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Sunday, May 26th, 2013

First off, the upcoming excerpt I’m ranting about, believe it or not, is entitled: Obama Blames Internet for Domestic Terrorism – which you’ll see below.
You might as well outlaw the air for empowering their fictional terrorists, and likewise outlaw inanimate guns that kill people, and SUV entities that drive over pedestrians.

First Off…(Aside:)

I’d like to know why the hell he doesn’t think to mention fucking violent Hollywood movies and video games and all the crap the corporations are programming the populace with for this violence accusation bullshit. Ooops, doesn’t go with the sponsored control program.
Selective targeting, Mr. OB, like your death dealing drone program…that works so efficiently?
Lying hypocrite bastard.
Go to hell. You’re a fraud and a puppet. A piece of public trash that needs to be buried in the dungheap. You represent nothing but the occult military industrial complex who report to even more nefarious sources while pretending to your peeps you’re some kind of commie insider for the communalist good.
What a dupe. You make me sick.
Real humans dwarf your puny lack of substance, you suck up sycophant for a temporal place in the sun. You are Bill Clinton, George Bush, Peanutbutter Carter and a host of other shallow sell outs who took their obligatory place in the sun. GW Senior, he was the real possessed deal. Want that?
You couldn’t even be that, although you’ve been told you will. What a dupe! Too shallow to be possessed. So very sad.
Suck it, dipshit, whomever cloned you. Bozo the Clone, that name suit you? I think so. So do many millions more. Try to put that fire of massive public awareness out, with your array of armed protectors sponsored by the dark side agenda. Enjoy the ride to hell, sellout. The Caesars come to mind? Should. You’re just another fool in a long line of stooged puppets.
So cut the crap, we see through you.
We, however, are eternal. We’ve already won in this little tussle you see so insanely violently. Deal with it, you bastard(s).
(Just thought I’d get all that in before the net shuts down, ha!)

All That To Say – We’re There

As you can once again tell the insanity has crescendoed into full blown mega-Orwellian Newspeak. Seems the Obummer illusion took the next step necessary as they approach a total fascist clampdown on a targeted, fully fabricated enemy. Just watch how many fall for it.
Fear is quite the tool.
We’ll see much more to exacerbate this control mechanism. More false flags, more ginned up hate propaganda, all easy for these fascists – oops, might get censored - to create out of thin air.
Fuck ‘em. Speak truth. Don’t shut up for anyone!
It’s time.


[Might as well be O-blame-a. Asshole has everyone else to blame but him for anything while he golfs and snorts coke...]

Obama Blames Internet for Domestic Terrorism

In his speech yesterday, Obama said that information available online fuels ‘violent agendas’ through ‘hateful propaganda’ that drives terrorism. Warning that ‘internet materials’ are fueling domestic terror threats and actually causing people to go out and commit mass acts of terrorism, Obama is once again following in the footsteps of his fellow control freak associates in assaulting the openness of the internet that is now a hot spring for alternative news amid the frozen depths of the mainstream media.
In the speech, Obama said:
“Today, a person can consume hateful propaganda, commit themselves to a violent agenda and learn how to kill without leaving their home.”
The simple reality is that the internet is the largest threat to corrupt government officials. It’s how we managed to break open the entire IRS scandal that has blown up in Obama’s face and led to calls for criminal action against top officials responsible for targeting Constitution-based groups with phony financial assaults. It’s also how we know about the truth surrounding Benghazi and what went down there. An event that has also generated serious awareness and even calls for impeachment. MORE HERE>>

It Sucks

I have no pleasure in exposing this shit. It upsets me more every day. That such atrocities against freedom in a land that once had the balls, apparently, to stand up for it, is beyond distressing. Knowing my kids and grandkids will possibly grow up in such an environment causes serious heartache.
Wouldn’t you agree?
It sucks. That people lay down and take this? That it’s perpetrated in the name of a free society and a government that says it cares and has “hope” for you? It’s beyond surreal.
You know why? It’s here and it’s now and it’s happening to you and me. Before you know it this whole internet forum of exchange will be tied in chains and so fucked up politically correct you’ll wonder if you’re on the same planet or where the hell thinking went to.
That’s how it happens.
Just wanted to give a heads up…and a good rant. This is serious shit going down now.
Each Machiavellian move is greeted with congressional applause and media complicity.
We’re there. Get your act together, get grounded and prepared, this is it.
The spiritual preparation and recognition of reality is primary. But the rest must follow.
Much love, Zen

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