Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Ways Obama Covertly Intimidated and Attacked Legal Medical Marijuana in 2011

When Obama ran for the presidency, it was no secret that he was an occasional marijuana user in his youth and still a regular cigarette smoker. He made no attempts to rebuke his history of drug use and he seemed sympathetic to marijuana users, especially for legal medical purposes. In fact, he took the position that he would leave it up to the states, and because of that he garnered many endorsements and votes from medical marijuana users.

As Obama and the rest of the millions of cannabis users know firsthand, it is beyond foolish to label it a Schedule 1 drug. It is so obviously less dangerous and far more beneficial than thousands of other legal substances, that it's only a matter of time before collective common sense overwhelms the conspiracy that keeps it illegal.

Yet, even though 16 states have now legalized medical marijuana use, Obama has reneged on his campaign rhetoric and continues Bush's policy of aggressive federal action to undermine state laws. In California, where medical cannabis has been legal for over 15 years, the armed raids of dispensaries and grow-ops continued in plain sight under Obama. But, apparently, the hypocrisy became too exposed by tyrannical SWAT-style raids on lawful businesses and patients that the Feds had to figure out more creative ways to eradicate medical marijuana.

The Administration is clearly not in favor of states rights as they seem to use any excuse to target marijuana.

Here are five backdoor ways the Feds have targeted legal medical marijuana in 2011:

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