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Brilliant Latest Crop Circle Video Footage... FaaRK!!

New crop circle inspires shock and awe: Who or what is making them and why is the media ignoring this incredible phenomena?

London : United Kingdom | Aug 27, 2012 at 12:28 AM PDT
BY        'Almost as good as being there! Beautiful breathtaking circle!' Published on Aug 26, 2012 by webvidpromo Report from a fresh new Crop Circle that appeared on the 26th August 2012. Category: Film & Animation License: Standard YouTube License  
Hackpen Hill Crop Circle appeared close to midnight onAug 25, 2012
The 2012 crop circle season has been no less than mind boggling, with 26 new crop circles appearing in July alone. Now, as the last of the crops are soon to be harvested, crop circle enthusiasts scour the horizon and the landscape in the hopes for one or two more.
This Sunday they were not disappointed. The stunning and intricate crop circle that was spotted on the morning of Sunday, August 26th on Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, exceeded the wildest dreams of all. So exquisite is the intricate weaving and so precisely drawn the detail of this newest circle that it has caused people to question whether or not the images were photoshopped.
First hand accounts from those on the ground and in the air today over this breathtaking circle have attested to the fact that it does appear to be genuine.
This circle is striking in it's amazingly intricate 'weaving' method that has been found in several earlier crops, which appear to be a new technique that the 'artists' are introducing.
Some crops do resemble others in their style and form, and individual personalities are coming through in several of these mysterious masterpieces.
(Authors musing: One almost gets a sense of the entity that created the now famous ocean sunfish crop circles as being of elfin origin, while these geometric metatrons could have been created by the Borg themselves!)
So who or what is creating these beautiful messages in our fields...and why? Many people question why a species from other worlds would come all the way to Earth just to draw pretty pictures in our crops.
They do have a point.
So what if these entities were from here then - what if they are of the Earth...who could they be? Elementals? Fairies?
There is an account going back to the sixteenth century of a crop circle in England, and we all know that people believed in the fairy folk all over Europe in the olden days....could these entities still exist? Are these circles the 'fairy rings' of old lore? Are they the 'orbs' that have been photographed making these magical rings?
And what of the meaning of the circles...what is the message they are telling us? Today's circle, ironically, speaks of magic, alchemy and ascension.
According to Dawning Golden Crystal Age, a Facebook site dedicated to the study and understanding of these enigmatic circles that I have found to be one of the best sources of information:
" The Metatron's cube figured prominently in many crop circle glyphs over the last 15 years. Metatron's Cube represents magic, alchemy, and ascension.
"Metatron's Cube adds another dimension to this Medicine Wheel. It is the shape of the Medicine Wheel with each mountain a circle and the center, but the over all diagram, including Source, and Earth also makes an elongated Metatron's cube. Each ofthe Lemurian Crystals is a Metatron's Cube with the Star Tetrahedron in it, as is each of the levels at the Star Nations, the mountains, and again at the Lemurian Crystal level. So one could count 10 Metatron shapes in this configuration.

In early kabbalist scriptures, Metatron supposedly forms the cube from his soul. Metatron's Cube represents magic, alchemy, and ascension. It is said the 13 circles represent the 13 systems of knowledge, and the 13 eons of eternal realms of neighboring worlds through the grid work of our consciousness expressed as the grid work container of frequency appearing as matter suspended. There are straight lines and circles. The straight lines represent the male principles and the circles or curved lines the female principles, also sometimes referred to as the Void. There are five platonic solids which were birthed from the void.

The Flower of Life pattern contains the basis of Metatron's Cube. The key being the golden mean of fractality, going in and out eternally. From this pattern, all five of the Platonic solids can be derived."
The intricacy of this newest circle has people crying foul, with accusations of photoshop, and even the now tongue-in-cheek cry of 'boards and planks' thrown in for good measure, as the circle has an almost unreal quality in it's perfection.
Gleaming in the golden sunlight of England's rolling hills it has the appearance of something that was literally 'beamed' onto the ground. How could anyone draw such tiny lines, such intricate shapes, such perfection of scale and perception?
If you ever wanted a sign that there was another intelligent life form in the Universe besides us then this is it, in my humble opinion. I mean, how much clearer can they get? Without landing in front of us, that is, which is not supposed to be a great play, apparently.
No for now the circles are all we can handle, it seems, as the majority of people still refuse to admit it to themselves - we are not alone in the Universe. England knows this, as the MOD just announced last week that despite seeing at least one UFO per month, they are not in the slightest bit concerned, the ET's pose no threat, and they are 'shutting down the desk'. If that's not an admission and an endorsement from your government that we are indeed being engaged by extra terrestrials then I don't know what is.
But then they would know the meaning of the messages ....right? I mean, doesn't the government decipher these messages? Oh yes they shut down that office....hmmm...yes and the mainstream media is telling you nothing about the fact that strange messages are appearing in fields daily...wonder what else they're not telling us?
...In the meantime, I for one think that if there are people from the stars coming down to communicate with us then I really want to know who they are.... Don't you?
"Much is going on continuously around you that you cannot see. There has been an acceleration of what are called Avatars-Masters, energy beings that have infused into your system. They are permeating your world, assisting the raising of consciousness."
~ Pleiadians Channeled through Barbara Marciniak                                                                 original article here...

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