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Left Brain Vs Right Brain from One AWESOME Teacher

Lissynote~ I absolutely love to listen to David Icke. His research and personal fortitude have enabled me to learn more in the last 5 years than I ever pieced together from school and university, parents family and friends and all other 'authorities of knowledge' combined.

 Since I first listened to a youtube vid of his on 9~11 and The London bombings, and I thought 'well if he is crazy wrong about the queen being a shapeshifting reptile I don't mind, he's done some serious research on so many other topics, he is funny, down to earth, strong, defiant, and can talk with great charisma, without notes, for longer than anyone I've ever been so thrilled to listen to. The best thing he taught me was to see ridicule for what it is, a cheap way to police each other and keep us in limitation.

Who cares if the Queen IS part 'Liz'ard, or if he's way off the mark. I have learned to let my mind entertain many radical thoughts without committing to any information as 'solid'. His teachings have inspired me to become more free and internally powerful than I ever realised was possible. I owe him a lot for being exactly as he is.

It's funny to think after watching him on youtube for about a year, I ordered one of his books from a bookstore in Sydney, Australia, because I couldn't find anyone who stocked his books.  I said to my friend Jess, "I have just bought one of David Ickes' books, so if I believe the queen is a lizard after reading this, you can have me committed."  We laughed, but I was really worried I was getting sucked into some sort of cult.

However, how can you argue with a teacher whose bottom line teaching is

Last year I made a friend who told me she worked in a new age bookshop in USA in the late '90's who for years, stocked his many books, but kept them hidden out the back, only available to those who asked, as to even display his books might reduce the credibility of the store!
How things can change, the tides turn, he is just going from strength to strength and has been and is a major catalyst to deprogram and heal many of us brainwashed masses.
He's not alone in his theories, his research comes from the sources of many great teachers. It's just he has devoted his life to connecting the many dots in ways very few others have, and helping unenslave anyone who'll listen.

One of the reasons why I became active in the truth searching movement, and made my learnings public, was because of my gratitude and respect for David Icke. I was very aware that he was "risking his life" to stand up and say what he believes is really going on in the international corrupt governments. I knew the best way to support him was to also make of myself a little target, and maybe oneday I will inspire someone who wants to take any potential 'heat' off me by making themselves too, a little target... and so on and on it goes until the great majority of us have reclaimed our birthright, freedom from enslavement.  He will be remembered as one of the greatest revolutionaries in the history of the world.

More great stuff from the website... for all you mavericks out there



The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

The process of mainstream ‘education’ swamps the left side of the brain with the system’s version of reality by communicating ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ information based on ‘observable evidence’. Students are then told to retain this information, and revise it thoroughly, before taking something called an ‘exam’ in which they must repeat to the system what the system has told them to believe.
If they do this really well they pass their exams and ‘progress’. Well done, Johnny, well done Jane, good marks. If they go on doing this really well they might even go to university and get a degree to mark their degree of programming. How programmed are you? I’ve got a first class degree. Oh, first class programming, well done you.
A study by Kyung Hee Kim, professor of education for the College of William and Mary in Virginia, focused on the creativity of school age children between kindergarten and 12th grade using the measurement known as the Torrance tests of creative thinking.
He found a ‘massive’ decline of creativity the longer the students progressed through the school system as ‘children have become less emotionally expressive, less energetic, less talkative and verbally expressive, less humorous, less imaginative, less unconventional, less lively and passionate, less perceptive, less apt to connect seemingly irrelevant things, less synthesizing, and less likely to see things from a different angle.’
These are all traits of the expansive, maverick, dot-connecting right hemisphere of the brain which the education (programming) system suppresses to allow the left-brain to dominate perception and collectively create a left-brain society.
Young people all over the world stress and worry waiting for their exam results desperately hoping that they have successfully told the system what it has told them to believe. I left school aged 15 (couldn’t wait) to play professional football and never took a major exam in my life. Phew, what an escape.
Exam passes and degrees allow you to choose a specialisation of science, medicine, academia, law or even politics and media which are dominated by degree-passers. Would-be scientists, doctors, academics and the like then take more exams and tell their speciality institutions what they have been told to believe, and if they do this very well they become a ‘scientist’, doctor, lawyer or professor of something or other and they may even be so successful that they go on to run those institutions. How lovely, except for one little problem.
It’s all BOLLOCKS.
This ‘rational logic’ based on ‘observable evidence’ is illusion. What is considered ‘rational’ is merely a point of observation dictated by your sense of what is real. If that sense of reality is bloody nonsense to start with then so will be your ‘rationality’ and the same with what is perceived to be ‘logical’.
This is in keeping with the so-called ‘Icke’s Law’, discovered by a man called David Icke after long experience and much observation, which contends that bollocks begets bollocks. It is, apparently, closely associated with the law of cause and effect.
Bollocks begets bollocks and that is why human society is drowning in bollocks.

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