Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monsanto Madness and Legacy

Monsanto – Menace to Society

If ever there was a corporation spawned in the deepest pits of hell, in my opinion, it would be this one. The only other company I can think of that could rival their evil would be the I.G. Farben Co., the makers of Malathion, Zyklon B, and cyanide gas for the Nazi regime.
Founded in1901, in St. Louis, MS. as a chemical company ( as opposed to an agricultural one ), Monsanto has a long history of creating toxic chemicals ( like I.G. Farben ). The list includes PCB’s, RGBH, Agent Orange and Aspartame.

PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl ) is generally considered one of the most carcinogenic substances known to man. It was used in plastics, transformers, capacitors, hydraulic systems, motors, and oil-based paints, among other things. Created in 1929, it was not until 1979 that it was finally banned. 20,000 residents of Anniston, AL, where Monsanto’s plant was located, sued them in 2001, and won a $700 million lawsuit, due to the toxic effects of PCB’s. In 1966, scientists placed fish in Anniston’s Snow Creek, and all were dead within 3 ½ minutes. Finally forced to go to court, internal documents showed that they knew PCB’s were toxic all along, but of course the ‘government’ sided with them, until the lawsuit.  A 1970 internal memo revealed their mindset – “We can’t afford to lose one dollar of business”. So much for their humanitarian agenda.
2,4,5-T, a herbicide created by Monsanto, was the main ingredient in Agent Orange, the defoliant used in Vietnam. In 1949, the plant producing this herbicide in Nitro, W, VA, had an explosion which caused an illness in 248 workers there, caused by one of the ingredients in 2,4,5-T, dioxin. Monsanto was accused of falsifying scientific studies done on dioxin, downplaying its carcinogenic effects on humans.
During the Vietnam war, 40 million liters of Agent Orange, containing 400 kilograms of pure dioxin, were sprayed as a defoliant. 3 million people were contaminated, including U.S. soldiers. The effects of this madness are still being seen today. William Sanjour, an expert on dioxin, stated that had Monsanto’s studies been properly conducted, they would have shown the opposite conclusions.
Aspartame is another real piece of work. A study done on the most violent criminals in our prisons across the country discovered they ALL had one thing in common – diets high in Aspartame and MSG. No rocket science is necessary to figure this one out.
Now we come to GMO’s, the crown jewel in Monsanto’s arsenal of deadly creations. They were created to withstand their toxic herbicide, Round-Up, first introduced in 1974. It was advertised as being biodegradable, until they were sued, first in New York in 1996, then again a few years later in France, for false advertising. They lost both cases, forcing them to remove the word biodegradable from their labels.
It was in 1996 that they revealed their latest bio-engineered marvel to the rest of the world – soybeans. Due to huge investments in GMO’s by big agriculture, in 1992 the FDA decided NOT to create a special category for GMO’s, thereby bypassing the need to create new laws to regulate them. Dan Glickman, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture ( 1995 – 2000 ) under the Clinton administration stated that anyone not in favor of the rapid approval of bio-tech products and GMO crops was considered anti-science and anti-progress. James Maryanski, the Biotechnology Coordinator at the FDA from 1985 – 2006, admitted that GMO regulation was based on politics, not science. Principle 2 in an FDA report on GMO’s states “In most cases, the substances expected to become components of food as a result of genetic modification of a plant will be the same as or substantially similar to substances found in food.” Essentially, they are saying it’s no different than it’s natural counterpart. This is known as the ‘principle of substantial equivalence’.  GMO labeling is not allowed on the 70%  or more of the foods sold in stores in the U.S., due to this ‘principle of substantial equivalence’ designation.
I could on and on about the foul schemes of this Satanic corporation, in fact, I could write a lengthy essay on them, but I believe that I’ve covered as much as possible in as condensed a form as is feasible. Monsanto is infamous for suing their detractors, so if they wish to sue me for posting this information, they’ll come to find that I’ve barely got a pot to piss in, they’re more than welcome to it, preferably chock full, and aimed squarely at their miserable blood-sucking heads.                                    original article here...

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