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Angelina County jury finds man guilty of evading arrest after being mistaken for burglar in his own home

A jury on Wednesday found a Lufkin man guilty of resisting arrest in his home after police mistook him for a burglar. A judge then sentenced the man to serve 30 days in jail and pay a $500 fine.
Marco Sauceda, 30, entered Angelina County Court-at-Law No. 2 Judge Derek Flournoy’s courtroom Wednesday morning wearing a tan button-down shirt and navy dress slacks, but by the end of the day found himself in county orange.
Following a one-day trial and four-hour deliberation, a six-person Angelina County jury concluded Sauceda was guilty of resisting arrest on March 15, 2009, while being pepper-sprayed, shot with a pepper ball gun and wrestled to the ground by Lufkin Police officers in his living room, according to testimony.


Anonymous & LulzSec Lash Out at FBI: “We’re Not Going Anywhere”

Anonymous and LulzSec, the two hacker groups responsible for some of the most high-profile cyber attacks of the past year, have issued a defiant statement in the wake of a recent FBI crackdown on the groups.
The statement is a direct response to FBI Deputy Assistant Director Steve Chabinsky, who made a statement after the FBI arrested 16 suspected members of Anonymous on Wednesday:
“We want to send a message that chaos on the Internet is unacceptable, [even if] hackers can be believed to have social causes, it’s entirely unacceptable to break into websites and commit unlawful acts,” Chabinsky said.
Anonymous and LulzSec, responsible for hacking gaming websitesbreaching the U.S. Senate’s security andtaking down the Sony PlayStation Network, didn’t take kindly to Chabinsky’s words. The groups lashed out ina statement, saying that they find governments lying to citizens and corporations taking advantage of citizens unacceptable.
“These governments and corporations are our enemy,” the joint statement proclaimed. “And we will continue to fight them, with all methods we have at our disposal, and that certainly includes breaking into their websites and exposing their lies.”
The two groups continued, saying that the threat of arrest is meaningless because an idea cannot be arrested. “It is our mission to help these people and there is nothing — absolutely nothing — you can possibly to do make us stop.”
read hackers full statement here..

(lissynote: im not sure how i feel about anonymous... it sounds good, but feels funny... feels too slick, not that there aren't some clever evolutionaries out there, I just don't believe we need to follow anybody else's call to action, but our hearts,  in each moment)


Kate Tempest - Renegade - OneTaste Video


“Sucker Punch” or How to Make Monarch Mind Control Sexy

Sucker Punch is an action fantasy thriller that promises its viewers two things: girls and explosions. And it delivers both. But behind the slur of short skirts and CGI effects hides a disturbing underlying story: Sucker Punch is about the life of a mind control slave who dissociates from reality to escape the trauma caused by abuse. This article looks at the hidden meaning and symbolism in Sucker Punch.

he movie does come across as confusing, because there is one important fact about this movie that is not known to most viewers that makes the movie (slightly more) cohesive and coherent: Sucker Punchis about trauma-based mind control. It tells the story of a victim of Monarch Programming (more specifically Beta or Kitten programming) as she becomes increasingly dissociative. The movie takes place in the slave’s psyche, where dissociation is a defence mechanism to escape the unbearable trauma of abuse. The deep dark secrets of Monarch mind control are never truly presented on screen yet they are implied in meanings and symbols throughout the movie.

lissynote: i love these vigilant citizen articles, the first one may find you disbelieving... the next five, incredulous... after ten or twenty... you start seeing their symbols for yourself, all over all countries, across all media, arts, supermarkets, corporations etc etc etc and you wonder what they will 'hide in plain sight' for us next...


"Jack the Ripper" was Winston Churchill's Father

July 21, 2011

According to John Hamer, the Masonic ritual murder of four prostitutes was carried out by Winston Churchill's father, Lord Randolph Spencer Churchill, 1849-1895 (left.) The prostitutes were blackmailing the royal family.   
"Churchill was not only the 'brains' behind the entire operation, but he was also personally responsible for the cutting of Masonic emblems and symbols into the bodies of the victims, whilst William Gull's surgeon's hands  performed the organ removals."

John Hamer, 59,  has a horse-racing business in Yorkshire. This is an excerpt from his book, 'The Falsification of History - Our Distorted Reality' which will be published in mid 2012.  John can be contacted at

by John Hamer

The story begins in the late summer of 1888, the heyday of Queen Victoria's reign, in the gas-lit streets of London, when a woman's horrifically mutilated body was discovered in a tawdry slum street in the Whitechapel area of east London....

On the evening of the 31st August 1888 the body of Mary Ann Nicholls, a common prostitute, was found prostrate on a pavement. She had been brutally hacked to death, her throat having been slit. Devastating cuts to her torso exposed her internal organs.  She was the first of five victims of the now legendary killer 'Jack the Ripper'.

The so-called 'Ripper' murders came under the jurisdiction of the London Metropolitan Police Force and in particular an Inspector by the name of Frederick George Abberline.

It is important to note that the diaries of Frederick Abberline did not see light of day until around 70 years after the unsolved murders. They were in the possession of Walter Sickert, art tutor to Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence otherwise known by his colloquial name of 'Prince Eddy'. 

Eddy was the eldest son of Albert Edward the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Princess Alexandra (later Queen Alexandra), the grandson of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria and older brother of the future king of England, King George V and as such would have been first in line to the throne. 

Unfortunately, due to centuries of Royal in-breeding, Eddy was partially deaf and of well below average intelligence and was thus shunned by the majority of his cold-hearted family.

Queen Victoria, the reigning monarch at the time was a great supporter and patron of Freemasonry as were all the Royal males of the age (and as they still are today).  Indeed it was the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family (the current British royals) had sponsored the rise of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, originally a Freemasonry offshoot, in Bavaria in the 18th century.   Weishaupt was indeed born and raised in the Bavarian town of Gotha.

There are several Masonic lodges in the Royal palaces of Britain, the most significant one perhaps being the Royal Alpha Lodge in Kensington Palace.  In 1885 Prince Eddy was initiated into the Royal Alpha Lodge at the behest of his father.

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