Friday, May 31, 2013

Charlie Veitch Been 'Assisting The Cop's For too Long


This is Charlie Veitch before he self-promoted himself as a 'truthseeker' with a megaphone. He is claiming to be a 'city worker' in an interview with the BBC after the innocent newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson was killed by police.
Listen to what Veitch said and then look at what actually happened. Did you research this, Mr Storr, it is only a few taps on the Internet? Oh, sorry, how silly of me.
This is the footage of what really happened to Ian Tomlinson, a newspaper seller on his way home, who died minutes after this was shot ... what were you saying again Mr Veitch?
From his flip floppy own lips....
an email exchange where Charlie asks for an endorsement from Icke
Posted by
Hi David,
I've been following your website and videos for a long time now, and still hold a great deal of respect for you - I wish for peace and for you to please understand that we are fighting the same forces here - regardless of how I didn't think the Americans did 9/11, I do believe Mossad was following the whole plot from the start.
As you can imagine, the continued witch-hunt against me has been very stressful and damaging, and it distracts me from my work which I see as very similar to yours. In fact, I implement your teachings out on the street.
What I ask, because I do say kind things about you in my videos - is that you please say something good about me - your voice carries a lot of currency and I have worked SO hard over the last year to awaken people. I hope you see that in my work.
you know what people are like; you taught me that we outsheep the sheep and I feel a kind word from you would do wonders for bringing us all together.
With regards
(just had a beautiful baby boy, he's called Leonidas)
Hello Charlie ... I don't know you, mate. I have only met you briefly once and then suddenly I see you go back on all that you claimed to stand for.
When I say, rightly as it turned out, that you would regret doing that in the way that you did, you say I have no class and indicate I was making some sort of threat when I was just stating the obvious. I don't mind about that, I have been called far worse and continue to be so, but put together it ain't a great character reference, mate, is it?
I have been sent several videos here and there attacking you over the months and I have not had them posted because there are more important matters at hand and it is way past the time to move on from all this, anyway.
Apart from that, what am I supposed to say? I don't know you.
You hurt a lot of decent people trying to do decent things by what you said and did and it is up to you to rebuild those bridges by your actions, Charlie, not through words from me when, because I don't know you, I couldn't say anything that I knew to be true.
Congratulations on your new-born. Nothing puts life into perspective more than that.
all the best,

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