Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why "Jon Stewart" stinks

Jon Stewart And Brother Larry Are A Bad Joke 


From the terrific Grace Power from

June 30, 2012
How much do we really know about funny man Jon Stewart whose political satire is the main source of news for many Americans who watch The Daily Show?
First of all, Jon Stewart's real name isn't Jon Stewart.His real name is Jon Stuart Leibowitz. He dropped the Leibowitz from his name and changed the spelling of his middle name from "Stuart" to "Stewart. Why? Because he wants to hide his connection to his Jewish "Zionist" older brother - Larry Leibowitz.
Jon's older brother Larry Leibowitz is none other than - the chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange! The NYSE is the biggest scamming, ponzi scheming, money laundering casino on Planet Earth and Jon's older brother Larry Leibowitz is the gangster who runs it!
Brother Larry has also held high positions at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley and was formerly managing director and chief operating officer at UBS - "the leading global wealth manager". That makes Jon's older brother Larry Leibowitz "supremely" influential.
It costs a fortune just to buy a seat on the NYSE how did brother Larry become COO? To become COO of the NYSE, Larry needed to first buy his way into the NYSE. He had to get millions from somewhere because that's what it costs to get in. Millions.
According to Wikianswers, "NYSE membership prices range, depending on various factors, its all time high was valued at $2.70 Million in 1999, however has dropped since, there are 1,366 seats in the NYSE".
The Leibowitz brothers have a secret routine that they are playing! One brother pretends to kick Wall Street's butt on his award winning TV show, while the other brother kisses Wall Street's ass.
Jon gets you to laugh at the highway robbery that brother Larry is commiting through the NYSE. He's making you laugh while you're pockets are being picked so you won't take it seriously.
Jon's job is far more influential than brother Larry's. He makes evil - funny, digestible, palatable and "acceptable". Better to laugh than cry about getting screwed, robbed and lied to by the NYSE casino, Wall Street and government. Let's laugh our asses off at the dead families and war atrocities that we are forced to finance with our tax dollars.
What passes for a political discussion of serious issues and ideas on The daily Show is reduced to jokes that are interupted by endless commercials. Who's responsible for the trivialization of American politics and news stories? WE ALL ARE!
Everytime we laugh at a Jon Stuart Leibowitz joke, we show our tolerance for the political horror stories that we have stopped taking seriously                       read on... 

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