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Spivy On The Boston Bullshit. Doesn't Disappoint

Without a leg to stand on

Posted by admin On April - 26 - 2013
Christopher Spivey

Let’s take the gloves off and talk some more about the Boston bombs.
Or as I prefer to put it. Lets really put the cat amongst the pigeons. Sometimes, its the only way.
Have you noticed how all the main players in the Boston Bombings Bollocks are all fucking heroes, from the victims through to those who helped out? Quite strange really coming from a nation who are that fucking scared of perceived terrorist attacks that they are prepared to give up their liberty to stop them.
Neither am I just picking on the Americans. We have our own nation of brain dead cowards over here in the UK too.
So why are all these players heroes?
The obvious answer to that is because injured heroes and people rallying round with no thought for their own safety not only evokes patriotic feelings, they also ensure that no one dare question the official narrative.
I mean, who the fuck would dare question the motives of a real life hero who has just had his or her world torn apart by having his or her legs blown off?
Wellll… Me for one.
“Please don’t do this Spivey”.
Fuck off.
You see, I don’t believe a single fucking word of it. Its all bollocks!
This isn’t a fucking game I’m playing here. These mad cunts have to be stopped and if that means I have to rip into a crippled ‘hero’ to expose the sham, then I have no problem with that what so ever.

Course, the fact that I have already been calling these horribly maimed people liars, has resulted in around half the comments left on the article ‘There’s non so blind as them who will not see’ implying in no uncertain terms that I am a Vagina.
A not very well vagina at that!
Course, 90% of these comments don’t get past Carl and are simply trashed. However, don’t go thinking that they were trashed because Carl only lets the nice comments through.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
I certainly have no objections to someone calling me a sick cunt, as long as they can explain to me why I am. And, I’m afraid to say that me, questioning the Boston bomb victims authenticity is not a valid reason.
Therefore, I give you due warning now that I am going to upset all you ‘right minded ‘ patriots in a few moments.
Then, once you have read what I have to say, unless you have a valid argument to counter the evidence that I am about to put forward, you are wasting your time calling me a sick cunt, because your comment will never see the light of day.
Course, I find it really strange that those who do call me a sick cunt, an idiot, or a crazy conspiracy theorist etc, etc, etc, chose to read what I have to say in the first place then get really mad and leave an abusive comment that in no way refutes what I have said.
And some clever spunk bubble had the cheek to leave a comment asking me if I had nothing better to do. Oh the irony.
Yet, I’m the one who needs to “get a grip” apparently!
I find that a little condescending to be honest.
After all, I don’t even bother starting to read something that I think is going to be bollocks let alone take the time to comment on it… Apart from the Daily Mail of course.
But get this! According to the great and the good, it’s me who’s a half wit… You really couldn’t make this shit up no matter how hard you tried.
And when all’s said and done, this site isn’t compulsory. I’m not ramming my views down their throats. I’m not stopping them from starting their own website and airing their views… Yet I’m the crazy, closed minded cunt?
Put another way, if these people know that the official version is true, then why the fuck do they seek out sites like mine and get so upset? Now that to me is crazy.
Even more so when you consider that people who think like me are in the minority. Having said that, closed minded freaks do tend to dislike minorities.
Crazier still is going to the trouble of typing out a long rant, making up a false email address and then posting their inane, ill conceived badly thought out comment, when it is never going to be read by anyone other than Carl… And I wouldn’t think Carl would read any further than he had to… Yet the slimy boogers question if I have nothing better to do.
“Are they Quare Spivey”?
Yes. Yes, I should jolly well think so.
Course, if the quare cunts are right and I am crazy, what kind of sane person goes about launching a venomous tirade of abuse at someone who is soft in the head? If that is a right minded, civil society then I want no part of it to be honest.
A lot of the comments that Carl has let through are either from supposed friends of Jeff Bauman, the fella in the wheel chair with the bit of pipe sticking out the bottom of his leg, or friends of a friend whose dog is a friend of the dog who lives two blocks away from Jeff’s uncle. Strange how all these friends have fake names and email addresses though, don’t cha think?
The other pointless comments that Mr Green (if indeed that is his real name) lets through all include the trump, “get out of that one you sick cunt” question, which is, in a nut shell (Quite apt): “If the government care so little for their people why bother using actors when they can just kill and maim innocent Muppet’s”.
Excellent question too… From someone who has the brain of a fish.
There are in fact two reasons. However, there is no point in me telling you those reasons because fish only have a 3 second memory.
So, swiftly moving on.
Nah, I’m only joking. Course I’m going to tell you.
Although, let that be a lesson to you right minded, well balanced, intelligent, good citizens.
We Crazies are friendly and don’t rant and rave at you clever folk who have trouble with spelling, grammar, punctuation and coming up with a valid, balanced, counter argument… Naughty clever people, naughty.
Right, the reasons are.
Firstly, innocent people who have had their legs blown off tend to be angry and bitter and nothing like the hero Jeff Bauman.
This makes it so much harder to market and parade them in front of the press as heroes. This result’s in less patriotism among the clever imbeciles and more awkward questions being asked.
The second reason is that dead, innocent people have live, innocent families who ask awkward questions such as “why the fuck is the Boston Police Commissioner doing a Larry Silverstein type faux pas and calling the bomb suspects actors”.
Then there is New Hampshire State Rep. Stella Tremblay, who is going around telling anyone who will listen that the bombs were government orchestrated… I wonder if Stella reads this site?
Fuck me I’m waffling. I never dreamed in a million years that I would grow up to be a waffle.
“Get on with it for fucks sake Spivey”
Okay, okay.
let’s start with Jeff Bauman.
The reasons that myself and others think Bauman is an actor are already well documented in the article ‘there’s non so blind as them who will not see‘.
However,a bit more info has since come to light. So, if you go to the following YouTube video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tIYKHssxYU&feature=share you will see that while pushing Jeff to an Ambulance in a wheel chair, like ya do, his fucking false Hollywood horror movie leg falls off.
Or something falls off anyway. Course, most ambulances go to the casualties and not vice versa. But I digress.

