Friday, May 24, 2013

Ask No Questions SHH Sandy Hook Hoax Investigator Shafted

An independent investigator from New York was arrested for asking state officials questions and discussing the investigation on YouTube. His bail is set at $50,000.

22-year-old Jonathan Reich of Flushing, NY
22-year-old Jonathan Reich of Flushing, NY
by Cassius Methyl
May 22, 2013
As so called terrorist attacks and mass shootings seem to be happening more frequently, the criminal police state is cracking down on activists exercising their right to free speech , and making ludicrous examples out of clearly innocent people.
Activist Jonathan Reich has been charged with making threats to state officials , particularly medical examiner Wayne Carver, after allegedly calling his office and questioning the official Sandy Hook narrative.

Perhaps more importantly, he posted YouTube videos in which he pointed out Dr. Wayne Carver’s strange behavior and irritability when being asked questions on the day of the shooting. Not only that, but since his arrest, his YouTube account has been suspended.

For independently investigating this event and calling a ‘state official’, he is being charged with making threats to state officials, and his bail is set at $50,000. So when will activists not be locked in cages for unconstitutional laws, in an obvious attempt to silence their contagious objective thinking?
Maybe people putting their right to free speech to good use won’t be locked in cages so often if we spread the word about these incidents.



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