Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where there's a Will There's a Way...

10 Obstacles to Achieving Personal Independence

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Independence and self-sufficiency is built into the very fabric of any pioneering nation or society. The modern world, by contrast -- particularly the U.S. -- is in a dangerous predicament as life on the homestead has been traded for lives in suits within urban environments.

Running in tandem with this reduction in physical self-sufficiency is the emergence of global governance that seeks a post-industrial world where people are destined to be centrally managed along with resources by a comparably tiny but powerful group of elites.

Clearly it is becoming more difficult to achieve personal independence. But it is still possible with knowledge and planning. In order to achieve personal independence, it is essential to first identify the obstacles being presented, then do everything in our power to find ways over or around what is being put in our path to freedom.  read on...

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