Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who Are "THEY". The Hierarchy Enslaving You

The Freak Cancerous Organism Devouring the World

by Zen Gardner
When you witness this pacman type insatiable banking and corporate devouring of any and everything possible from countries to companies to public branding to full spectrum media and advertising dominance, you have to liken this insanity to a cancer.
One organism is seeking to devour and own it all.
This organism is not benevolent. It seeks its own agenda and self-serving survival. Independence and diversity are its enemies. Homogenous universality of a standardized, easily controlled diluted human morass is its design.
Don’t be pounded into becoming another minion of their universal one-world bullshit. It’s dehumanizing, degrading, destructive and downright demonic. You will no longer be your own person, but a programmed gnome doomed to a life of volunteer slavery.
And you won’t even know it.

pacman copy

The Corporate Arm of the Banksters

What is the arm of the controllers? Who has the money and power besides the banksters to manipulate society? Who are the go-to guys to pillage and plunder and control the movements of society?
The big money boys are totally intertwined with the corporate moguls. You’ll notice there are less and less small companies as the mega-large corporations absorb whomever they want, especially their competitors or those out to expose them. It’s the perfect picture of the world takeover.
And to you?
It matters big time. But you have to wake up first.

The “They” Hurdle

Those on the verge of getting the big picture are starting to at least see this corporate raping of the world in conjunction with the obvious bankster manipulations. It’s almost as if the masks have been removed and they’re operating in full sight of everyone.
The problem arises when those almost awakened have to realize there is a “they” behind all this to truly give them the call to action and conscious awakening. And this is where so many get hung up. It’s too much to grasp, because there’s too much at stake.
To realize there is a “they”, i.e. a grand conspiracy, one way grander than they could have ever imagined, would mean having to respond. Consciously responding would mean extricating themselves and those they love from the grip of this monstrous web of deceit– call it the matrix, the system, the grand illusion or whatever. That also means giving up all the treats and goodies and self-indulgences that this grand whorish system has been mainlining into them to keep them doped up and seemingly happy.
More than that, it means giving up your self – your whole idea of who you are, why you’re here, what you’re meant to do in this life. It means giving up that big fat ego we’ve all been taught to feed our whole lives, and everything that feeds it.


Free At Last!

And that my friend is a glorious, wondrous and exhilarating experience as you embark on a truly alive and conscious existence! All quickly makes sense, the illusion crumbles around you, and the experience you were meant to have in this existence enters the eternal now!
Now that is a happy ending! Or should I say beginning!
And you can stand back in real peace as you watch the matrix crumble in on itself, helping others escape the illusory rubble with a song of love in your heart…
Much love, Zen

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