Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chile considers "legalising" Ayahuasca...

A Chilean court ruled that ayahuasca is beneficial to health and therefore its use should not be penalized, an act of collective consciousness that seems to advance the revival of psychedelic medicine and introduicrnos a little more to the mystery of a plant that continues tradition of the drink of the gods, the soma.
“The more apt we are to make the unconscious conscious, the greater the amount of life we integrate.” – Carl G. Jung
A few days ago a court in Chile ruled that ayahuasca is not a substance harmful to health. In contrast, this compound may be highly beneficial to the welfare of human beings. A mystery is revealed in this herb, as a vine metaphysical joins heaven and earth, the soul with the body and the conscious mind with the unconscious.
Make an ayahuasca ceremony may have cost him a couple seven years in prison. Luckily Cesar Ahumada Lira, 42, and her partner, Danae Dimitra Saenz, 41, were acquitted by the trial court IV Oral Criminal Santiago, Chile.
“The court came to the conviction that far from being a danger to public health, developed by the defendants conduct has brought important benefits to many people, several of whom recounted their experiences in Court,” the legal document released EFE.
The event marks an important precedent in the use of this powerful psychedelic drug, which for millennia has been a part of the cosmology of Amazonian Indians and which now seems to be one of the most interesting alternatives to end addiction to hard drugs, chronic depression and even cure cancer.
The ayahuasca or “spirit vine” is the result of the firing of two plants, liana Banisteriopsis caapi commonly (which acts as an enzyme inhibitor and is popularly known by the same name in ayahuasca) and a plant containing DMT ( generally used the plant known as Psychotria viridis chacruna).
The judges noted that Chilean law does not prohibit the cultivation of these plants, nor the International Narcotics Control inspects concoctions derived from them. What is prohibited is the consumption of DMT (dimethyltryptamine), at least in its synthetic form (DMT, which is naturally found in the human brain).   read on..

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