Monday, May 13, 2013

Why Do We Weep? Zen Gardner


by Zen Gardner
It’s not easy to stay sensitive in such a cruel, insensitive world but it’s imperative. That’s the beauty of empathic souls – they have open and loving hearts, even if it hurts, which is why each of us needs to generate and receive so much love and encouragement.
Loving empathy is its own reward, even if we’re not showered directly, personally with supporting human love. The spiritual is supreme. Connection to Source is our unfailing, unflinching infinite supply line of everything we need. But it’s sure nice when that consciousness is manifest in another human being and can be shared.
That’s true interpersonal love.

Heartbreak Makes Love

I had a visceral, deeply emotional reaction to Peak Crackers’ recent work of love “VA’s Disability Claims Backlog Pushes 900,000“. If you haven’t watched it yet please do so before continuing.
Maybe my reaction is reflecting something I am going through subconsciously, or just one of those periodic releases I have, but it busted me up good. Just walking with my wife later in the day yesterday recounting how much it impacted me I was weeping in the street and couldn’t stop for some time.
Since then I keep re-breaking at the memory of his piece or the touching comments and messages from dear Veteran friends I’ve grown close to on the site. When I read this this morning I lost it so bad I’m still soggy long after and it just keeps coming.
You’ll see why.
Approaching the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial wall, it was very quiet…only sounds of muffled words and weeping. Locating the names of good friends, I felt their names engraved as the tears poured forth.
I spoke their names softly…standing shoulder to shoulder with other vets who were dealing with their anguish.
After composing myself, I turned to see so many onlookers, some weeping, some hand over mouth……all reverent and silent.
All gave some and some gave all. – Randall
I don’t know how to express fully my shared pain and empathy with men like Randall and Chautauqua and so many others who’ve undergone these horrors which haunt them spiritually and physically the rest of their lives. I can only weep and take it to the heart of Universe where all things make sense somehow and there’s love, strength and healing – and maybe get a few other things addressed that are breaking or plaguing my heart about this crazy world here at the same time.
That’s the real secret. Some call it prayer. Some call it meditation. Some call it intention and the rest. I’m not sure what to call it. Real prayer to me is not some vain repetition or abject reliance on an outside source for rescue, although there are wonderful outside influences to draw on. But phony, debilitating playing on emotion and belief constructs is how religion has crippled humanity and its true spirituality. Yes, there is Something to tap into and release and we’re all part of it.
It’s more akin to activation and release, and the more it happens the greater the knowing experience of Infinite Source’s existence and power.
That’s why I’m excited about the time we live in, we’re going to see some heavy duty manifestations of this on-going awakening, an exponential mass release of Infinite potential in the face of this onslaught of abject hate and lies.


War – The Ultimate Evil

I was in the Vietnam war draft lottery while in college, a frightful experience for my generation, and sure enough my number was picked and I got called in. I failed the physical due to a heart arrhythmia issue and was released. Just the physical was like going into a meat processing center. The kids in there were all scared spitless as we were handled like cattle and shuffled about in our underwear.
I have known many who served. Almost no one ever wanted to talk about it.
War is an ongoing horror that our Orwellian world has come to willingly embrace. The other option of seeing it for what it is is too much to bear and take responsibility for. An overtly callous, willingly ignorant world it’s become which is why a cataclysm is inevitable.
Peek really splayed that VA issue wide open, exposing the underlying contrived nature of these inhumane wars. Soldiers are glorified going in to fight and sacrifice for the rulers, and then ignored, abused and even vilified on returning. It’s a very revealing, heart rending and therapeutic experience if you let this horrendous reality touch you.
Here’s a fitting poem by Chautauqua:
Behold the weary war vet,
the war long over, yet…
despite the polite word please,
the fed treats him like disease,
dragging their heartless feet,
making him live in the street.
Money they have for bloody war,
but for the Vets, there ain’t no more.
So a million claims sit dusty in closets,
the men who sent them ignored ’cause it’s
just easier for it to remain a big mystery,
than to expose the real truth for history.


Empathize or Cauterize

I feel strongly that if we don’t allow ourselves to have broken hearts for the lost and suffering we’re virtually useless consciousness and a betrayal to Source. True heartfelt empathy heals and strengthens ourselves and those around us as we go through this voyage. Letting these sincere emotions course through us, whether it be sharing the pain of battered and betrayed veterans, or the sadness of the passing of a dear friend, they’re good for us and are a wonderful opportunity to draw closer to Source.
Using these deep experiences as an energy carrier signal to piggy back other issues on our hearts and minds into the great bosom of Love is a real key. When channeled consciously from the heart, these experiences lead to much greater intuitive understandings, strength of spirit, and that deep, deep peace that passes understanding.
Those who cannot move with these fully awake empathic spiritual impulses in effect have become cauterized. The media works hard at this, bashing the collective head with desensitizing, violent images and propaganda constantly. That’s why they do it. Not just to promote their programs, but to shut down our conscious awareness, the all-empowering Source of love and light, that’s what they fear the most.
There are also those that are simply incapable of empathy. They are the ultimate perpetrators of these lies and atrocities.

Our Warfare Is Spiritual

The forces of darkness cannot overcome the Light, as hard as they may try. Any success they may seem to have at harnessing humanity for their own ends is so very temporary. While we are infinite spiritual beings, they are temporal, parasitic forces.
Keep that in mind, no matter how things may appear at times.
Let’s fully manifest and get this era done away with by letting Universe work fully through us. It happens one heart at a time, but each of us has to keep doing what we’re each meant to do and be.
Stay soft and loving, strong yet supple. Our weapons are spiritual, don’t let them entice you into their arena.
Thank all of you who give so much. Please now how loved and appreciated you are by so, so many.
Let it flow – we’re just getting started!
Love always, Zen

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