Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The courage to be WHO U REALLY ARE

Elissa Calls the Australian National Security Hotline                                                                                    


  1. Did you read the article about the Italian ex-PM talking about how he believes 911 was a CIA/Mossad job and that as far as he's concerned, intelligence agencies around the world know this? His name escapes me (I've just woken up -literally- too) but he's the guy that had a hand in Operation Gladio. There's a link on Conspiracy Reddit and I think the article was on infowars. Still enjoying the blog btw. Cheers.


  2. You are welcome. Thanks for the info, I haven't heard of this and yet I am sure everyone will come out of the woodwork and say it over time, I wonder and look forward to how humanity will resolve these pustulous boils in our cystem ... there is much fun ahead!