive for traces of something.'"
She had no money for bail and spent 12 days locked up at the Winnipeg Remand Centre before further testing proved the liquid was not heroin after all.
"The inmates were all very good to me. I wasn't afraid of them at all," Goodin said.
"But being locked up and [to] not know if I would ever get out in my lifetime, it was just … it was so scary."
Goodin hasn't been given an explanation from Canadian officials about what happened, or been offered an apology. She would like both and has retained a lawyer to look into filing a lawsuit.


Grandmother convicted of animal cruelty and made to wear electronic tag... for being too upset to put elderly dog down

  • Pensioner 'blinded by love' for faithful pet

Distraught: Pauline Spoor has been ordered to wear a tag (on her left leg) after she failed to have her sick dog Dexter put to sleep

When her loyal labrador became old, frail and slow, pensioner Pauline Spoor simply couldn’t bear to have him put down.
Living alone, she relied on the constant companionship of 18-year-old Dexter, who although suffering from severe arthritis and conjunctivitis, would sit quietly by her feet.
But while Mrs Spoor accepts her devotion to her sickly pet was misguided, it has brought a draconian response from authorities which has left her shocked, humiliated and, she says, treated like a common yob. 
The 71-year-old was this week hauled before the courts where, convicted of animal cruelty, she was ordered to wear an electronic tag on her ankle as part of a three-month curfew.
And the grandmother has been warned that if she breaks the community order, which forbids her leaving her house at night, she could even be sent to prison. Yesterday Mrs Spoor said: ‘I know I’ve done wrong but I feel absolutely humiliated at having to wear a tag as if I am some common criminal. It just seems so over the top.
‘I was simply guilty of being too blinded by love. Yes, he was walking slow, but I am too. We both had arthritis. I still miss him even now. He was my best friend. I knew I was wrong for not putting him to sleep, but I thought as long as his tail was still wagging and he was still wanting to come out to the field with me, I could wait a few more days.’ 

The grandmother, who was ordered to pay £250 costs, said: ‘I’ve never hurt an animal in my life. To be given a tag, I thought was disgusting. 
‘I always thought they gave people an electronic tag if they’ve got an Asbo or if they are some kind of violent yob.’

Police broke into the pensioner’s home in Hattersley, Greater Manchester, in May after being alerted by RSPCA officials. 
They found Dexter suffering from medical conditions including fur loss, arthritis, lameness in his hind leg and conjunctivitis.

He was put down shortly afterwards and the animal welfare charity charged Mrs Spoor, a divorcee, with causing Dexter unnecessary suffering. She admitted the charge before Tameside magistrates.

defendant said she had not been to a vet because he was incontinent and no bus or taxi would take him.’ Mark Harper, prosecuting, said: ‘Dexter was dull and lethargic. The 
Mrs Spoor, who rescued Dexter after he was abandoned 11 years ago, said: ‘I couldn’t afford a vet call-out. Dexter was a lovely dog. He would sense how you were feeling. If you were feeling down he’d put his paws on your knees and wagged his tail. If you started crying he’d lick your tears away.’ 


The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed – Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend?

What if the greatest scam ever perpetrated was blatantly exposed, and the US media didn’t cover it? Does that mean the scam could keep going? That’s what we are about to find out.
I understand the importance of the new WikiLeaks documents. However, we must not let them distract us from the new information the Federal Reserve was forced to release. Even if WikiLeaks reveals documents from inside a large American bank, as huge as that could be, it will most likely pale in comparison to what we just found out from the one-time peek we got into the inner-workings of the Federal Reserve. This is the Wall Street equivalent of the Pentagon Papers.
I’ve written many reports detailing the crimes of Wall Street during this crisis. The level of fraud, from top to bottom, has been staggering. The lack of accountability and the complete disregard for the rule of law have made me and many of my colleagues extremely cynical and jaded when it comes to new evidence to pile on top of the mountain that we have already gathered. But we must not let our cynicism cloud our vision on the details within this new information.
Just when I thought the banksters couldn’t possibly shock me anymore… they did.


This Is What A Collapsing Ponzi Scheme Looks Like
Housing Market Headed Off A Cliff. 10.8 Million Mortgages At Risk


Green agenda has parallels with excesses of communism

IN a serendipitous coincidence of timing, in the space of two hours this week, Australians were afforded a sharp, momentary insight into the two opposing ideological mindsets that are competing for the soul of our nation.
In a Sydney hotel on Monday night, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, an economist who fought against communism, was warning of the new threats to our freedom he recognises in the doctrine of global warming.
Almost simultaneously, in a Hobart casino, Greens senator Christine Milne was unilaterally announcing, on ABC-TV's Q&A show, that the Government would be conducting an inquiry into the section of the Australian media that she finds "extreme(ly) bias(ed) against action on climate change".
Milne's every illiberal pronouncement was greeted with applause by an audience that seemed full of tree huggers, bearded public servants and other recipients of government largesse, about the only growth industry left in Tasmania.

Klaus, on the other hand, was speaking to an audience of economic liberals and climate change realists invited by the Institute of Public Affairs, the Melbourne-based free-market think tank.
"Twenty years ago we still felt threatened by the remnants of communism. This is really over," Klaus said.
"I feel threatened now, not by global warming -- I don't see any -- (but) by the global warming doctrine, which I consider a new dangerous attempt to control and mastermind my life and our lives, in the name of controlling the climate or temperature."
Klaus, 70, who has twice been elected as Czech President and is its former prime minister, is one of the most important figures in post-communist Europe. His experiences under totalitarian rule have made him exquisitely alert to the erosion of democratic freedoms.


Losing in Libya

Craig Murray

July 27, 2011

Gaddafi now controls 20% more territory than he did before we started this odious bombing campaign. He has been able to hold more and better attended rallies of more genuine supporters in recent days than he ever could before we started bombing. Exactly as I predicted, the effect of NATO bombing has been to rally nationalist support around Gaddafi, whom we have stupidly put in a much stronger position than he was when he only faced genuine internal rebellion.
The French and British have now backed down, and both have agreed that Gaddafi will be able to remain in Libya as part of any transition deal. That amounts to an acceptance that he will be the power behind the throne. The problem is, of course, that it is Gaddafi who is growing stronger and NATO which is growing weaker, with political will to keep killing crumbling as surely as NATO economies and currencies.
Hague and Cameron have moved, from abject weakness, to a position of allowing Gaddafi to remain in Libya, which they adamantly rejected three months ago. Then, there was some hope Gaddafi might have accepted it. Now, he has no need to accept a face-saving deal for NATO. He can just sit and watch them dwindle.

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Naked man tasered, maced and beaten by police


Awakening the World - 25 July 2011 -


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