You may have also noticed that only the less serious injured qualified for immediate help and got stretchers.
Meanwhile, poor Jeff was left alone in the midst of the carnage to fend for himself… Bastards.
Good job then, that Jeff is a true American hero. I say that because at the ripe old age of 27, having 9 days earlier had both his legs blown off, Jeff – a bachelor, with no kids – has nothing else on his mind except to give 18 yr old Sydney Corcoran, who was also injured in the blast, a fucking birthday present.
Never mind that at 27 he will never walk properly again. And even if he does, he will be given midgets legs.
Never mind that the everyday things that most single 27 yr old blokes do are now either a thing of the past or severely curtailed.
Yet despite his own life in tatters, his only thought was to get Sydney a fucking birthday present.
Oh Script writer! You’re sacked.
And before we discuss Sydney Corcoran, let’s take a look at the hero in the Cowboy hat who helped push Jeff to the ambulance.
The cowboy in question is all American hero number 2 Carlos Arredondo.
Carlos an anti war activist became a campaigner after his son Marine Lance Corporal Alexander Arredondo was killed in Iraq in 2004… Stop fucking laughing you insensitive bastards.
However, if that wasn’t enough to elevate the cowboy to John Wayne, godlike status, his other son Brian took his own life just before Christmas 2011 after struggling to deal with his elder brother’s death… Why God, Why?
Why indeed.
Even more so, when you consider that God plays a big part in a hero’s life. The following is what Carlos told the Daily Mail:
‘The picture that you see, that’s what it is and that how it happened, you know,’ Bauman told the Monitor. ‘I was just trying to help him in every way I could, and thank God he gave me the opportunity to help this beautiful young man.’
Arredondo said he spent an hour with Bauman at the hospital, ‘trying to talk with him and laugh with him and let him know how great he was doing while all this was happening.’
“Laugh with him”???
Fucking “laugh with him”!
The fella has supposedly just had his fucking legs blown off and Carlos wants to get some banter going to take his mind off it… Fair enough, I suppose.
But fuck me, call me Mr Sceptical but even in England the NHS doesn’t make someone who has had his legs blown off, wait in A & E for an hour to be seen.

