Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Police role plan for Army officers

Army officers could be parachuted into the highest police ranks as part of a major Government shake-up.
Downing Street is looking at changes that would establish an "officer class" in local forces, according to the Sunday Times.
Senior intelligence personnel, civil servants and lawyers could also be fast-tracked into top positions, while university graduates could be put through a Sandhurst-style college to speed their progress.
A Home Office spokeswoman said: "As the Prime Minister said in the House of Commons this week, we are interested in radical proposals for the future of leadership and training in the police service.
"Tom Winsor, the Government's independent reviewer of police pay and conditions, is considering the issue of entry into the police service and will make recommendations in the second part of his review, due to be published early next year."


Police Beat Man After He Finds Out His Son Committed Suicide.


Japanese government killing its own people in Fukushima


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