Sunday, September 16, 2012

Synchronicity killed the athiest

  by Zen Gardner
First of all, the mystical synchronicity mechanism just is. It’s a manifestation of the great conscious Universal Truth that underlies and drives everything with or without our conscious recognition of it.
To me it distills down to neophyte mankind uncovering clearly connecting events that supersede our mental understandings. And when we do it serves as an inspiration and continual wake up call.
To the ancients this was natural.

On Synchronicity

Here’s some interesting quotes:
Synchronicity – the unexpected merging of two separate events that are emotionally and/or vibrationally connected with each other that come together in outer or inner reality. These events are brought about by vibrational affinity, not through one’s own will.
In a deep sense, all of life is based on synchronicity, since we are at all times emitting energetic impulses without the conscious self being aware of it, and these energetic impulses find their way into the spiritual matrix of which we are a part, drawing to us those people, places, things, and events that will interact most fully with the energy we are sending forth. Viewed in this light, all of life is ‘synchronized’ with our readiness to experience.
The great mystery and beauty of life lies in this: that life’s unfoldment is exquisitely geared to our readiness to receive it. For better or worse, we are the co-creators of the great Mystery that represents the shape of our life.

Follow the Leads

We can only live and learn. That there is more than this matrix of societal interaction and worldly understanding has been ridiculed and marginalized for ages. Truth is we’re in an inter-dimensional soup we’re only barely aware of.
Learn to live and deal with that.
Stay fully conscious. That’s all that matters.
Love, Zen

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