Saturday, January 26, 2013

Small Victory For Babs Tucker, Bringing Truth To Light



I would like to thank everyone who has visited The Parliament Square Peace Campaign and sent messages of support recently.
Yesterday the Metropolitan Police wrote to me claiming that they were trying to return - two tents - (out of the very many they have stolen), despite police liaison being filmed previously saying they could not return - any - tents.

Therefore, since I asked for two tents, and they claim they are returning two tents, I have decided, for the time being to break the 30 day Hunger Strike, because I don't want to die.

I do want to be able to continue to peacefully campaign, because we still have much we can do.

Unfortunately I remain unwell, and require further medical treatment, as a result of the violent assault by "police" the other day.

So the Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police really do need to stop playing their vicious games and the tents do need to really come back and stay up, or I will continue, where I left off, with the Hunger Strike.

The people must - always - be able to peacefully campaign outside Parliament, "for as long as it takes", to protect life.
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What British police thugs do to people protesting against war and the slaughter of the innocent

Taking an umbrella from a hunger striker and then putting her in casualty - you couldn't make it up and unfortunately you don't have to

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