Returning now to Sydney Corcoran and her mother Celeste. God certainly plays a big part in their lives. You only have to look at their ‘Go fund me’ page to know….
“Woeeeeeeeee. Their what page Spivey”?
Their ‘Go fund me’ page… It’s a page set up to donate money to the mother and daughter… The God Squad are very generous, don’t cha know.
In fact they have had well over half a million dollars donated so far. Neither is that their only page you can donate to, don’t cha know.
There is a joint fund raiser being held tomorrow night for all the bomb victims, as it happens. They might have no legs, but they will all be millionaires, don’t you worry about that.
Its Gods will see. All those clever people know that God is real. Sits on a cloud all day apparently, thinking whom to brutally maim next.
And that is why the clever fuckers can sneer at us godless crazies.
The only thing that troubles me is that I have surveyed countless photos and videos of the carnage and devastation caused by the two bomb blasts and for the life of me; I can’t find a fucking photo of Celeste Corcoran.
I have found plenty of photos of Sydney with her severed femoral artery. I tell you what, that fella Matt Smith is a fucking hero too. Doctors have said that if wasn’t for him applying pressure to the wound, Sydney would have bled to death in minutes.
Therefore, he must have fucking dived on her since there is hardly any blood. Well done Matt. Well done indeed. He deserves a Million Dollars too.
Never the less, you would have thought that Celeste would have been close by. Apparently not, because I can’t find a single photo of her. Perhaps someone dragged her into that restaurant with that Dancer bird hero, Adrianne Haslet-Davis.
Not a single photo of Adrianne either.
Mind you, the fact that there is no sign of Mother Corcoran gets even stranger when you read the following:
She (Sydney) was standing next to her mom, Celeste Corcoran, near the finish line at the Boston Marathon when the explosions occurred. Her mom lost both of her legs during the blast. Sydney Corcoran’s legs were torn apart by shrapnel. The most dangerous injury was a ruptured femoral artery.
Thankfully, strangers were able to stop the bleeding and the doctors at the hospital saved her life. One of the strangers on the street was Matt Smith. After she woke up at the hospital, she started asking everyone to find Matt.
Matt Smith was found and he went to the hospital to meet Sydney Corcoran once again. It was emotional, as you will see in the pictures. She also got a visit from Bradley Cooper, the famous actor.
While it sounds like Sydney Corcoran and her mother Celeste Corcoran will survive, they need our help. Please consider donating to their recovery fund that will go toward healing these beautiful women.
Read more

Neither is there a single photo of Jeff Bauman walking around immediately prior to the bomb going off. There are plenty of photos taken in the area that he should have been. Never the less, I’m fucked if I can find him.
All I can say is thank heavens for the clever, name calling, illiterates with God on their side. After all, if it weren’t for them, my crazy mind would have told me that the bombing of Boston was Bollocks.
I really hope they come back and shed some light on these other anomalies, depicted in the photos below.

Ok, let’s cut the crap. There is no denying that Jeff Bauman, Celeste Corcoran and Adrianne Haslet Davis have all lost limbs at some point in their lives.
Therefore, by taking the piss out of them, some might point their finger at me and feel justified in accusing me of having a sick sense of humour.
To those people I would say, what is really in bad taste is amputee actors making millions of dollars by playing on the sympathy of an extremely gullible public by pretending to have been blown up in a government orchestrated false flag operation.
Make sure you check out the video on Spivey TV (Found at the top right hand corner of this page), for how this badly orchestrated illusion was carried out.
Moreover, for the trio and the other actors to take part in such a gruesome pantomime, knowing that by doing so they are aiding to the coming enslavement of the entire world population – their own included – makes them the sick cunts in my book.
They are endangering me and my family by their vile greed and anyone who endangers me or my family is my enemy.
Likewise, so are those imbeciles who consider themselves to be sane, intelligent, well balanced people of good moral standing, yet are calling me names and dismissing the evidence as being amongst other things, photo shopped, without even looking at the evidence objectively or doing any research.
They too are also a great danger to myself, my family and every single person who can clearly see the unfolding agenda.
Therefore, before you open your pathetic, pointless, yet rather loud mouth’s I suggest you research such events as:
  • The American Revolution
  • The assassination of Lincoln
  • The sinkings of the Titanic and the Lusitania
  • The Russian Revolution
  • The burning of the Reichstag
  • Pearl Harbour
  • Operation Northwoods
  • The murder of JFK
  • The Gulf of Tonkin incident
  • The Lockerbie bombing
  • Waco
  • The Oklahoma bombing
  • 9/11
  • Fukushima
And then while your at it, check out how many countries the USA has invaded and how many countries Iran has invaded.
Then, and only then will you thick retard cunts, be able to offer something worthwhile to this site.
Fucking clever people! Iv’e shit em.
The worst part about these nauseating cunts is they aren’t all even trolls. At least trolls make an effort.
These moronic Monkeys sole argument consists of :
“You’re mad, you talk utter shit”.
Fair enough. Why do I?
“Because you do you sick cunt. Get a grip on reality”.
Pretty hard to base a debate around that kind of logic. What is it Einstein said?
‘You can’t argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience‘.
I really do actually believe that a lot of those who commented, with nothing constructive to add, are just frightened little people who know that if they face the truth they will have to act on it in some way and in doing so, destroy all that they hold dear.
I know, Perhaps, they can tell us again how much they love their children as they slowly kill them. Or how they would do anything to keep them safe and happy, while selling them into a life of abject misery… Fucking idiots.
There really is non so blind, as them who will not see.
And, with that in mind, I only wish to fuck that there were a lot more thick, sick cunts like me in the world.
Until the next time,
Much love,

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