Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and Wikileaks—Revisited

Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and Wikileaks—Revisited

With the Julian Assange extradition issue hitting the headlines, yet again, I urge you to watch this video and remember that all is not as it appears on the surface. My original description still holds, for when the video was first uploaded: Wikileaks has given the mainstream media yet another opportunity to vilify Iran. A typical headline, from the New York Times was: "Around the world distress over Iran." And, ironically, it is true, but not in the way the headline writer meant. Around the world there is distress over Iran, distress at the way it is being cast in the role of the Evil Doer, when all but the most ignorant observers realise that it is nuclear-armed Apartheid Israel that is the real threat to world peace, not Iran.

With thanks to: 7hevo1d for the amazing graphics
Debbie Menon: http://mycatbirdseat.com/
James Linton: http://crimesofzion.blogspot.com/
for their research contributions

Assange on 9/11: Matthew Bell, Belfast Telegraph; Monday, 19 July 2010.
This appears to be a personal interview: "After we talk, he is off to a safe house for the night and after that, who knows?"

WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial
The maker of this video, David Chandler is a Physics Teacher and more information on his work can be found at

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