Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bloomberg declares Food Unsafe and not Nutricious Enuf For Starving

Bloomberg bans food donations to homeless shelters

Following the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy, millions of New Yorkers have been left without a roof over their head and food in their stomach. Despite the efforts by many to donate food and water, their donations aren’t all being accepted.
New York City was one of the hardest hit areas during Hurricane Sandy, and the effort to get the city back on track has been nonstop. Despite his full attention being put on the clean up effort, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is continuing his previous ban on all food donations to homeless shelters for victims of the hurricaneAccording to MSM Now, Bloomberg is banning the food “because the city can’t properly assess salt, fat and fiber in donated food and thereby ensure starving people are getting the optimal levels of nutrition.”

This isn’t the first time that Mayor Bloomberg has been in the hot seat following the hurricane. At the end of October, the mayor planned to continue the NYC Marathon even though the city had been devastated by the storm. After backlash from residents, Bloomberg decided to cancel the race to concentrate on aftermath of the storm. Original Article Here

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